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Building Your Brand In 2021: How Entrepreneurs Are Connecting With Clients


Pursuing a career as an entrepreneur can be as turbulent as it is exciting, offering lessons around every corner. Thanks to analytics and the preponderance of data offered through social media, we can avoid many of the missteps that those before us have struggled with. One of the most important traits for a successful entrepreneur to have is the ability to connect with their audience. Thanks to the internet, this is more possible than ever.

Let’s take a look at a few key ways entrepreneurs are changing the game and connecting with their clients in 2021.

1) Integrate Professional and Personal Social Media

There are almost 3 billion social media users in the world at the time of this writing and that number is always increasing. It has become more apparent than ever that entrepreneurs are leaning on their personal brand to engage with their professional audience. We can see this with major corporate figureheads but also at a much more grassroots level.

Key Takeaway: Give readers insight into your personal life through your professional social media outlet. These small displays of your interests and passions can help connect more effectively.

2) Lock Down Your Professional Profiles

While social media is changing the very way we approach marketing our skills, we must still cater to our professional peers. This is best done by creating professional business profiles on the major business networking platforms. We can look at an Inc.com bio as an example of a professionally curated set of information.

These professional profiles will act as a landing page for search engine traffic related to your brand. Consider keywords and other SEO metrics as you develop this content.

Key Takeaway: Curate a concise overview of your skills, accolades, and business history for display on platforms like LinkedIn and other business directories.

3) Consider Alternative Media Channels

Almost every single year the world is introduced to a new social media platform or content sharing tool. From YouTube and Twitter to streaming platforms like Twitch, there are seemingly endless avenues for entrepreneurs to consider when developing their brand. In order to better cater to today’s changing marketplace, look to a mixed approach to their social media marketing.

Today’s leading entrepreneurs are finding new ways to connect with their clients. Don’t be afraid to reach out into uncharted waters to see if they are a fit for your brand.

Key Takeaway: In 2019 alone, Twitch saw more than 660 billion minutes consumed on their platform. Alternative social media platforms provide a huge untapped audience for savvy entrepreneurs to engage with.

4) Create a Professional Website

Finally, and perhaps most underrated of all, we must consider creating a professional website to hold our content. It’s advised to hire a website design agency in Hertfordshire if you require an advanced website with lots of content. While social media platforms are great at directly engaging with clients and potential customers, a professional landing page will give you complete control over your image and how you present yourself.

Key Takeaway: Consider hiring a web designer or utilizing a website builder like Wix to craft a professional landing page for your brand.