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Digital Marketing Opportunities for Plumbers in 2024

Digital Marketing Opportunities for Plumbers in 2024

A plumber, like any other professional in the digital age, needs an online presence. Surveys indicate that many now turn to the internet to find local businesses like plumbers, house painters, etc. Customers can’t find your plumbing business if you don’t have a digital presence.

However, you may still have competition when vying for the attention of potential customers. Thus, developing and implementing a digital marketing strategy should be among your top priorities. Digital marketing opportunities plumbers may take advantage of in 2024 include:

Offering Valuable Video Content

Offering valuable content to leads is among the most popular digital marketing strategies. That’s partially because it’s quite effective.

Someone in need of a plumber might not necessarily start their online search by looking for a plumbing business. Instead, their Google searches might include queries like “causes of clogged drain,” “how to fix leaking pipe,” and other such topics that may be relevant to someone with a plumbing issue.

Your website can appeal to potential customers by offering content answering their questions on these topics. While a blog is a useful way to provide this content because it’s low-cost, you might also consider offering videos featuring plumbing tips. You could even repurpose old blogs to make videos from them. Research shows video content yields high levels of engagement online.

Claiming Your Google Business Profile

If you claim your Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business), when users in your area perform relevant searches, the search results pages might provide them with various pieces of essential information about your business. For example, a Google Business Profile can tell a user your hours and how to contact you.

A Google Business Profile can also help users discover your business through Google Maps more easily. Claim your profile if you haven’t already.

Staying Active on Social Media

Some of the most tried and true digital marketing tactics remain effective in 2024. For example, managing active social media accounts gives you an opportunity to participate in conversations with literally millions of potential customers.

You simply need to remember to actually engage with users online. By posting regularly and using social media to converse with users, you’ll ensure social media plays a dynamic role in your growth.

It’s also wise to consistently research which social media platforms are most popular among your target audience. For example, most people in need of plumbing services are homeowners or commercial property owners. Thus, you might have more luck being active on Facebook than on TikTok, as TikTok is most popular with younger social media users.

Focusing on Local SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving various elements of a website so that its pages rank higher in results pages when users perform relevant Google searches. Experiment with a new or modified SEO strategy if your website currently isn’t attracting as much traffic as you would like.

Specifically, focus on local SEO. Local SEO prioritizes attracting traffic among users from one geographic area. Because a plumber can only serve customers in their service area, a local SEO for plumbers strategy offers you more benefits than a general one.

Digital Marketing for Plumbers in 2024: Help is Available

Plumbers understand the value of hiring professionals when jobs require certain expertise. Although there may be some plumbing jobs that a property owner can handle themselves, it’s often wise to hire an expert when a plumbing issue arises.

Digital marketing is the same. Consider enlisting the help of digital marketing specialists when developing a strategy. Their expertise can help you achieve ideal results.

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