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How to Create an Inviting Trade Show Display

How to Create an Inviting Trade Show Display
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Trade shows can be very lucrative events for companies that manage them the right way. Sending people to attend exhibits to learn or work the crowd and make new business development connections can be great ways to improve sales. 

Learning and making connections are important for tradeshows, but nothing is more important than the booth companies choose to make. Creating the right trade show display is important if you want to attract the right people to your booth. Even the best trade show booth ideas will fall flat if they aren’t set up correctly. 

If want to know the right way to set up your booth, you’ve come to the right place. Regardless of what industry you’re in or what show you’re attending, be sure to follow these tips when you’re thinking about trade show exhibit design and set up. 

Understand Your Area

Before you start planning any displays, make sure you have a clear understanding of the booth area you’ll be using. Know what size area your company paid for, and know what amenities (tables, outlets, surge protectors, etc) the trade show organizers will be able to provide. 

You may have a large area that could easily accommodate a table, standing displays, and even some extra chairs if you want to sit and talk to someone. Others may have you squeezed in tight next to other exhibitors. 

The space you have is going to affect what you can do with your tradeshow setup. Starting off with a clear understanding of space can help you find a way to best utilize what you’re given. 

Go With an “Exhibit” Mindset

Trade shows can get a little boring if you don’t put thought into what you want to do. Everyone is going to have a standard table, some business cards, and maybe some promotional pens. Companies that want to make an impression are going to have to do a little work. 

Don’t go to a tradeshow with the idea of strictly telling people about your business. You’re going to have to think of a hook that will help attract people and keep them engaged. 

We find that thinking of your tradeshow booth as more of an exhibit can help you create something that’s truly dynamic. What is an exhibit? An exhibit is something that’s meant to entertain or inform people that attend. 

Don’t think of your trade show area as another place with a booth or table. Think of it as your exhibit area that you have total creative license to shape. 

Go Digital

Your company probably has an extra laptop, monitor, or iPad to spare. If you want to create a truly dynamic visual display, consider going digital. 

There’s a lot you can do if you incorporate computers into your display. You could create a cycling slideshow that shows off all of your company’s best work. Custom videos can stand out in a crowd, or you could simply let people explore your website on a laptop. 

Sometimes trying to show and not tell can be best at tradeshows. You never know when your booth workers will get tied up with other people, or when the main floor will be loud. Video displays, computers, and tables can give booth visitors something to do that allows them to engage with your brand without having to talk to you. 

Include the Basics

You could be doing a traditional set up that has nothing more than a few giveaway items. It’s possible that you could be thinking completely outside the box and might be planning something completely off the wall and interactive. Either way, know that trade show exhibits and booths need to have some basic elements to be successful. 

You’re going to want to ensure that anyone that visits your booth or table leaves with an understanding of your company and brand. Luckily, there are a lot of subtle ways you can do this with the right foresight. 

Name sure your name and logo are on any display and collateral you have. Sales sheets, high-quality swag, and even employee’s shirts are great places to show off your logo and company name. 

If you have a banner or signage, we always recommend adding some contact information (email address, phone number, etc.) and your website. Trade shows can get very crowded and busy.  Giving them contact info they can easily write down or snap a picture of can be incredibly helpful.  

Make Your “Big” Element 

If you’re at a popular tradeshow, you’re not going to be the only business trying to grab people’s attention. Find something to include in your tradeshow that’ll bring people around and make them want to stay. 

Some people have thought about offering free consultations at their booths. Others may promise a discount or even a product giveaway. We’ve found that it can be very helpful to include something that isn’t necessarily directly tied to your business. 

Photobooths, massage chairs, and tasty snacks may not have anything to do with your company. However, they’re great ways to bring in people that may want a break from typical tradeshow activities. 

Keep Everything Organized

A tidy table and booth is an area that’s sure to get plenty of visitors. Make sure that you take the time to keep your table organized and neat during the entire show. 

Arrange items in a way that makes them easy to reach. Putting a stack of business cards behind a large table display obscures them and makes them awkward to grab. 

We also recommend keeping spares of everything somewhere out of sight during the show. You’ll want to be able to discretely reach for company swag, sales sheets, or business cards with ease.

Rock Your Trade Show Display and Experience 

When you’re making a trade show display, a little creativity and practicality can come in handy. When you take time to think critically about the space you’re given, think outside the box, and come up with fun elements, you’re sure to have a great trade show experience.

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