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How Often Should I Service My MRI Chiller?


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The medical sector responds to very specific regulations and requirements in terms of temperature and air quality control. Indeed, the issue of air treatment and air conditioning in medical establishments is the comfort of patients and staff but also and above all their health, by limiting the spread of bacteria and viruses present. This is the same for MRIs. MRIs need to be chilled in an MRI chiller and they also need to be maintained well. 

How the MRI works

MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) devices also make it possible to perform cross-sectional images of the human body, but have the advantage, compared to the scanner, of not using X-rays.  

These machines have a complex operation, based on the use of electromagnetic fields, and which requires the use of cooled liquid helium, which ensures the superconducting qualities of the magnets. For this, it is necessary to compress the helium, which causes heating. A closed water circuit placed at a temperature of around 8-10 ° C then cools the assembly. 

Once the Helium arrives in the larger compartment through the pipes, it relaxes and then produces cold  (-269 °). Without this cooling action of its compressor, the helium returns to a gaseous state. The consequences are very dangerous, since it takes 700 times its original volume and suddenly escapes from the magnet of the MRI. 

To prevent these dangers, MRI machines are notably equipped with a duct for evacuating the helium from the room. The best way to ensure the safe use of MRI machines is to monitor the volume of liquid helium available as well as its temperature under all circumstances.

Maintenance of cooling equipment

You should hire intervention once a year during the annual shutdown of the MRI machine for basic maintenance. In addition, you should carry out a six-monthly to quarterly inspection maintenance. This largely prevents any risk of breakdown or malfunction of the machines. 

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Finally, alarms are located in the control room so that personnel are informed of an abnormal rise in temperature. If necessary, a HYDRO-THERM team is available, every day of the year, and can intervene immediately in the event of an emergency to restore normal and safe operating conditions.  

You must meet all the constraints related to the cooling of medical machines. This is for the best possible outcomes for your medical team, business and patients of course. 

How often should it be serviced?

Oftentimes, these chillers should be serviced either bi-annual & quarterly depending. That is why it is best to seek out the help of a professional team to assess and tell you when you need a service. Preventative maintenance on a quarterly basis is good. These remote diagnostics or regular monitoring are vital to the operation of the systems and machines. It will flag up any glitches and issues which can then be dealt with immediately. 

You should not hesitate in getting your MRI chiller serviced. Any issues that are not flagged up may mean certain machines are out of action or costly payouts to have them fixed. 


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