10 Tips That I Learnt To Be Motivated All The Time

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Tips to be motivated all the time

How pleasant is it to say that nowadays I’m motivated all the time.

I never feel overwhelmed and disappointed.
yet I was not so a couple of years ago.

I was not so much passionate, I didn’t wish to achieve big goals. In fact, I never thought to set any goal.

Then, the questions may arouse:

  1. How did I get motivated?
  2. How do I keep myself motivated all the time?
  3. How can one keep himself motivated all the time?

To answer these queries, I would like to share my story.

Then we will discuss how can you keep yourself motivated all the time.

We shall share a few tips that actually work in daily life.

How did I get motivated?

The days were very usual and ordinary. I was not thinking big, I didn’t find my dreams and goals for which I’m working these days.

Apparently, I was living a peaceful life. I got the job, the right girl and a child. It’s all enough, one may suppose to have.

But, still, there was an emptiness within me.

It’s the truth that there was something that never let me feel complete.

This emptiness always pinched me.

But, all the time, I had excuses for circumstances. I supposed not to have the required circumstances that let people achieve their goals.

I was living in a small town, and I didn’t feel the place suitable to achieve any goals – the goals that I never tried to acquaint with.

But, in those days, when I lost my beloved mom, I suffered death anxiety.

The fear of death realized me the worth of life. I realised that the available time is precious. It is like a treasure; whether it’s a single moment or more.

I was convinced that If I will ruin my life and my time, it will definitely become one of the regrets at the deathbed.

It was a turning point in my life.

I decided that I will do whatever I want to do. I thought to get rid of that emptiness that was a part of my life.

I tried to acquaint myself and know what really I want from myself. And so I did finally because I never wanted to regret at the end of life.

I changed my approach from what I can’t do to what I can.

It was the first reason behind my motivation.

I experienced a sensational wave within me. It felt like a revival of my life. I got a new potential and new enthusiasm.

My eyes were bright with the light of my emotions.

I realised that there are a lot of things that I should improve in my life. I observed life with a new outlook and vision.

That created curiosity in me about new things and exposures. It increased my process of learning.

It was the second step of my motivation.

As I started learning new things I became habitual of listening to motivational speakers. I started reading successful people.

My social life and daily routine were changed from doing nothing to do everything – that should be done.

After this inner enlightenment, I started to chase my dreams.

I always dreamt of being an eminent writer.

Hence I took necessary steps to start writing articles and short stories. I am very hopeful for the day when people will recognise me as a writer and motivational speaker.

Let me clear one thing.

My goal is not to get fame. I just want to influence others with my vision.

I want to make people realise the preciousness of life. And for this purpose, I started this blog.

I thought that I should share my exposures and hurdles so that I could help others to be successful in life. Also, it will help me build relationships with the people of my mindset.

I started sharing my exposures and the most one was to find our own goals that may satisfy ourselves.

The secondary purpose of this blog was definitely money. Because money is the most attractive extrinsic motivation in the world. Without money, we can’t achieve our desired goal.

So I think it’s necessary to have money enough to reduce the hurdles in the way to success.

Well, if we analyze this change in my life; we can come to know a few motives that induced self-motivation.

So let us now sort out those motives – the tips. Which keep me motivated all the time.

1. Value of time and life

The value of life can be measured by how many times your soul has been deeply stirred.

– Soichiro Honda

The most important thing that introduced self-motivation in my life was the value of time and life.

The time never stops.

It never comes back after it has passed away. Neither we can get our past back nor we can change it.

We can’t take a U-turn on this track.

We can only be grateful or regretful at the end. The time we have today, right now, is the most important moment of our life.

Because it’s the only time which can make us happy or sad after a few minutes or after a few days or after a few years.

So the people will never regret who are making their today’s worth.

Make your today worth remembering.

– Zig Ziglar

If you don’t value your time, you will not do the right things to make your time productive.

Hence you can’t get motivated.

In fact, If you are not motivated, you are spoiling yourself. Maybe you’re not motivated right now.

Then just do an experiment.

Imagine just one thing that you’re thinking to do for long but it couldn’t happen.

Let’s say it to be a short goal of your life that make you happy. As an experiment, just do it today.

You will feel a bigger change in yourself. You will feel much better and motivated.

So we can deduct that doing immediately what you want to do – without wasting your time – becomes a motivation for the rest of tasks.

2. Life goals

The mystery of human existence lies not in just staying alive, but in finding something to live for.

– Fyodor Dostoyevsky

The other most important factor that can introduce self-motivation in you is the life goal.

People who don’t have life goals are usually not motivated.

They want to take fewer tensions and want to live a peaceful life without putting themselves in troubles.

But I strongly believe that all of us have some life goals. All of us want to do things that can keep us happy all the time.

If you don’t know yet, you must figure them out.
As I told you that I had found my life goals, that made me feel complete.

And I think I would never regret in my life anymore by a strategy which I shared in my previous blog post.

All of the successful people have life goals which keep them motivated.

3. Look at the reason

Tony Robbins has said in the book, Awaken The Giant Within,

Everything we do, we do for the reason.

My life goals are obvious to me. I know the reasons for my life goals. These reasons keep me motivated.

You should find out the reason that will keep you motivated. It will help you to complete your tasks or achieve your goals.

For example, even you don’t want to do a job, but you do it for money. The money that you require to pay for the daily charges of your family.

