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Digital Call Centres: The Next Level of Business Communication

Digital Call Centres: The Next Level of Business Communication

In business, communication is everything and as we move towards the rollout of 5G and the Internet of Things (IoT), digital communication solutions are now available for the forward-thinking business owner. Today’s call centre uses Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) solutions to handle all of their client’s business calls and remotely located receptionists handle all incoming calls, which are answered by a qualified telephone receptionist and what’s more, the provider guarantees that every call will be answered within 5 seconds.

Virtual Receptionist Services

This is the ultimate package for every small business and rather than directly employing a receptionist to handle incoming calls, you simply outsource to a call centre. If you have a specific greeting that you would like the receptionist to use when answering your calls, they can be fully briefed and will work to your script. Simply put, the remotely located receptionist will do everything a resident employee would and the caller would be unaware of this background connection. Calls can be forwarded to any landline or mobile number, plus they offer a message-taking service, should it be required. You will never miss an important call again and with professional call handling, you are projecting the right image. While we did use analogue systems, today’s call centre technology is much improved, with VoIP applications that provide crystal clear connections across all platforms.

Essential Business Support

Many businesses offer their customers 24/7 support and it is very expensive to cover this if you use your own employees, whereas the call centre is running 24/7, meaning they can cover the calls with ease and it is a lot cheaper. If, for example, a company has several mobile teams that offer customer support, the remotely located receptionist can pass on information to send the team to their next service location, thus ensuring a rapid response, something the customer will appreciate. If you are not technically minded, hiring an IT consultant could prove to be very useful.

Seamless Connection

Whether the regular telephone, a VoIP platform or indeed any other digital application, calls can either be answered, or forwarded to the relevant people. The call handler is very flexible regarding their services and you only pay for the services you use, while there are no long-term contracts to bind you.

Live Chat

Many businesses use a system that automatically connects a site visitor to a chat window, where a staff member can help with an enquiry and this is something the call centre can handle, guaranteeing that every time a potential customer makes an enquiry, it is professionally handled by a receptionist.

Cover Staff Holidays

You may already have a permanent receptionist who does a million and one jobs and is indispensable, yet when she has her annual leave, you can use the call centre temporarily until she is back at work after recharging her batteries.

If you are planning to run a TV advertising campaign and are expecting a healthy response, you can have the call centre handle all the calls, providing you with qualified leads and with seasonal surges, the call centre is always ready to handle any volume of calls.