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5 Reasons to Add Regular Video Content to Your Blogs

5 Reasons to Add Regular Video Content to Your Blogs

Blogs are a dime a dozen these days, and everyone seems to be striving to turn their blog into a money-making machine. There’s nothing wrong with that, but it does create more competition in the marketplace. If you’re a blogger who writes about a given topic – for example, food – you have to work hard to set yourself apart from the crowd.

Whether you’re in a competitive market or not, video content can help you get better results. Whether you’re looking for more views, subscribers, or you want people to buy from your affiliate links, here’s why adding video content will help.

1. Video content is effective – period

Marketers use video content to build their brand and engage audiences on a level that surpasses text. A whopping 92% of marketers say they get a good ROI from video marketing, with 90% saying it’s increased their leads. If you’ve monetized (or plan to monetize) your blog, that’s great news.

2. People pay more attention to video content

Whatever you’re presenting in video format will be better understood than text in most cases. When people read text, they scan for headlines and skip around. Most people never read even a small portion of a text post – 79% skip around and only 16% read word-for-word. If your subheadings don’t catch their attention in words quickly, they’ll bounce.

While it’s true that people skip around in videos, too, they’re more likely to get the information they came for, especially if your videos are chapterized. Some people let videos play and listen to them while they multitask, which isn’t possible with plain text articles.

If you seem even remotely interesting on video, even someone who skips around might pause to hear your message and then play your video from the beginning when they realize it’s actually good content.

3. Video makes your content multi-dimensional

If you want to become a full-time blogger, you can’t afford to skip video. You need every competitive edge possible to get noticed and become an authority in your niche. Posting video content will make people see you in a multi-dimensional way since you’ll come to life through the screen.

It’s one thing to read about someone’s ideas and opinions on a computer screen, but when you get to see them on video, their personality becomes apparent. If you have a lively and engaging personality, people will like you.

You can also create a special setting for your videos to impress your audience. For example, there are plenty of YouTubers who make all their videos outside by a roaring, handmade fire. You don’t have to go that far, but if you have a nice gas firepit table on your patio, film a few videos with the fire going and viewers will feel warmer about you and your content.

4. Video product reviews are profitable

Whether you’re a full-time or part-time blogger, you probably sell some affiliate products through your site. No matter how many sales you currently get, you can increase that number by publishing video product reviews.

A product review on video will give your readers a better idea of how a product works, including its dimensions, weight, and texture, which are important. It’s hard to buy things online without knowing what you’re going to get, so if you can buy the items you’re selling and publish thorough reviews, you’re bound to get more sales.

Remember to always include your affiliate disclosure in your videos so you are compliant with state and federal laws. It’s also a requirement by platforms like YouTube, and if you leave it out, you might risk having your channel terminated.

5. You can do video collaborations

When two or more well-known influencers in a given niche get together to make collaborative video content, people eat it up like candy. There’s nothing more fun than seeing your favorite content creators working together or appearing in the same video.

If you have a following and there are other people in your niche who are well-liked, you can benefit from collaboration. Whoever has the bigger reputation will be ultimately helping the other build trust and rapport in the niche. Making videos with another blogger can also help you both get more readers.

Grow your blog with video

Video content is by far one of the most effective ways to grow your blog’s readership and loyalty. If you haven’t already published videos, start planning your first video right now. It won’t take long to see how much of a difference it will make.