So the family is the reason behind your job.

Similarly, we do all the things in routine for some strong reasons. And even certain more important things remain undone because we don’t find a strong reason for them.

For example, most of the people may believe the quotation, readers are leaders.

But they don’t study books. Because they couldn’t find a reason to read them. Even in their subconscious, they want to be a leader.

But as it doesn’t have a strong reason to read daily, they don’t start it today and so they don’t do tomorrow.

If you don’t do it today, you won’t do it tomorrow. – Junaid Raza

4. Your circumstances

Man is the creature of circumstances.
– Robert Owen

It’s a fact that circumstances have a great impact on our lives. Everything around us, our atmosphere, our friends and fellows, all have a great influence on our lives.

I have too many friends who are successful in their fields.

They are what they wished to be, and that’s their success.
It was a kind of motivation for me that I should also strive hard to achieve my goals. But if we see other’s failure, we get yourself at backbench.

Similarly, encouraging and positive surroundings also motivate us to achieve our goals.

If you read motivational quotes and watch motivational videos in a routine as I do, it will help you build self-motivation.

5. Habit of reading

Successful people are always good readers. Bill Gates reads 50 books per year.

I have noticed that the habit of reading has changed my life.

It has created curiosity to learn more. The habit of learning changed my approach to making things happen.

If you study the people of your own field, you will come to know their stories. You will realise that you’re not alone who are suffering from troubles hurdles difficulties but there are too many people who have faced all these.

It will generate self-motivation in you and will help you face that troubles of your life.

Some extra tips that I adopted to be motivated in life:

There are some tips that I have observed that can keep you motivated in life – all the time.

Most successful people use to follow these tips to be motivated in their lives.

6. Physical health

It’s one of the most important tips that you can utilise in your life. If you are not physically fit, you can’t be motivated.

As you get sick, your energies get low. Your thoughts do not emerge in the way that can if you’re physically strong.

You can observe that physically fit people take much better decisions in life.

They don’t get themselves involved in otiose matters. They are so committed to achieving the goals that they don’t want to waste time.

It’s all because of their physical health.

That’s why I use to take a walk on a daily basis.
I use jogging during the walk because jogging has its own significance.

If you run, it will lessen your depression and you will feel much better to take good decisions and get rid of negative thoughts.

7. Mental health

Bill Gates has written an article on Meditation and Mindfulness, to emphasis the value of meditation. He says.

I thought of meditation as a woo-woo thing tied somehow to reincarnation, and I didn’t buy into it.

Lately, though, I’ve gained a much better understanding of meditation. I’m certainly not an expert, but I now meditate two or three times a week, for about 10 minutes each time.

It’s a transparent fact that your physical health has a great connection with mental health.

If you’re physically fit it means most probably you will be mentally fit. But, along with physical fitness, successful people use to focus on their mental health as well.

It’s observed that successful people meditate on a daily basis.

Meditation makes you much stronger mentally. Your soul will be strong enough to give you focus on your actual life goals. It makes you clear so you will get rid of distractions.

All of us have some distractions in our life.

These distractions are due to our temporary needs and benefits. If we start focusing on temporary benefits then we can’t be motivated all the time to focus on the life goal.

So, you should be clear what do you really want from your life. Either you can enjoy small periods of life and small temporary benefits or permanent joys.

If you focus on temporary needs, you can’t achieve your goals; at least not easily. And if you’re passionate about your goals, it means you won’t give value to temporary benefits – distractions.

8. Visualize your goals every day

Due to distractions, we may forget our life goals. So it’s necessary to remember and visualize our life goals every day.

It’s a habit of successful people.

As I visualise the great benefits of my life goal, so you can.

Some of the people write down their goals and place somewhere where they can see every day.

For example, some of the people paste their goals in the bathrooms.

So you can.

In this way, you visualize that moment what you want to be or want to achieve.

Just feel that moment how shall you feel that time. How much happiness will it give you?

It will motivate you to work hard enough to achieve your life goal and forget about the temporary benefits.

9. Make a habit of the writing to-do list

I really don’t mean to write down your to-do list. But it’s better to write down what you really want to achieve.

Write down or think about all those short goals that lead you to your life goal.

I have already told you the benefits of setting short goals. Short goals are a source of motivation.

So, as you will do the things from your to-do list; it will keep you motivated all the time.

10. Let the things happen on time

I strongly believe that it’s a depression to be desperate about things. You don’t have magic that will make things happen before time.

Actually, you shouldn’t try for that magic.

The real magic is to be patient about things and let them happen on time.

If you won’t wait for the right time, it will disappoint you and you will definitely give up.

If you will wait for the right time, as you will see yourself achieving goals it will motivate you and will make you realise the real power of being motivated.

You will realize that you didn’t get things by chance and you shouldn’t lose it for small reasons.

Final thoughts

Frankly speaking, it’s a fact that I’m motivated and committed to my life goal.

So I thought I should tell you how did I become motivated and how can you be motivated all the time by following the way that I have adopted in my life.

While summarising all the above article I think the most important factor that can keep you motivated all the time is focusing on the results and fruits of your life goal.

The other most important factors are your health and motivating environment.

If you surround yourself with motivated and successful people, you will get motivated and will remain motivated all the time.

If you are motivated, I want to know what do you do to keep yourself motivated all the time?

And If not, what change will you bring in your routine to be motivated all the time?

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