Home Business From Idea to Bestseller: How Selfpublishing.com Supports Authors at Every Stage of the Publishing Process

From Idea to Bestseller: How Selfpublishing.com Supports Authors at Every Stage of the Publishing Process

From Idea to Bestseller: How Selfpublishing.com Supports Authors at Every Stage of the Publishing Process

If you ask a room of ten people if any of them dream of publishing a book, you’re likely to get seven or eight people say yes. But how many actually go on to make it happen? Perhaps one at most, sadly. Selfpublishing.com is on a mission to change that.

In the past, people often viewed self-publishing as a lesser way to get a book out into the world. When there are so many tasks that the author is responsible for some things inevitably aren’t quite up to standard. That may have been true in the past but founder Chandler Bolt is on a mission to change things.

The new range of services from self publishing.com allow authors to create a top-quality book while still keeping all their royalties. Authors are free to focus on crafting the best book possible as a top-quality cover is included. Expert coaching from a bestselling author helps keep everything on track and up to standard.

Part of the reason that the selfpublishing.com team are able to meet authors’ needs so effectively is because the company is made up of successful independent authors. Founder Chandler Bolt has authored numerous bestselling books and every coach on the team is also a top-selling indie author.

Unlike a lot of companies, selfpublishing.com aims to meet authors wherever they are in the process. They know that people might be at the very start of their journey, with an idea for a book but very little more. Others are further along the path, perhaps with a completed draft but no plan on how to get it out into the world. No matter what stage of the publishing process someone is at, selfpublishing.com aims to serve their needs with only the services and support they require.

Selfpublishing.com also understands that there are many reasons you might want to write a book. From sharing the story of your life through to getting your business philosophy down in print, there are countless motivations to publish. Their team ensures that you are matched with the best fit in terms of coaching and the peer support offered. The advice and ideas provided to authors are tailored to their unique aims and objectives.

For many authors, choosing to independently publish a book is the most profitable path available to them. It’s a sad fact that the traditional publishing world offers large rewards to a select few authors while the majority struggle to earn enough. Even most of the relatively small number of people who get a book deal don’t sell enough copies to cover their advance and receive only a small amount of their royalties. Choosing to publish independently eliminates those problems.

Any author looking to enjoy the best mix of creative freedom and financial reward should definitely explore self publishing further. The books produced by selfpublishing.com are top-quality and indistinguishable from those you’d find in a bookstore. They offer you all the advice and information you need to have a successful and long-lasting author career. Why not check out what they have to offer for yourself? You will be one step closer to making your book writing dream a successful reality.