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Why Cloud Services are becoming Increasingly Popular

Why Cloud Services are becoming Increasingly Popular
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The term cloud computing has been around for many years, but the concept of cloud services is relatively new. Initially this technology was pioneered by companies like Amazon which offered web-based data storage over the Internet.

Today there are several different types of software that are available as a “service” or online platform that can be accessed via an internet browser.  

Cloud services are becoming increasingly popular because they offer many options for individuals and business owners.

Here are several reasons why you should consider using cloud based software for your small business or personal use.

1) Low Cost of Entry

As mentioned previously, the cost to enter the cloud computing market is very low. Often there are no barriers to entry or software that needs to be installed.

2) Accessibility Anywhere

Cloud services are accessible anywhere with internet access. This makes cloud computing ideal for people who commute, travel for work, or simply do their work on the go. For example, if you run a business out of your home but may need access to a program from your office, you can log into your cloud service and have access to all the programs that are needed.

3) Flexibility

When using a traditional computer or laptop, there is often a limited amount of storage space or memory available to an individual. With cloud services it is possible to store as little as 5GB of data or as much as several terabytes.

4) Scalability

The cloud allows you to scale your storage capacity depending on your needs, this is especially beneficial for businesses. Moving up and down in terms of storage space is relatively painless and allows the business owner to only pay for what they need at any given time. This works well if you have a business that has extremely busy season or needs more storage than usual for a certain period of time.

5) Low Maintenance

You will not normally need to worry about backing up your data with cloud services because storage is constantly being saved by the software provider. It also means that there is little maintenance or technical support required on an individual’s end.

6) Security

Many cloud services have been praised for their security measures, which are typically stricter than a home user’s local network. These cloud services also allow you to control who can access your files and monitor your storage space so that everyone only has the amount of storage needed to operate correctly.

7) Reliability

Because there are several stores using the same cloud servers, computer resources are better utilized. A common analogy is boiling a pot of water on a stove top versus turning on every burner at once to use the same amount of energy.

8) Reduced Time to Market

If you are creating an application for business use, there are highly beneficial tools available through Google’s cloud computing services which allow you to easily design and create a platform for your business without having to pay a developer.

9) Less Technical Expertise Required

Cloud services are often easier to use because they have been developed with end users in mind, so there is less of a gap between the people who understand technology and those who don’t. For a business owner this can be a huge benefit when looking to expand their technology for customer service.  

10) Flexible Pricing

Many cloud services offer multiple plans and pricing packages depending on your needs or business size. In most cases, these services allow you to pay monthly, yearly, or per transaction. This allows small businesses to easily adopt the technology and get the most out of such an investment.