20 Success Factors: The Qualities That Can Change Your Fate

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Success factors to be successful in life

Have you ever noticed the success factors behind the success of a person? Did ever you noticed the qualities that make a person successful?

Maybe you have acquaintance with a number of successful people but very rarely you thought about success factors that made them so.

Actually very few people think so deeply. And luckily you are one of them.

Most of the motivational speakers and counselors like Tony Robbins, Stephen Covey, Brian Tracy etc often talk about the factors and the specific behaviors that lead you to success.

Every person may have a different and unique definition of success, though the core factors of all types of success are the same.

So let us figure out some common factors that become key to the locked doors of success and lift you up to the horizons of incredible heights.

1. Education

The very first and very obvious factor in success is self-education. Actually, self-education is the only 1 solution to any problem.

Either it’s short term or permanent, your achievement depends upon your cognition. You need a formal degree in your specific field.

You have to improve your informal study. It will enhance your specified understanding. It will give you deep knowledge of your department.

And it’s all you require for your success.

You’re required to learn thoroughly the core and crux of your aimed target.

Education refines your thoughts and brightens your personality.

Francis Bacon says that reading makes a ready man.

So we can say that education plays a vital role in your success.

Either it is formal or informal education. It affects your personality. It modifies your dealings. It sharpens your insight. It glorifies your behavior towards your aims and objective. And thus it reshapes your whole life.

After this discussion, I’ll give you a sincere piece of advice. You must gain a degree in your related field.

If you lack the resources you can have an informal study on that topic.

You may read the experience of the people of that specific field. You can search on the internet.

You should acquire all the related knowledge. It will improve your confidence and enhance your mental capacity.

Nowadays the knowledge is available at the touch of your fingers. You must gain the best of it.

2. Natural ability

When you gain as much knowledge about your field as you could; the next to it is your ability to utilize the knowledge.

The ability to implement the ideas that you developed through study.

The ability to work on the task you have decided for yourself. Your ability is another important success factor which necessarily leads you towards your desired destiny.

Human beings have a natural gift of abilities. They just require to be polished.

You just need stamina and will power to improve them according to the demand of time.

According to Jim Kwik, abilities are not god gifted. They could be developed in any person on earth.

It means that everyone can do anything.

No ability could be specified for someone. Its only practice and keenness that improve your certain ability.

Its perfection depends upon how frequently you use your ability.

Our natural interest and our tendency also help us a lot to polish our ability.

Success is actually the name of finding out your own ability and be the best version of it.

Qasim Ali Shah mentions that the persons who don’t adopt fields for which they have natural ability and tendency, couldn’t succeed.

For example, if you were a writer and became a businessman, you may make money but could not get inner satisfaction which is actually the success. You will definitely regret at the end of life.

3. Skills

After finding out your inner ability for a specific job, next is your skill.

Ability means you can perform a task. And skill means how beautifully you perform the task.

It’s the mastery of your field.

You should learn all the aspects of your job and have command on them. You should have a strong grip on your task and all relevant facts and figures should be on your fingertips to perform it.

Your skill will save you time and budget. It will save you energy. Your skill keeps you on the right track.

If you lack it you can easily be misled.

4. Creativity

When you’re able and skilled; the next factor that guarantees your success is your creativity.

It means how you implement new ideas and new images to your work.

It also gives you the strength to overcome the difficulties.

Your creativity can help you to prepare a plan B if your plan A fails. It helps you to take a decision in the dilemma and to face any emergency situation without letting down your plans.

Definitely, there will be some hurdles in the way to achievement. But you should be creative enough to create another path. In this way, you can get rid of issues without losing your temperament.

This creativity is always the product of your knowledge and skill.

5. Money

Money is also an essential success factor which we can be described by two examples.

Suppose you are jobless and waiting for your favourite job opportunity. If you don’t have money to manage your daily expenses during joblessness, you will agree to sacrifice your dream and will try to avail any other available opportunity.

Similarly, if you want to start a business and you don’t have enough money then you can’t run it.

Because there may be ups and downs in your business.

And in the starting, your business might not give you profit. You can’t make money in the early years.

So you may need more investment in your business.

If you don’t have money to invest, you will face failure.

Dan Lok suggests people that if they don’t have money to run a business for months then they even shouldn’t start it. You should make it first.

Because money is a success factor behind any business.

It will give you the confidence to take any kind of risk.

6. Risk-taking

From the studies of successful people, it’s clear that successful people are bold enough to take risks.

Taking risks doesn’t mean that they want to face the critical consequences of their steps.

But with the help of their creativity, they can handle any problem to gain more benefits.

Although they may face failures; yet from these failures, they learn the extraordinary things.

These exposures make them unique and prominent among people.

7. Modesty

This success factor is actually a secret that no other person might tell you.

But it’s a fact that modesty is a part of successful people’s lives.

Due to modesty, you believe that no one is perfect so you’re not too.

Modesty makes you realize your ignorance and shortcomings. You learn from your mistakes if you are modest.

Otherwise, you will blame others for your failures and will never judge yourself critically.

Modesty increases your thirst for learning and makes you agree to learn from anywhere.

It will not allow you to be arrogant and thus you will build strong relations.

8. Public relation

It means how many people do you know in your field?

Because this success factor will decide how much quicker you’re gonna your little jobs done.

Those who have a big social network and contacts, face fewer difficulties to get their tasks completed.

You can build your contacts by giving value to others and creating ease for others.

The best amongst you is the one who is more useful for others. – Muhammad PBUH

I strongly believe that whoever you meet in your life is definitely gonna help you somewhere.

So helping others and getting help from others is an extra quality of a successful person.

Being useful is a success factor that will create ease in your life to achieve your goals.

