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Fascinating Company Profiles: How Brands Set Themselves Apart


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Establishing yourself in the digital space can seem daunting, but it’s by no means impossible. In today’s data-driven world, it takes not just a great idea to make an impact, but also the ability to put that idea in front of potential consumers. 

To make this happen, many of the best brands and businesses are starting by establishing a company profile that lays out its values and mission statement, all while denoting something unique about the brand along the way.

While there are plenty of fascinating and unusual about page examples out there, let’s give our readers a few first-hand examples to help inform their own journey. Armed with these examples, entrepreneurs will be ready to craft the perfect About Page or Company Profile for their brand.

Best Modern ‘About Us’ Company Profiles

A company profile will often circumnavigate the same areas that a company’s ‘About Us’ page will touch upon. A company profile is an introduction to a business as well as its intended products, services, and audiences. An ‘About Us’ page will distill those concepts into an easy-to-consume block of text, ideal for getting the word out regarding a business.

Let’s highlight a few fantastic examples of major company profiles to fuel your own imagination and efforts.

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1) Starbucks – “One person, one cup, and one neighborhood at a time.”

One of the largest coffee chains on the planet, Starbucks has established itself as a focal point in the fast-coffee experience. Notable by name as well as by logo, Starbucks makes their goals clear from the beginning in their company profile. “Our story began in 1971” the message begins before transitioning to their core mission, “To inspire and nurture the human spirit – one person, one cup, and one neighborhood at a time.”

Simple, insightful, and absolutely enlightening about what Starbucks is attempting to accomplish. Businesses in customer-facing fields can benefit from taking this sort of insightful approach to core values and ideas as they craft the ideal Company Profile.

2) Bloomberg – “Where data, people, and ideas intersect.”

Bloomberg has a unique approach to developing its company profile, focusing on its status as a global leader in not just data, but even people and ideas! Bloomberg puts an intense focus on modernization, highlighting how effectively they can navigate today’s modern data-oriented world.

While this may be something of an unusual company profile at a glance, it is fantastic for their targeted demographic. Consider your own demographic when developing a company profile or about page. While most new entrepreneurs will be working on a smaller scale than Bloomberg, they can use these concepts to fill out their LinkedIn summary, too. Use the verbiage that best matches this specific demographic and you’ll find yourself significantly more successful as a company leader and an individual.

Prepare Your Brand For Success With a New About Us Page

Did you know that most potential consumers will make a decision regarding your business within 50 milliseconds of visiting your page? Hard to believe, but true! Make each moment matter by filling your company profiles with winning tactics that elevate your brand and attract your customers! Integrating a winning Company Profile or About Us page can be as simple as defining what makes you, well, YOU.


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