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Color Psychology to Improve Branding

Color Psychology to Improve Branding

The psychology of color in marketing cannot be stressed enough, for modern shoppers consider color more than any other factor. Shoppers’ buying decisions are influenced by color in 85 percent of cases, and the colors of a product influence first perceptions by anywhere between 62 and 90 percent. Color affects more than how you see things; it can also influence your emotions, desires, reactions, and more. 

Red draws attention, brings value, and denotes urgency, leading to more. Blue quells buyer’s remorse, calms readers, and offers feelings of trust. Green can encourage action and makes wearers and recipients more creative. Purple typically denotes luxury, power, or even royalty and is a favorite for women. Black offers strength, sophistication, and mystery to products, while orange evokes the urgency of red with the cheerful palette of yellow. Lastly, pink can be used by companies to appeal directly to female consumers, as it generally invokes youthful exuberance.

Incorporate color psychology in marketing to create a cohesive branding image for your consumer. The majority of the consumer’s purchasing choice is already made once they begin to go toward an item of their preferred hue, and the four factors of color, design/texture, fragrance, and their combination, influence purchasing power.

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