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How Much Should You Expect to Pay for Document Translation?

How Much Should You Expect to Pay for Document Translation?
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Did you know there are roughly 56,846 translation agencies within the US?

When choosing from all these firms, you will probably want to go with the company that offers the best value for money. However, if you’re new to paying for translation services, you might not know what counts as a good deal.

Below we will review the average cost to translate a document and the various factors that affect the final price. No matter what you want to translate, you’ll soon learn how to translate your content at a reasonable cost.

Let’s begin!

How Much Does It Cost to Translate a Document?

Typically, the minimum amount you will pay to translate a document will be $15. 

That said, you’ll generally find that the cost of translating a document can depend on several factors.

For instance, if you need a fast turnaround time, you will likely have to pay a lot more money for the translation. Furthermore, if you’re looking to translate a particularly complex piece of content, you might need to pay more.

Also, the translation price might vary if you have certain preferences in regards to who translates the content.

So, if you want a native speaker to translate the content, you will face higher translation rates per word. If you want a native speaker of whom is familiar with the topic in question, you might have to pay even more.

Note that in some cases, you might also want to pay for a proofreading service to verify the quality of a given document that has been translated.

This is often recommended for a very important document, as mistakes can reflect badly on you and your company.

This kind of service typically doesn’t cost more than translating a document from scratch, but it is another cost you should keep in mind.

Does Formatting Affect Price?

Document translation services will also charge different prices, depending on formatting.

For example, suppose you ask a company to translate a PDF file for you.

In many cases, translation companies will just translate the text and give it back to you in a form that doesn’t resemble the original PDF.

However, if you want the agency to translate the text and retain the original PDF formatting, you will need to pay more.

This is often known as ‘document typesetting,’ and if you click for more, you’ll learn about this process and what it entails.

Time to Translate?

In this post, we’ve explored the question ‘how much does it cost to translate a document?’

As you can see, several factors can affect how much you pay for translation services. Thus, if you want to get a clear idea of how much it will cost to translate something, you first need to figure out what you want.

Once you know what you’d like from a translation company, you should be able to get accurate quotes from the various firms that are out there. 

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