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Blackout Wednesday DUI and Car Accident Prevention

Blackout Wednesday DUI and Car Accident Prevention

Blackout Wednesday, which occurs the day before Thanksgiving, is known by many as a day when DUI arrests and accidents increase sharply. Many of the drivers who commit drunk driving offenses on this infamous day get behind the wheel after consuming alcohol at a holiday party, but that doesn’t excuse their irresponsible actions.

Regardless of your reason for drinking, driving while intoxicated can lead to serious penalties and jail time. To avoid causing an accident and getting a drunk driving charge this holiday season, you’ll want to learn more about Blackout Wednesday DUI and Car Accident prevention. Phoenix DUI lawyers are here to offer the following DUI prevention information.

How To Prevent a DUI Car Accident This Blackout Wednesday

Driving under the influence of alcohol and causing a drunk driving accident can result in consequences that could turn your life upside down, not to mention fatally injure an unsuspecting driver. Luckily, there are several easy steps you can take to avoid DUI charges, fatal crashes, and other devastating outcomes this holiday season.

Be sure to take the following DUI car accident prevention measures this Blackout Wednesday:

Choose a Designated Driver 

If you go to a bar or holiday party with your friends or family members, make sure to select a designated sober driver. Decide who will abstain from drinking alcohol before you go out so there’s no confusion as to who the sober driver is. Doing so will help you prevent a drunk driving crash and ensure you have a safe ride home.

Don’t Get in a Car With a Drunk Driver on Blackout Wednesday

Getting in a car with an impaired driver is always a mistake. If someone who is intoxicated offers you a ride, deny their offer and call them a taxi or ride-share car. Taking a ride from a drunk driver or allowing them to get behind the wheel could lead to a serious crash that could result in drunk driving deaths.

One way to prevent your friends and family members from causing a DUI car accident on Blackout Wednesday is to take their keys from them. While they might be upset with you that night, they’ll thank you later for helping them avoid an impaired driving accident.

Call an Uber or Taxi

If you’ve been drinking and are alone or don’t have a designated sober driver, don’t get behind the wheel. Even if your house is nearby, it isn’t worth the risk of causing a drunk driving incident. Instead, use your phone to call an Uber, taxi, or even a sober friend who can offer you a ride.

Report Reckless Driving 

Whether it’s Blackout Wednesday or any other day, you can also prevent a DUI car accident by reporting reckless driving. If you’re on the road and see a motorist who is swerving or driving in a way that suggests their blood alcohol content (BAC) level is over the legal limit, pull over to the side of the road and call 911.

Tell the police where you saw the alcohol-impaired driver and any details about the car you can remember, including the make, model, color, and license plate number. Reporting the incident will allow police to identify the offending driver at a sobriety checkpoint or track the motorist down. Taking this action on Blackout Wednesday can prevent a DUI accident and may even save a life.

Drink Responsibly

Excessive drinking and irresponsible alcohol consumption can make the holiday weekend a dangerous time. If you plan on going to a family gathering or party, drinking responsibly can help you prevent a Blackout Wednesday DUI car accident. Taking the following precautions can help you avoid a collision, trouble with law enforcement, license suspension, and other consequences:

  • Eat before and while you’re consuming alcohol
  • Have a soft drink or non-alcoholic beverage 
  • Don’t drink if you are taking medication that interacts with alcohol
  • Don’t drink if you don’t want to and are being pressured to do so

Driving with any amount of alcohol in your system is not a smart idea. If you plan on driving during the winter holidays or Blackout Wednesday, completely abstaining from alcohol consumption is the best way to prevent a DUI car accident.

Penalties You Could Face After a DUI Car Accident on Blackout Wednesday

While the risk of causing serious injuries and drunk driving fatalities should be enough to stop you from getting behind the wheel while intoxicated, it can also be helpful to learn about the consequences you could face if arrested for driving drunk. 

Depending on the severity of your charges, you could face the following penalties if convicted of a DUI offense:

  • Traffic school
  • Mandatory alcohol screenings
  • Community service
  • Installation of a certified ignition interlock device on your vehicle
  • Fines
  • License suspension or revocation
  • Jail time

A DUI Car Accident Lawyer Can Offer Advice and Advocacy

While it’s extremely important that you take the above-mentioned steps to prevent a DUI car accident, there’s always the chance that you’ll make a mistake or a bad judgment call. Fortunately, a Phoenix DUI lawyer can advise you on what to do if you’re stopped for a DUI this Thanksgiving or Blackout Wednesday.

An experienced attorney can investigate your DUI incident, build a strong case on your behalf, negotiate a plea deal with prosecutors, and take other steps to get your charges reduced or, ideally, dismissed. Most DUI defense attorneys offer free consultations, so meeting with a lawyer and learning about your legal options comes with no financial obligations.