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Light Therapy is the New Fitness Trend

Light Therapy is the New Fitness Trend

The world is constantly changing for better or worse. Nowadays, people all around the world are highly dependent on technology for easing their daily life. Therefore, every aspect of our lives is now benefited from the touch of technology. From the coffee maker in the morning to the white noise maker at night, technology has made it much easier. So why not involve technology in our fitness routine? Although there are no shortcuts to achieve optimum fitness, there are various gadgets to help us go there faster. Light therapy is one of those methods that involve futuristic gadgets to boost our fitness faster and get popular exponentially. Today, we will discuss those amazing opportunities of light therapy and help you determine if you really need it in your life.

Changing Trends of Fitness Routine

The use of technology in fitness routines is not so new. From the exercise tracker to a treadmill, technology has blessed us generously. However, the world is changing faster than ever, and people are working harder to keep up with it. Therefore, staying a long hour in gyms to gain the desired fitness clashed with daily chores for many people. They tend to look for alternatives to gain fitness within a short time that wouldn’t hamper the work schedule. Many amazing technologies and supplements came to fuel the fitness desire. However, all of them required putting substantial effort, and supplements could bring out undesirable side effects. So, a method for gaining good health rapidly with natural elements became a necessity. 

Additionally, exercising can cause muscle pain as nature’s way to indicate that it’s working. Some people can develop muscle strains due to being inexperienced or not being used to exercising. All of these reasons needed solving, and they needed to get solved as soon as possible. Luckily, NASA was working on a method to help the astronauts to get healed from muscle fatigue and injuries. The researchers used light, the most natural energy source, to achieve all those benefits. Soon they developed light therapy, a method to induce healing as quickly as possible. This method was too revolutionary; soon, medical sectors started experimenting with this therapy and discovered the huge potential it consists of. Within a few years, many more industries started experimenting and adopted this therapy in their respective sectors.

As the fitness industry saw that light therapy possesses the ability to heal pain and can regenerate the damaged cells sooner, it adopted this therapy to help its beneficiaries. Within a very short time, this therapy became popular among people. Light therapy conquered the fitness industry like it previously did for the other sectors. 

How Light Therapy Can Help You Gain Fitness

There have been numerous researches that proved the benefits of light therapy on training, exercise, and various physical performances. It has the ability to enhance the strength, agility, and endurance of a person. Most of the clinical trials have supported this claim. Light therapy is proven to enhance one’s ability to push physical boundaries while accelerating muscle recovery when applied before an exercise session. The benefit of light therapy works in various places of one’s body to enhance strength. Let’s take a glimpse at them:

Stronger  Strength Training: A clinical trial in 2016 was conducted on men aged from 18 to 35 to analyze the effect of light therapy with strength training. The research has shown significant promises in yielding enhanced strength gain of the persons who were subjected to light therapy. It also proved to have additional beneficial value in post-injury rehabilitation. 

Stronger Legs: Researchers have also found evidence that people subjected to light therapy can increase the strength of their legs significantly. When received light therapy before training, people tend to gain a 55% increase in the leg-press test. This phenomenon was only seen in the group of people who received light therapy.

Stronger Grip: A 2014 research found out that red light therapy can increase maximum repetition of hand and grip exercise by more than 52%. There are numerous other researchers that agree with this result.

Red Light Therapy and Endurance

For gaining optimum fitness, endurance is one of the important abilities that enable a person to work harder with minimal curing time. With the help of light therapy, the cells in one’s muscle get energized, and the damage can get healed within a short period of time. As a result, the muscle density is increased significantly, which helps a lot in gaining endurance. A triple-blind placebo-controlled trial done in 2018 has backed up this claim. It had proven that red light therapy before exercising could successfully increase the time-to-exhaustion, oxygen uptake and helped in reducing body fat. The researchers also claimed that receiving red light therapy before and after exercise had increased endurance level three times in healthy volunteers. This helped them highly in treadmill training and cycling performance. Many professional soccer players have gained additional benefits from light therapy, which enabled them to last longer on the pitch. 

Enhanced Agility With Red Light Therapy

As muscle gain and endurance level can significantly increase with the help of light therapy, it can highly affect one’s performance. Numerous research was conducted on professional sprinters and rugby players who had undergone light therapy. All of them provide significantly positive results. It has helped them gain speed and stamina effectively. 
Fitness is the food that ensures the sanity and health of a body and mind. While one cannot gain optimum fitness solely by light therapy, it certainly helps a lot in gaining the ability to perform and work towards fitness. As a result, more and more people are now keen to adopt this therapy in their life. With numerous benefits on body and mind, light therapy has become the talk of the town. Indeed, it’s not the end of it, and in the near future, we may see more benefits of light therapy. For now, all we can do is to adopt it in our routine and grab the best benefits it is offering right now.