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Wake Up with WakeUp: Natural Solutions for Digital Distractions

<strong>Wake Up with WakeUp: Natural Solutions for Digital Distractions</strong>

We live in a world of constant distractions, which can reduce our ability to focus, sleep, and perform to our full potential.  The average office worker runs into interruptions every 11 minutes, and experts predict that time lost to digital distractions costs over $10,000 per person per year.  

To combat distraction and the subsequent sleep deprivation and brain fog, many people turn to energy drinks and sugary foods.  42% of US Millennials regularly consume food and drink to improve their focus, often choosing coffee, energy drinks, or caffeinated tea.  Over the course of a year, a person living in the United States will consume 85 liters of caffeinated beverages. 

Many people report increased alertness, endurance, and elevated mood after consuming these beverages.  However, others experience adverse side effects.  For example, caffeine can alter sleep schedules, decrease productivity due to withdrawal, and lead to tolerance, which prevents further benefits.  Some studies suggest that caffeine may be linked to long-term health concerns such as poor heart health, digestion problems, and dementia risk. 

What are some alternatives to caffeine?  Some propose biohacking and nootropics, which focus on behavioral changes and natural supplements.  Consumers tend to prefer natural solutions, with 60% of global consumers believing that 100% natural products are healthier than their artificial counterparts. 

The WakeUp formula is an example of a natural solution.  It includes ginkgo biloba, elderberry, guarana, and carob, all of which have their own benefits.  WakeUp is designed to work with our body’s biological clock to improve focus

If you find yourself struggling with distractions, consider which options work best for you.  There are many new formulas and options, providing bountiful choices for consumers, especially those looking for natural solutions.

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