9. Reliable Character

The best amongst you is the one with the best character. – Muhammad PBUH

If you actually have a strong character, professional behavior, and honesty, you will certainly touch the tops of success.

Your aim should be to serve humanity rather than to make money.

Definitely, this success factor is gonna help you a lot.

It’s noticed that successful people are always honest and professional; with their profession as well as with their people.

Corrupt people may be millionaire or billionaire but having money doesn’t mean success. But being successful in life means that people start valuing what you actually are.

And this only happens when you possess a reliable character.

It’s a key factor to success.

10. Consistency

It actually makes a vivid difference between a successful and a loser.

You might have observed a person consistently trying to achieve a goal- regardless of the circumstances and the predictions of others.

Maybe at that time, nothing was in his favor but he did not stop striving.

It’s very possible that he is going to achieve his goals one day.

This success factor is actually a passion that shows your love towards your goal. If you don’t love your dreams, you will earlier or later, leave the struggle to achieve them.

11. Hard work

Consistency forces you to work hard, work more and more.

I have said too many times that success is not a miracle that will change your life completely.

No one gets ever succeeded by chance (if don’t consider wealth as an accomplishment). But to succeed in life hard work is required.

If you believe to succeed in life without hard work then you should change your approach because no one can get success without hard work.

12. Health

You should keep in mind that success is not an emotional decision.

It demands high endurance. Because hastiness will yield depression.

As depression is the root of all diseases so it will ruin your health.

Your health plays a vital role in succeeding in life. If you’re not well; you are sick, you can neither be focused nor motivated.

That’s why successful people take care of their health. They take exercise daily and go for hygienic foods only.

12. Meditation

You can now believe that health has great importance in your accomplishments.

It’s not only physical but your soul should also be fit.

Because if you’re not good at your soul, you can’t differentiate between right and wrong.

You can’t read people faces; hence you won’t be a lovable person.

That’s why successful people start their day with meditation that’s the food of the soul.

13. Leadership

Leadership is another factor that makes you shine like a bright star on the horizon of success. If you are a leader in yourself, no one can stop you to succeed in life.

You should have the courage to be the first to take any step. You must be a trendsetter.

You have to be strong enough to bear the criticism of your competitors and of your foes.

You should have pace setting quality.

Your leadership quality will make you initiate new techniques and strategies.

It’s an understood fact that the leaders are always known as successful. So try to be a leader, not a follower.

14. Time management

Things that matter most must never be at the mercy of the things which matter least. – Goeth

Time management is a factor that can help you understand the value of time. That will increase your stamina to work and hence your outputs.

Time management will also help you understand the philosophy of prior management.

You will sooner realise that you should give time to things according to their value.

You won’t agree to waste time and will strive with more efforts to utilise the maximum capacity of your time.

With time management, you will find enough time for your own self, and your friend and family.

15. Patience

Do you believe patience as a success factor?

Yes, it is.

If you ever find the time, make a list of those who couldn’t accomplish their goals. You will sooner come to know that there are too many people who didn’t succeed because they dreamed to get rich overnight.

And it never happens.

Everything has its own time of completion. So how can dreams come true overnight?

You should put the factor of patience in your lifestyle that will at least vanish your most of the issues in a while.

16. Vision

To be successful you must be visionary.

You must have a clear and vivid vision of life. The base of your aim always lies on the ground of your vision.

If you have a sound vision, you obviously set your aim and objectives very easily. And thus the process of your success gets accelerated.

It’s often seen that the people having no vision, spend an ordinary life.

In fact, it’s the wastage of the life which is a prestigious and precious gift of our creator for us.

17. Think hard before taking actions

Gentlemen have a greater acquaintance that your decisions make your destiny.

You may be appreciated or may face the aftereffects of your actions.

It’s your moment of decision that your destiny is shaped. – Tony Robbins

That’s why you think a thousand times before taking an action that what will be consequences of the decisions one is going to make.

Your wrong decisions may ruin you struggle.

18. Farsightedness and deep observation

These are also very important factors for success.

If you can observe all the matters very deeply and think very carefully and farsightedly, taking in mind all the related aspects, no one can compete you easily.

These qualities render you many plus points.

Like you can preplan many of possible issues. You can’t be dodged. You can change your strategy according to the probabilities. You can judge people and sort out your good wishes.

Your decisions will be more reliable and durable if you think deeply and farsightedly.

19. Decision power

To be or not to be; that is the question. – Shakespeare

Many great warriors and high profiled people are great just because of there time decisions.

And many people are a loser just because they couldn’t take the right decision at right time.

Your decision power can make your life or can cause your death. So it’s a core factor that makes you successful.

20. Optimism

It’s one of the most important ones of success factors.

Let me explain the reason.

Maybe you already know our imaginations have a big control over our lives. So that medicines don’t work if you don’t believe in recovery.

Drugs are not always necessary, [but] believe in recovery always is. – Orman Cousins

It means whatever you imagine, your mind finds the reasons to prove it.

So if you’re afraid of failure or even has an option of failure it means you actually failed to achieve it.

I’m not discouraged, because every attempt discarded is another step forward. – Thomas Edison

When you have the other business idea in mind, means if A didn’t work then I would go for the B.

It means you are not committed and will face failure.

That’s why successful people are always optimistic. They have a strong belief in their goals that make them optimistic.

If you believe in yourself you will be sure that you are going to make it happen; it will make you optimistic.

Final thoughts

Every successful person, from whatever the department he is, has to apply these factors that guarantee their accomplishments.

These factors will certainly make people successful.

I definitely want to know how many of the success factors you have in your life?

How many you don’t have and what success factors you really want to adopt after reading this article?

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