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What the Future Holds for Recruitment Marketing

What the Future Holds for Recruitment Marketing

The way in which you go about recruiting new hires can be an intense and nuanced process. It’s no longer as simple as throwing a job posting up on Indeed or LinkedIn. Employers have to work to attract solid candidates.

Recruitment marketing has changed drastically over the years, and more so now that company cultures have changed since the onset of the pandemic.

The way your brand is portrayed is paramount.

People are getting more and more picky about where they would like to work as industries become more competitive.

Having a strong brand presence from the start is vital to success in drawing in candidates.

A candidate who can clearly see what a company’s mission and goals are and if they align with their own are more likely to gravitate towards that company when looking at potential jobs.

They also want to know what it’s like to work for you. Highlight employee testimonies on your website and social media. Put emphasis on things your company offers that others may not, such as covering gym memberships, flexible schedules, or other non-salary incentives.

It’s not about a short relationship.

The biggest opportunity in recruiting comes from building strong long term relationships with candidates.

You’ll want to work to capture a candidate’s information so that if they are not the right fit for a current open position, they can be easily reached in the event a future position that suits them better becomes available.

Wouldn’t it be nice to already have a pool of candidates at your fingertips when hiring for a new position because you’ve already sourced them through previous recruitment efforts?

Data will tell you all you need to know.

As you post jobs and gather candidates, you’ll want to keep track of hard data surrounding that. Where did you place a job posting that brought in the highest quality candidates? What job posting garnered the most attention?

Keeping track of these things will better inform the way in which you post opportunities in the future. It will also help you bring in higher quality candidates to make the hiring process more seamless.

The candidate experience should be personalized.

It’s crucial to provide an engaging experience for a candidate nowadays, and may make all the difference if they have several employers they are considering working for.

Candidates expect you to know who they are and not see them as just another resume in a big pile of them.

Every touch point you have with the candidate should reflect your company’s values and show in some way that you are aware of who they are as an individual.

Use personal engagement instead of blanket emails or correspondence.

Cater to the mobile side of things.

We are constantly on the go these days, and we bring our technology with us. Optimize the way you advertise jobs for mobile platforms, as many people will be looking at your postings on their phone.

Ensure the way in which potential candidates look at job qualifications and submit information is easy to do in a mobile capacity. If they find themselves frustrated at the onset of applying, odds are that frustration will carry through the whole potential hiring process.