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Web3 and Self-Sovereignty

Web3 and Self-Sovereignty

The development of Web3 has been encouraged by the growing desire for self-sovereignty, or the ability for individuals or groups to have their own control over their accounts and personal data. Web3 is here to create decentralized online spaces that are owned by everyone. In 2021, more than 18,000 Web3 developers were actively contributing to open source projects while more than 34,000 Web3 developers committed code for the first time. 

More people are embracing Web3 technologies, which are continuing to prosper with the growing crypto market and global metaverse. The changes in the digital world are also affecting work with new digital roles being in high demand. In fact, demand for Web3 developers at the top three platforms tripled in 2021 while also being well compensated. Web3 is actually encouraging many Americans to become independent, self-employed workers as they generate more revenue than salary and wage workers. 

Web3 is changing the way we work as well with more people being less reliant on the nine-to-five work day. More people are looking to work from anywhere in the world with flexible schedules as well as having control over their employment and its perks. People are believing that Web3 will improve their wellbeing and overall happiness, and it looks like many global leaders agree. 

With a growing number of people being self-employed or independent, now is a good time to become a sovereign worker.

Web 3, Sovereignty, and the Future of Work
Source: Opolis.co