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Digital Engagement and the Future of Virtual Events

Digital Engagement and the Future of Virtual Events

Digital engagement platforms are the future of hybrid and virtual events.  Shifting to digital engagement aligns with the primary mode of professional communication: email and video conferencing.  However, as audiences have moved to digital platforms, typical online interactions bring fatigue and frustration.  Large face sizes on screens can lead to a stressful state where each participant constantly looks at everyone, regardless of who the speaker is. Nevertheless, people favor attending events online due to their many advantages.  

Businesses should invest in virtual events as 46 percent of travel and commuting costs can be reduced.  And as video conferences can increase productivity by 89 percent, employees can allocate extra time to other tasks.  Because 41 percent of users believe video conferencing has increased team member engagement, employees feel more connected to the company culture.  Focus is also improved, as only 4 percent of participants multitask during a video conference compared to 57 percent on a phone call. 

Moreover, nearly 72 percent of attendees believe they will get more value from attending a hybrid event than a physical event.  Event planners can take steps to improve event quality and keep attendees engaged to create the “wow” factor.  Incorporate gamification or augmented reality to increase engagement and reach new audiences.

The power of virtual events
Source: engagez.com