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How to Take Your Backyard Pool to the Next Level

How to Take Your Backyard Pool to the Next Level

A swimming pool is a beautiful feature for the home. It offers luxury, sophistication and style. Although there are always ways to upgrade and update your pool. Many companies offer services such as this to ensure your home has added value. Let’s see some of the best ways to take your backyard pool to the next level.

1. Waterfall

Installing a waterfall on its above ground pool or on an in-ground pool is very easy. You bring a touch of modernity with the design pool waterfalls that we offer. You will also enjoy a unique moment of relaxation.  A waterfall not only adds charm and style but waterfalls (or water slides) can be created in many ways.

2. Lights

The lighting of the pool is a key element not only to ensure safety around the pool and inside of it, but also to create a friendly atmosphere to the garden. The lighting of the swimming pool must therefore be worked on upstream so that the electrical installation, the installation of spots and the choice of lighting are not made lightly.  

You can add underwater lights or around the edges. If your pool is often used for night swims, consider installing floodlights. They can be submerged or placed on the walls of the basin – generally incandescent 300W-12 volts and of diameter ranging from 700 to 3,000 lumens – which operate simultaneously or independently.

3. Cool Tiles

With beautiful pool tiles, your own swimming pool can be easily beautified. When choosing the right pool tiles, there are some aspects to consider. Usually pool tiles have rounded edges and corners – this is one of the most important requirements for the right tile. Because in this way water can always be transported reliably. 

And if you have already decided on large swimming pool tiles, you should know that there are increased requirements for the subsurface, substructure, waterproofing and bonding of a swimming pool in relation to tiles. Or mosaics work beautifully and can add a Mediterranean feel.  

4. Resurfacing/Remodel

Concrete pool shells need them because they are prone to cracks or other concerns. If left untreated, it can lead to serious problems with the waterproofing of your pool. Resurfacing an old concrete pool shell will extend its life. Plumbing is also vital. Examine the existing plumbing and conclude if it is still good enough for use. 

Sprucing up and a good thorough cleaning process also helps to know if the existing plumbing has held up and if repairs or replacements are needed.

5. Stairs

Whether it is buried, above ground or semi-buried, your swimming pool must be equipped with a staircase. This allows swimmers access to the pool. Well chosen, the pool staircase is also an element of comfort of the pool and gives it an aesthetic touch. You can add silver or gold hardware to add style where needed. So that your pool fits easily into your exterior, you can choose to make it disappear entirely by installing a raised terrace that will surround the pool.