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Elements Of A Well Designed Business Website

Elements Of A Well Designed Business Website

If you’re taking responsibility for your own business website, there are a few things you should know before you begin.  Designing a website is doable for just about anyone today, but that doesn’t mean a simple template will take you very far.  

There’s more to a good design than just filling in a few blanks on a template.  Take a moment now to read through a brief compilation of a few tips on some of the most important elements of a well designed business website, and start making new connections online.  

Contact pages are important

When you’re building a business website, it simply won’t be complete without a well-equipped contact page.  Adding a contact page to your website is essential for providing the digital link consumers need to further their connection with your company.  

Your contact page should be equipped with four or more different ways for visitors to contact your organization.  You could also spruce up your page by adding a map for visual connection and a contact form to gather email addresses.  

Answer people’s questions

Your business website should be a reliable source of clarity for web users looking to learn more about your operation.  You need a “frequently asked questions” page within your website map.  A good FAQ page will serve to give users a little more inside info to keep them informed.  

Even a simplistic FAQ page will be helpful for users if you are meticulous with your menagerie of questions.  Take a look at this electroheat induction FAQ page and how it lays out some of the most basic questions for people who don’t know much about the technology.  

Add social media to the mix

Social media is an essential part of a well-built business website, because it provides a bridge between your site and the open world of social media.  Social media sharing buttons provide an opportunity for your visitors to do a little marketing for your business.  

Every share is a valuable link to a new pool of consumers.  Those tiny little sharing buttons don’t take up much space in the design, but they sure do pack a punch.  

Learn to incorporate SEO

Designing a winning website design means that you’ve taken the time to brush up on the concepts of search engine optimization.  SEO is just a simplified umbrella term for a long list of details you should observe as you design your website.  
If you want your pages to place high in the SERPs (search engine results pages), then you’ll need to learn to craft with SEO in mind.  SEO is about visibility and making it easy for web users to find your resources online.