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How To Achieve Life Goals (The Steps That Really Work)


Reading any of my previous articles will make you realize how frequently I emphasized on having life goals and achieving one’s own unique life goals.

I have had discussed the procedure to find out one’s life goal.

And here, let us discover the secret of how could one achieve his specific life goal.

Importance of achieving one’s life goal:

It’s my personal opinion that everyone should be successful in life.

So you have to achieve your goals of life to live successfully. It will give a direction to your life. It provides a line of action for you and owes a meaning to your life.

This meaningful life, in other words, is called a successful life.

How can one achieve a life goal?

I strongly believe that, at least, in this era, having a successful life and achieving life goals isn’t a big deal; even for something like an MBA in Accounting.

You can achieve life goals if you have little sense of how to achieve your life goals.

Believe me, it’s not a difficult job; it’s a simple track to follow. It’s a fact that we have a lot of opportunities and we can accomplish any goal, we set for our selves. Trust me I’m not kidding.

Either you want to make huge money, or wanna some online business, or you have any other big dream, yes you definitely can. You just need to follow few simple steps to be successful in your life.

I have experienced a few simpler steps to achieve any life goals that will literally change your approach and perceptions.

I have already discussed the key steps in success in one of my previous articles. Just follow and live a successful life according to your dreams.

Develop a positive approach; think Big:

Also, I have experienced some of the biggest mistakes of a life that will always strive to push you back. And the most important thing is that all of these are our own internal vapourous thoughts or misconceptions.

I also felt that most of the people never ever think big or beyond their own average boundaries.

It’s our belief system that creates hurdles in our life and doesn’t let us go beyond our own limitations.

Anthony Robbins has said in his book “Awaken the giant within” that whatever we do under our own belief system. We are limited to our belief system; we follow that system for our whole life. And this belief system gets stronger with life; as we grow older as it gets rigid.

I have felt that it’s harder to change the belief system as it becomes rigid with time. Probably, you can’t teach the old dog new tricks. But I don’t believe that the believe system can’t be changed. It can be if the person is willing to change it himself. We can’t force a new system to any person unless he is interested in his own.

I believe that as we follow our belief system, we use to love it. And whatever we believe we get a lot of pillars that help our belief system stand – longer, harder and stronger. As the system gets stronger, we don’t want to doubt it, we don’t want to change it anymore.

There are two main reasons that I think, people love this rigidity.

  • The first reason is that a common man is always looking for a stable and simpler life. That’s why he is always looking for much harder rules to follow.
  • The other reason is that a common man is not curious about new things. That’s why he doesn’t want to doubt the previous ones.

While talking about the belief system, we have a big example of a religious system. We see that normal people only see their own belief system as the right one. They don’t wanna question their system.

This rule is applicable in routine life as well.

It’s fact that whatever we do we do under our own belief system. So the beliefs set our possibilities and impossibilities.

For example, the things that you believe you can’t do in your life, you have seen those impossibilities in others lives.

Especially, the meters in which you see people getting failed a couple of times, we consider the matters as impossibilities.

As it was believed according to vital force theory that organic compounds can’t be synthesized in laboratories, until someone manufactured it by chance, no one could succeed synthesizing the organic compounds in laboratories.

We can have a lot of examples, by which we come to know that whatever we believe as impossibilities are restrictions of our belief system.

So all we need is to develop a positive approach. An approach from “impossible” to “certainly it could be“. It will provide you with the required energy to chase your goal.

Choose the right track:

Research shows that about 92 percent of the people who dream can never get their goals and 50 percent of them were those who had no courage to work on their goals and the rest of the people did not have the right track.

Suppose you’re trying to make some money online, but you couldn’t succeed. You just failed and wasted your time. You will believe that it’s wastage of time or money to invest online.

After that, if someday you met people who had established their business online, and you found that you were not working the right way. You will realize that through a lack of knowledge you have not made that right choices in-order to be successful, seeking the advice of a financial advisor Perth on how to invest and use you money is a good start to overcome this.

Same is the case with most people.

I strongly believe that it’s another mistake we make that not let us be successful and achieving life goals. We don’t choose the appropriate ways and means.

And if we aren’t on the right track, how can we reach our destination?

So, in short, if you believe in your dreams and find the right way then it’s simply easier to achieve any of your life goals.

Focus on your goal:

When you find your own unique life goal, just focus on it. Your focus has a huge impact on your achievements. The better the focus the better the performance.

