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Don’t Gamble Your Business; Get Backup

Don’t Gamble Your Business; Get Backup

The physical and financial cost of losing all your data can be huge. With more security threats and alarming ransomware rates aimed at infiltrating servers and collecting data means that your IT security should be one of your company’s top priorities.

While bigger companies may be a draw for many hackers looking to steal data, medium to small businesses will also be targeted as though their security systems won’t match skills, and defenses will be easier to breach.

Keep your data secure by following the 3,2,1 rule.

  • Three backups of all data updated regularly
  • Two backups should be on different formats eg cloud, disk
  • One backup should be a physical copy stored off-premises

Security Threats and Hackers

With 29% of organizations losing money due to security threats, are you prepared to gamble your business and risk losing everything you have worked so hard for? Engaging IT services in Arlington can give you peace of mind when it comes to being confident your system is secure and protected from outside threats daily. 

Performing regular backups on separate physical servers can help you to get back up and running in the event of a major security breach. With 20% of companies losing business after a security breach, it isn’t just money they are losing; and fines they are paying. But a loss of trust can mean clients will be wary to come to you and trust you with sensitive information that could leave them exposed. 

Comprehensive online security and protection will give you a defense against hackers. However, having regular up-to-date backups will enable you to get back and running again in the event of a complete data loss.

Physical Threats

With an estimated 2,244 cyber-attacks performed each day on average, it can be easy to focus on the virtual threat to your data and completely overlook other ways to lose data.

Fire, flood, technical malfunction, natural disasters, theft, and robberies can also result in data loss. Protecting yourself against a physical threat is as important as protecting against online hacker’s malfunctions.

Make sure your backups are kept separately from your main systems, and even having backups of your backups can be an extra level of defense should something go wrong. Especially if you aren’t able to keep physical copies and all your data is stored digitally.

Storing backups on different formats (disk cloud, tape, etc.) will give you a failsafe should one format become compromised. 

Insider Threats

Although cases of insider threats to data breaches and loss aren’t as prevalent as other methods, they can occur and usually at the hands of a disgruntled employee. Restricting access to different to specific employees can give you an extra level of protection, increase firewall protection, and monitor employees’ activity when accessing sensitive information.

Preventative methods are always your best line of defense when it comes to making sure your company is protected against data loss and security breaches. But having backups on different, accessible formats will allow you to regroup quickly and get back up and running should you fall victim to a malicious or unforeseen act that compromises your security systems and results in complete data loss.