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Business Mom Tips: Be Successful and Keep Balanced


Is It Easy to Be a Business Mom? Check This Advice How to Keep Keep Balance Between Business and Child

More and more women of our time are proving to themselves and the whole world: a woman’s place is not only in the kitchen. A woman can be successful in politics, medicine, science, entrepreneurship. But what to do when you are also a mother? 

As soon as you become a mother, all other worries usually fall into the background. But what if you are a single mother and do not have enough funds to support the child? Or do you have a lot of energy and want to use it?

Previously, you met with friends with pleasure, shopping or sitting in a cafe, sharing your experiences. You were in society, and it seemed that this would continue forever. But a child appeared, and your communication or exit to people came to naught. Although this does not mean at all that you have fallen out of normal life — just your quantity develops into quality.

Today, there are plenty of opportunities to find a business to your liking in the labor market and, in addition, will bring a good income. Many resources allow you to find yourself in entrepreneurship, open your own business, provide ready-made business plans for absolutely free. It is easy to find tips on how to start, improve business productivity, and overcome business difficulties on the Internet.

If you are worried about financing your business, then this process is also kept to a minimum of effort. You can easily take a loan or open a collection of money for your startup; the main point will be the presence of a super idea and your desire.

Child or Business?

Business and raising a child are very incompatible things. After all, a small child constantly requires care, and it is possible to do business only when the baby falls asleep.

The ideal option is to work part-time precisely at the time when the child does not need supervision, that is, simply sleep. You can try to find remote work, and at the same time — not to destroy relations with your child. It is difficult because when the head is clogged with thoughts about work and money, these thoughts begin to dominate, and it is extremely difficult to switch to other worries.

Many women do not give up — and find work opportunities. At the same time, they must learn to switch very quickly from one activity to another. The baby woke up turn on your mother; there is free time — be a businesswoman. Got into debt — you do not need to give up, but you need to connect all your talents and skills and look for solutions to get rid of them. The best option will be to use loans for unemployed single moms, which will give you confidence in the financial side of your business. 

What to Begin With?

Before starting your own business, it is important to decide on the area of ​activity. For this, it is worth answering 2 questions: “What do I know?” and “How much free time do I have?” Then the woman should understand whether she is ready for additional training and how much she would like to earn.

Before starting, it will be useful for mom to remember: 

  • what she knows best;
  • what school knowledge has been left in memory;
  • what are the main work was related to;
  • what is most liked and what activities would bring pleasure. 

For women with a little child, work that does not require a permanent presence in the office and can be monitored from home is best suited. 

It is clear that a large business project is not yet up to you because it will require most of your time and effort. But you can try to create the basis for further steps towards success:

  • If you know a foreign language, try translating.
  • Well written — write an article and try to sell it.
  • Well prepared — a great chance to sell your culinary creation.
  • Like to dress your baby stylishly — open an online store for children’s clothes.  

Statistics: Women-owned firms (51% or more) account for 39% of all privately held firms and contribute 8% of employment and 4.2% of revenues. (Source: American Express OPEN)

Good Mom Becomes a Successful Business Lady: Tips for Beginners

And now some tips that I hope you will help and allow you to diversify your life, learn to make money:

  • Try yourself in a small network business. Nowadays there are many exchanges where you can find a job to your liking. Remember your addictions or talents; they will probably be useful.
  • Learn to distribute your time because now you are not alone, you have a beloved child, and it is he who takes most of the precious time. Try to draw up a plan ahead — not the next day, but two weeks. You can always correct it, but important points of work will be postponed in your mind. Or maybe you will be able to shift part of the household affairs to close people — especially if you live together? It is also worth dividing the cases into very urgent and not particularly urgent ones that can wait.
  • Please take advantage of modern technologies, namely, gadgets and the capabilities provided by them.
  • Don’t forget about your husband, if there is one. The birth of a child can become a conflict between the baby, business, and husband. 

Statistics: One in five firms with revenue of $1 million or more is woman-owned. (Source: American Express OPEN)

Top 5 Ideas for “Mom’s” Business

Some can immediately profit from their business, and for others, it is important to try several options. Here are some ideas:

1.  Create a personal blog or a female-themed website. Mothers in the decree for maximum income will be helped by opening a personal blog or website on the Internet. For example, now very popular beauty blog topics, healthy nutrition, style, relationships, etc. There you will have to throw the necessary and useful information on various topics constantly.

2.  Manufacture of confectionery products. You can try yourself by baking a variety of cakes, cupcakes, and brownies. To begin with, you need to try such products for yourself, your relatives, and friends, showing your creativity. Then put your work on social networks, and find customers.

3.  Tutoring. If mommy studied a foreign language before the decree or played musical instruments, she can practice tutoring with children or adults. Training can be conducted both at home and at the client, or there can be an option to conduct online lessons.

4.  Create products for sale. In other words, this is called “handmade.” Many fans of exclusive things are interested in these products. If this is a simple hobby, then with the help of one step, it can turn into a good income.

5.  Mini-kindergarten or early development courses for preschoolers. Suppose it is decided to organize a mini-kindergarten or training center on its territory. In that case, it is important to love and understand children very much, feel the pedagogical vein, and own spacious housing. It is better to invite babies of the same age and similar social status to classes.

Set yourself up to obtain skills and knowledge in early childhood education. Completing early childhood education courses you gain tools that support the development of young children on a physical, cognitive, social, and emotional level. They also gain knowledge of the major child developmental stages and learn how to guide children to successfully reach each developmental milestone. A course in early childhood education is a great way to receive instruction, and many of them can be taken online.

It’s worth a shot, and everyone has a chance to prove themselves and try to make desires, and most importantly, opportunities can bring not only pleasure but also financial pleasures.