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How Can I Drive Traffic to My Gaming YouTube Channel?

How Can I Drive Traffic to My Gaming YouTube Channel?

When you’re trying to get a fledgling YouTube gaming channel off the ground, you know that it takes plenty of drive, talent, and energy. As you start drawing in subscribers and attracting followers, you must take the time to focus on what makes your channel stand out. For some, they may produce videos showing off new weapon skins or character skins. For someone else, they might upload CS fails or their favorite gameplay clips.

Of course, growing your channel often takes a bit of time, aid, and advice. Whether you’re rethinking your upload schedule to capitalize on the most natural traffic, or you’re working with an art creator to develop the perfect channel artwork, there are ways to continue expanding your YouTube channel. Here’s what you should keep in mind.

Invest in YouTube channel art and banners.


Since your YouTube channel art is the first thing many channel visitors will see, you need to ensure that your own images and illustrations leave a memorable impression. Whether you’re hiring a channel art creator to help you rethink your existing YouTube banner design or you’re looking for someone who can edit thumbnails to appear properly on the mobile app, a designer can help bring your vision to life. Between picking out fonts, selecting templates, and adding logos or icons, there’s plenty of work that goes into making channel art. Even if you’re using a banner maker or a YouTube channel art template, investing in your YouTube channel art design is a great way to attract new viewers.

Develop a stronger vision for your channel.

While it’s okay to try new things and shake up your formula, many viewers gravitate toward consistent gaming channels that have a clear voice and point of view. Maybe you have a background as a graphic designer so your channel is focused on the aesthetics of the top CSGO skins. Perhaps your background lies in writing or media and you use your channel to dissect gaming narratives and discuss which games have the most well-written stories. If you’re able to establish yourself as the go-to channel for a specific type of content, it can help you attract new viewers.

When you’re working to develop your channel’s vision, think about what you enjoy watching. Do you gravitate towards comedy or do you enjoy more informative content downloads? Take some time to build a YouTube template that touches on some of your favorite content creators. From there, you should also see where there are content gaps. After all, while you may be able to strike it big with knife skin unboxing videos, you stand a better chance at developing a following if you’re adding something new to the existing content pool.

Adhere to a schedule.


Again, for the YouTube and Twitch gaming scenes, consistency is key. Many gamers want to feel a greater sense of community and togetherness when they watch videos and streams. They’re tuning into your channel for your unique perspective on gaming or your approach to content creation.

To take your channel to the next level, it’s helpful to establish a realistic upload schedule and share it with followers. Put upload information in your social channel bios and always use your new uploads to invite viewers to check out past streams or content. It’s a great way to amp up your channel template and even add traffic to your older content too.

Whether you’re working with a graphic designer on a YouTube channel banner or you’re trying to nail down the perfect upload schedule for your content releases, these tips can help you grow your user base and encourage existing users to interact more with your gaming content.