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Can Cloud Services be Hacked?

Can Cloud Services be Hacked?
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Many people have questioned if the cloud can be hacked. After all, it is just a bunch of computers, isn’t it? Well, your computer could get hacked when you are using the cloud so it’s inadvisable to think that for some reason your information in the cloud is safe.

What are Cloud Services?

First off, let’s examine what cloud services actually are. They are online storage sites for files like pictures, documents, and videos. You can upload your information to these sites and access them from anywhere on any device. 

They also let you conveniently share your information with anyone else if you want to. Some common examples of cloud computing service providers are Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, and DropBox.

Can the Cloud be Hacked?

So, can a cloud service be hacked? Well, it’s possible. But many cloud service providers have taken measures to ensure information is not compromised. First of all, the most popular ones tend to be very secure because they are used by so many people. If everyone tried to hack into them there would be a massive public outcry. Another measure used to ensure security is encryption. 

This is a method of scrambling information so that it cannot be read without the proper key. Hackers cannot secretly access your files unless they have both your username and password as well as the encryption key.

In addition, many cloud computing service providers employ a host of different security mechanisms like password strength and age requirements to ensure that only the owner can access their information. Hackers would need an incredible amount of computer knowledge and patience to be able to break into any cloud service so as long as you use a reputable one such as those mentioned above your personal documents should remain safe.

But, there are still other possibilities for accessing your documents. For instance, if you let someone borrow your device to make a call they could access the files on it. Also, if you send information to yourself through email or another service it could be intercepted en route by hackers who know what they are doing.

With all this mind, the bottom line is the cloud can be hacked. However, if you stick with a security conscious service provider your files should remain safe from theft or corruption. When it comes down to it, just remember that hackers are experts at getting into things so don’t put all your information in one place and always have a back-up plan.