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How To Select The Best Fire Pit Table For Your Needs

How To Select The Best Fire Pit Table For Your Needs

With the right fire pit table for your patio or backyard, you can enjoy the great outdoors in comfort for hours. However, before you have friends and family over, you’ll want to find the best fire pit table for your needs and budget.

Tips to choose the perfect fire pit table include the following.

Ask Yourself How You’ll Use The Fire Pit Table

Before buying a fire pit table, ask yourself how you will use it. Will you use the fire pit for entertaining? Then you may want it to be the focal point of your patio with plenty of comfortable furniture around it.

Check Your Local Regulations

Before you purchase a fire pit table or a regular fire pit, check the building codes in your community for any rules. It’s also important if you buy a wood-burning fire pit to determine the rules for burning wood in the backyard.

Remember, localities often have specific rules for placing fire pits a certain distance from the home and other structures, such as placing the unit at least 10 feet from fences and buildings. Your county might even require an inspection by the fire department to ensure your set-up is safe. You want to be sure you are following all the rules after you go to the trouble of buying and installing a fire pit.

If your area doesn’t allow wood-burning fire pits, it’s no problem. Just opt for a propane or natural gas fire pit table.

Permanent Or Portable

Do you want your fire pit table to be a permanent fixture in your yard, or do you want to move it from time to time?

A permanent fire pit table is usually heavier and more robust. It also will give off bigger flames and be better for a larger crowd of guests. These types of fire pit tables are ideal for a deck or patio with a lot of space.

A portable fire pit table is often lighter and smaller and gives off smaller flames. It’s usually ideal for a group of two to four people. They’re best for a small balcony.

Consider Different Materials

Fire pit tables come in many materials, such as metal, concrete, stone, etc. Select a fire pit table material that appeals to your tastes and goes with how your backyard and patio are designed. It should also resist stains and hold up to regular use.

Each material has its advantages and disadvantages. Concrete lasts but can get stained from soot, but that won’t be a problem if you have a fire pit with propane.

With a propane or gas fire pit table, you can choose the fire media which is the material over the flame that covers the burners. Popular options are fire glass and lava rock.

Select Your Style

The fire pit style you select is closely related to the purpose you desire. Of course, you want a fire, but are you interested in cooking steak and vegetables there, too?

Do you want to have large groups over? Or will it just be your close family most of the time? If you want big parties, consider purchasing a bigger fire pit table, and a smaller one if you will have a few people over in the evening.

There are so many types and sizes of fire pit tables that it can be hard to make a choice! Fortunately, it’s easier to select the best product for your needs once you answer some of the questions addressed in this post.