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Where Can I Buy Pencils in Bulk?

Where Can I Buy Pencils in Bulk?

In 2024, affordability is on everyone’s mind. This is more true than ever for teachers. Teachers were already struggling to keep their classes stocked with supplies before the COVID-19 pandemic, but the crazy inflation that came with the pandemic has made it even harder. Now more than ever, teachers need high-quality and inexpensive supplies to keep their students and classrooms prepared for learning. In this post, we’ll shed some light on some different places teachers can go to find pencils in bulk.

Do Classrooms Still Need Pencils?

Yes! Pencils are still an essential part of any classroom, from preschool on up through college. Pencils give students an easy way to scribble down thoughts and ideas and also correct their mistakes easily. Students interested in art find pencils particularly useful for their drawings and sketches. Plus, there’s still many written test forms that require the use of a number two pencil for the grading machine to be able to read them (remember the old Scantrons?).


The first place you’ll probably think of when you think of buying pencils in bulk is online. There are lots of online shopping sites that offer pencils and other school supplies at low prices. But be careful! Not all of these online shopping sites are the same. Some sites may advertise an extremely low price, but it’s because the product you’ll receive is also of extremely low quality. Instead, reduce the chances of wasting your hard-earned money on inferior supplies and go with a company that has a proven track record of supplying schools with quality items, like GEDDES.


Another great way to source pencils in bulk is via mail order catalogs. All reputable suppliers should have a product catalog for customers to browse through all their offerings. In today’s digital world, suppliers often have these catalogs available digitally as well. Catalogs give teachers an easy way to quickly reference the supplier’s products without having to step away from their desk or computer. Be sure to check out the index of products in the back of the catalog to easily find the page number of the products you want.

In Person

For teachers who want to see what they’re getting before they buy, purchasing in person might be the best bet. There are a lot of options when it comes to in-person shopping for school supplies, however, finding pencils in bulk this way might be a little more difficult than finding them online or via catalog. Having a discussion with the store manager about the possibility of placing a special order for the pencils is a possibility. If you really want to give back to the school, consider ordering pencils in bulk via the school store, school book fair, or school fundraiser. Teachers can often find supplies in bulk for just as cheap through these venues and part of the profits goes directly back to the school and the students, which is always a good look.

Reputation Matters

No matter where you decide to source your pencils and other school supplies in bulk, always make sure to vet the company you’re ordering from to avoid the multitude of scams that are out there these days. When in doubt, always go with the supplier with the best reputation and most experience in the industry. There’s nothing worse than spending your hard-earned money on something for your classroom only to receive inferior quality materials that your students are frustrated with. By sourcing school supplies prudently, whether it’s online, via catalog, or in person, teachers can get the most bang for their buck while offering their students the best learning experience possible.

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