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Could Lose Your Job Due To An Arrest: Options That You Have

Could Lose Your Job Due To An Arrest: Options That You Have
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The prospect of being arrested can lead to a number of issues. The most common thing to think about after what your family will think is what your employer’s course of action will be. The last thing you want is to lose your job leading to financial issues. Being arrested can cost you quite a bit in legal fees as well as fees for probation or other costs associated with the completion of probation. You have options that can help you keep your job or at least keep your arrest a secret. The following are options you have if you do not want to lose your job due to an arrest.

Get An Experienced Attorney 

The right criminal defense attorney for your case depends on what you have been charged with. You want an experienced attorney with your case so they know your defense almost immediately once given evidence. A diversion program can have an arrest wiped from your record by completing things like substance abuse treatment or anger management as part of the program. These programs are usually for first-time offenders so inquire to your defense attorney about this. Getting charges dropped is not uncommon in so many different cases. Witnesses unwilling to cooperate or new evidence coming to light is something that happens regularly. 

If you are convicted, there is a chance that you can have your record expunged after a period of time. This can be very helpful when looking for a new job but can be pretty expensive. If you do have the budget, the charges being expunged can be very helpful when searching for a job. You don’t want to miss out on your dream job simply because you didn’t have charges expunged. 

Taking Days Off For Court

People that work in remote positions have far less to worry about in terms of an arrest. Missing a few hours for court can be disguised as a dental appointment. A number of remote positions simply require that work is completed rather than requiring an employee works certain hours. Asking for a day where you can come in for a few hours is possible. You do not want to raise any suspicions though but people frequently leave early from work for personal matters. 

Don’t Tell Any Coworkers

The truth is that some coworkers will use your arrest against you. Even those that pose as your friends might tell management if they feel like it will help their career. If you plan on keeping your arrest a secret, don’t tell anyone outside of those that need to know. Take a look at the employee handbook to see if there is any language referring to an arrest after the start of employment. A number of businesses do not have specific language in their employment contracts. 

Getting arrested is something that can be very jarring. You do not want to pair this experience with being terminated just a few days after your arrest. Do not let your arrest impact your professional life negatively by managing it appropriately.