It’s a fact that all of the dreams you have aren’t your life goals. They can be temporary inspirations and most probably distractions.

So it’s necessary to find out what exactly your life goal is and then remain stick to it devotedly. Your pertinent efforts and steadily devotion will pave your ways to success.

So, it’s necessary to focus on your goal to be successful in life.

If we look at my exposures, I can assure you that as you will find your life goals and the way that can lead you to your destination, you will start watching yourself as successful in the near future.

Let’s examine an example, you know there are too many students who graduate every year. Are all of them satisfied and successful?

No, not all of them.

But the students who enumerate their destination to be a doctor or any other specific field, how many of them are unsuccessful?

Probably very few.

Both of the categories were studying and graduating, but the one who had predetermined their destination and converged their energies to achieve their targets, it was satisfying at the end and mostly from the other category got nothing but disappointment.

Visualize your goals:

So, now hopefully, you’re able to question yourself what exactly do you want from your life. If you have answered the question, now, can you visualize your dream?

Visualizing simply certifies that your belief system accepts your goals. Your goals are at least realistic to you.

Suppose, you have a dream to make a million dollars from your business, can you visualize your dream to be realistic? Can you achieve your goal?

If it’s yes, then it’s clear that you have at least guts to accomplish your dream.

And if you doubt yourself that maybe you will or maybe you won’t, then you’re sticking yourself from the zero points. That will bring you back or at least will make your way clear to give yourself an excuse and go back.

In the end, you will clear yourself with a strong excuse but the excuses have no value in successful people.

Search out Your potentials:

It’s essential to ask whatever you want to do, how will you do it? Do you have the related skills and required abilities to do that? Do you know how others became successful in your field?

For example, if you want to run a business, you can raise some questions to search out your potential.

  • Do you have necessities of your business?
  • Do you have the exact amount of money required?
  • Do you have experts in the field?
  • Did you find the right location?
  • How will you make your products better from others?
  • How will you build loyal customers?

If you can answer the questions, then it’s time to start your journey. Otherwise, make yourself ready for failures.

Choose an appropriate time for action:

I have seen too many people who gave up because they got disappointed too early. They didn’t have an idea of the time required.

It’s also essential to let things happen on time.

You shouldn’t be in a hurry to make things happen. None of the rules of nature will change for you. You have to wait for your turn.

For example, you have started a website and you want to get organic traffic to your blog.

You are doing SEO of your website, it will definitely take months to years to get some handsome traffic to your website.

There is no magic to real achievements.

So, you have to wait for the right time. Otherwise, you will get disappointed and will leave your goal unachieved.

Set small goals to your dream:

Its always time taking to attain the final destiny. To keep yourself motivated and passionate, you must set short goals.

It’s inevitable to turn your life goal into small achievable doable goals. And make each of the steps time-bound.

For example, you have a goal to lose 20 pounds in weight. You should turn your goal into 20 steps having each one pound. You should acquaint with the time when you will lose your first pound. So the others will follow.

The first major reason to turn your goal into pieces is that it will become the source of your internal motivations.

Definitely, all of us need the motivation to be strong to accomplish goals, and the motivation that we get from achievements is matchless.

As you see yourself achieving your small goals and coming near to your life goals, you feel complete each day.

Make your goals realistic and measurable:

All of the dreams we have, all of them have reasons. We dream to feel fulfilled and satisfied.

As I dream for my own fulfillment, so you do for yours. And if you really want to feel fulfilled you should keep your dreams measurable.

For example, you might have a dream to be rich. So, you want to make money somehow. The important question to the dream is how much?

Apparently, there is nothing valuable in deciding the exact amount of your dream, but it has great significance in achieving your goals.

People feel more confident if they have realistic and measurable dreams. If you don’t set the exact amount you wanna make, you will not get the fulfillment for which you are struggling.

As you will get the money you will think of more and that more will never end.

So, it’s better to make your dreams measurable so that you would feel confident to achieve your life goals.

Final Thoughts:

Through the above discussion; I am sure you will find the secrets to achieve your life goals.

It’s always hard to achieve something valuable. Yet adopting the qualities can make you achieve it somewhat easily.

I opine that if you find your own unique goal that you can visualize and is measurable, and you’re passionate to struggle for the dream, its the only way to achieve your life goals and be satisfied at the end.

I hope you will share the way how did you get your life goal and what secrets you found in the way of your struggle?