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Evaluating Your IT Infrastructure: Areas That Can Be Improved

Evaluating Your IT Infrastructure: Areas That Can Be Improved
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1. Firewalls and Cyber Security

Firewalls are like the security that stands guard outside your servers. They monitor who comes in and who goes out. They are the access point that hackers and cyber security threats will try to attack first. 

So before they even enter, you need to set their slings and arrows on fire, using brilliant data encryption and virus protection. Working with managed IT services can not just help you monitor breaches and suspicious activity, but improve data encryption and password policies. 

2. VoIP Communications

Let us say for example, that you have been breached, who do you tell? You will need to contact your employees, such as department managers, directors and your IT team to get on and find the attackers and stop them. 

But surely you don’t expect to communicate via personal mobile phones? 1, that is unprofessional, 2 it’s not going to help you keep a record of what was communicated, when, to who etc. regulators might want the whole story and if you can only give them pieces, you are more likely to be fined for having inadequate practices concerning the protection of customer data and escalation of incidents.  

3. Cloud Storage

You can never have enough storage, but this is only possible by having a cloud storage system. As your business expands and operations become more complex, you will require more and more storage. 

Businesses find that since they do have more storage, they can provide their customers with more options. Not only that, but their daily business practices improve, such as more thorough marketing campaigns, better profiles of customers, working with more distributors and clients from abroad. 

4. Business Continuity

Business continuity planning must not be confused with disaster recovery planning. The former is about keeping a business alive and running, during an event that could potentially cease operations. 

This could be something like a fire in your warehouse. Working with a great managed IT services company, allows you to keep a hold of your customer data, so you can keep orders flowing as you seek to get your other services online again. 

5. Disaster Recovery

A disaster recovery plan can be seen as a way to get our business back up and running, after an event. So chances are a major risk event has materialized and you have not been able to prevent it harming your business to some or great extent. 

To get back online, you need to focus on your mission critical areas. And without a doubt, this will involve your entire IT infrastructure and network. But when you don’t have an on-site IT infrastructure, you don’t need to worry about this, as your servers and data are already ready to go.