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What Makes A Good Sales Person

What Makes A Good Sales Person

You might be wondering what it takes to excel in the world of sales. Can anyone become a booming sales person, or does it require specific skills, characteristics, and mindset? Whether you are aiming to pursue a career in sales, looking to build a competent sales team, or simply want to understand more about what makes someone excel in this field, read on. In this comprehensive article, we will dissect the essential qualities that make a great sales person.

Understanding the Essence of Sales

Selling is much more than simply offering a product or service for a price. Successful selling involves finding potential customers, understanding their needs and interests, offering them an appropriate product or service solution, and ensuring their satisfaction. It is about building relationships based on trust, empathy, and mutual benefit.

Top Traits of a Great Sales Person

Here are the top qualities that make a good salesperson tick:

  1. Confidence: Confidence is crucial; it shines through when talking about products or services, and persuading potential customers. But remember: there is a fine line between being confident and being arrogant. Tread carefully.
  2. Resilience: In sales, rejection is part of the game. A good sales person will not be deflated by setbacks but rather see them as opportunities for learning and improvement for future pitches.
  3. Empathy: Showing genuine empathy towards potential customers is key in building trustful relationships. Through empathetic communication one can better understand what solutions prospective customers are in need of.
  4. Listens More Than They Speak: Understanding the needs of the customer is paramount. By practicing active listening, a salesperson can discern a prospective client’s situation and aspirations to offer the best solution.
  5. Product Knowledge: A great sales person is well-versed in the product or service they are selling. They know all the features, benefits, and even drawbacks of their offering. This knowledge allows them to confidently address any questions or concerns that may arise in the customer’s mind.
  6. Professionalism: It is necessary for a salesperson to demonstrate a professional attitude. From dealing with clients courteously and respectfully to delivering on promises, all these behaviours reflect professionalism.

The Important Role of Motivation and Optimism

Motivation is another vital quality a good sales person should possess. Sales targets often seem daunting and sometimes unreachable. Here is where inner drive kicks in, the fire within that pushes you to stretch beyond barriers and limitations, always aiming for success. The upbeat outlook and the ability to see silver linings in challenging situations benefit not just the individual but also the whole sales teams morale and productivity. This positive chain reaction can sometimes be what it takes to secure a sale.

Necessary Skills to Master

Apart from possessing key qualities, there are several skills that a successful sales person needs can exhibit.

  1. Sales Closing Skills: Enables one to successfully finalize the deal efficiently without leaving room for doubts or second thoughts.
  2. Persuasive Communication: It is not enough to passionately talk about the product, a good sales person must be able to convince potential customers of its advantages and how it fits into their needs and lifestyle.
  3. Negotiation Skills: A high level of negotiation skills will allow the sales person to work with the customer to reach a mutually beneficial deal.

The Impact of Consistent Learning and Adaptability

Lastly, remember that the world of sales—just like any other industry—is always evolving. You need to continuously educate yourself on market trends, improve your existing skills, learn new ones, and adapt to changing customer behaviors and preferences. The best sales people are those always ready to learn more and remain agile in the face of change.


A great sales person strives for success with empathy, enthusiasm, consistency, adaptability, and a motivation that never falters. Armed with knowledge of their product or service and critical skills of listening empathetically, persuasively communicating, and negotiating effectively, they confidently navigate through their career in sales. So apply these insights; you now have a clear roadmap towards becoming an exceptional sales person!