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6 Simple Steps To Become Famous On YouTube

6 Simple Steps To Become Famous On YouTube

It’s a modern era, now people can become famous all over the world. No matter where do you live and what do you do. If you want to become famous on YouTube then you just need a smartphone, and an internet connection and some accurate information about becoming famous.

I’m sure you must have a smartphone and an internet connection – now you just need to know how to become famous on YouTube or to become famous on Instagram so that you could become famous all over the world.

Now a question may arouse in the mind that when each and every information is available on the internet for everyone then why not everyone becomes successful? Let’s say someone had a wish to become a YouTube celebrity than why someone won’t become a celebrity?

The answer is simple, those who have information but don’t have a mentor don’t succeed in their lives. So I will try to tell you everything that you may need to learn while you’re trying to be famous on YouTube.

Here are the steps you need to follow to become famous on Youtube.

Step #1. Find your natural talent

Although it may come in the mind that when someone wants to become famous on Youtube why it’s important to find the talent? Can’t someone become famous without talent?

Surely its possible to become famous without a talent but that success is temporary so it’s the most important step to achieve anything in life. People love you because of your expertise and if you don’t know your expertise then you can simply find your passion and purpose in life because it’s the thing with whom people will recognize you.

You see that people are famous with some talent, they can be coach, artist, humourous or something else. But every successful person has some talent. Even if you think that you have some information to share with people, and you can guide them, surely you can make informational videos.

Step #2. Be and stay specific

It’s also the other important step to become famous. You should be specific about your channel. If you want to introduce yourself as a singer, then you shouldn’t start coaching people on the same channel.

So it’s important to set goals about your channel. In which field you want to become famous and how much time will you spend on it. How many videos will you create? And how will you interact with your audience? Everything should be clear if you’re serious about your channel.

Step #3. Create quality videos

It’s possible that you see some people who have thousands of video views (even it can be million+) but still you didn’t like the video. And there is someone who’s videos are lovable and have millions of views.

Whom would you prefer to follow? And why the first one got so many views?

Actually, youtube is a search engine now. People want to extract knowledge and that’s why if someone has accurate information then people will listen to him even the video wasn’t attractive. I have found too many such videos available on YouTube.

On the other hand, there are people who are making attractive videos and they have accurate data, those become famous on YouTube. More and more people love to follow them.

What did you learn to from this example?

If you want to become famous on YouTube, then surely, you should be careful about the quality of the video and the accuracy of the information (if applicable).

If you have a vlog for making parodies then surely you’re only asked to provide to an attractive video but not information.

It may come in your mind that, as I’m not an expert in making videos or I’m not good at video editing.

What should I do?

If this is so then you can either hire someone to make videos for you or you can learn video editing and start making videos. If you learn on your own don’t worry too much about the video quality because if you will wait until you make a perfect video – you won’t even start it.

I have noticed that funny videos go viral sooner. So you can try them in your own niche.

Step #4. Be active

Becoming famous on youtube is not so much easy now. The trend has changed now. Even celebrities have to respond to their fans. People don’t like dead accounts. You need to become be active if you want to get fame. That’s why becoming active is one of the key steps to success.

Step #5. Be consistent

Consistency is the secret of success. If you’re not consistent then you will become famous nowhere. Even YouTube likes consistent accounts. If you’re uploading videos with consistency and your videos are optimized then surely youtube will start ranking your videos sooner.

Step #6. YouTube SEO

It’s not just about making videos and uploading them on YouTube. There is something else that you should keep in mind about a YouTube video editor. That’s YouTube SEO.

In video SEO you optimize your videos so that your videos start appearing in YouTube search results. I strongly recommend to learn it somewhere on YouTube or read a guide for it. Although here are some basic points that you should keep in mind.

#1. Keyword research

It’s the most important step in SEO. You should be clear about your keywords on which you will work. Because you’re gonna use them everywhere in the video SEO.

#2. Optimize channel

Your Channel is the place where your videos will be available. So it’s essential to optimize your channel. If you’re not a brand then you should give your channel a name relevant to your niche. And add a welcoming video on the channel so that you could convince people to subscribe to your channel.

#3. Video name

As you make a video. And you name it as “VID-123.mp4” no one will get the idea what is this about. But you replace with the keyword on which the whole video is based on, it will become easier for everyone to guess what in the video will be.

So is the case with search engines. It’s far better to add your keyword in the video name.

#4. YouTube title

While uploading a video on YouTube, first of all, you give it a unique title. Try to use the keyword at the beginning of the title. Its also recommended keeping the title of 5-6 words long. Although you can keep it up to 60 characters (so that they could also appear in other search engines as well. Google shows only 60 characters).

#5. YouTube description

It’s recommended to add a transcript of your video in the description. Also, use your keyword with keyword density as 1-2%.

Its also recommended using the keyword in the video so that search engines will get an idea of what is this all about but if it’s not possible for your niche then it’s fine. Maybe, you’re making funny videos then you may not need it that much.

#6. YouTube tags

It’s also important to use relevant tags for your video. You can use the VidIQ app for this purpose.

#7. Share YouTube videos

Neil Patel has researched that the first 48 hours of your video are important. If you get more views in the first 48 hours then the chances are higher to rank in YouTube search results. So share it with your people as much as you can.

#8. Get data about your audience

When your videos are public you will get data about the videos. You should try to notice what kind of videos have good responses and from where most of the audience is?

Because after knowing the region of your audience, you will sooner get when they are on YouTube most of the times. This time will be your ideal time to publish your videos. Because you will get more views as you publish it and hence more chances to rank.

All of these steps we discussed are essential steps to becoming famous on YouTube. If you follow them appropriately then surely you will see the results on your own.