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11 Guaranteed Steps To Success (Achieve Anything in Life)

11 Guaranteed Steps To Success (Achieve Anything in Life)

Are you really interested in the proven key steps to success that can help you be successful in your life or merely looking for a shortcut that will make you successful?

I have observed too many people, looking for a Christlike who will change their lives and make them successful; but it never happens! The key steps to success are essential to be successful in life.

Success is not a lottery; one gets by chance. It’s not an accident which one ever met. Although luck matters a lot, yet success is a continuous process of following a specific pattern of life. It’s a planned struggle – a scheduled keenness and a step by step struggle to achieve success in life. There are some success factors that can really change fate.

Otherwise, whoever misgoes from the way, and ponder himself as “successful” and needing no more effort; his journey to success stops at the very moment.

It’s an admitted fact that either the goals are situational like getting the desired job, buy a luxurious car, to learn skill et cetera or your life goal, there are some essential steps to be followed to achieve them.

Before we talk about the essential steps taken – that is key to success; first, we should understand what is success.

We have already had a long debate on success and we summarized the discussion with an agreement that success is the achievement of the goals and the dreams that satisfy your inner self.

Permanent satisfaction not temporary.

We should also understand the difference between temporary satisfaction and a permanent – real satisfaction to reach the ladder which leads one to the utopia of a successful life.

Temporary satisfaction is like drugs or sex; it has temporary control over you – for a few minutes to hours. After that when you’re clearheaded you may regret or may become inoffensive.

It means this satisfaction can temporarily make you mad; you may be languishing for having no control over yourself and when you are straight, you find yourself no more passionate about the matter.

All of the successes of this kind can’t be your dreams. It means not every success can make you successful.

So, you must understand whether for the dream you wanna work hard to achieve, is it actually the dream for which you never lose your passion or never regret? Your each and every step to success will complete your soul?

This secret to success will never make you regret in your life.

11 Key Steps to Success

You should follow all of the following essential key steps to success to acquaint with your own dream to be successful in life. The following key steps to success are actually the tips to be successful in life.

In the following key steps, we will strive to find out the life goals and the dreams that will satisfy your inner self – and learn to achieve any kind of life goals.

Step #1. Find your own goals to achieve them.

It’s often seen that we believe some of the consciences as our dreams; which actually are just temporary inspirations.

For example, a person who joined the police or military is living a peaceful life, in our opinion; we fantasize about his job.

We found a guy who had done his graduation in information technology and he got the job just after completing his degree; we get inspired by his department and follow his way.

We met a person who is successfully running a blog or a website, and making millions of dollars from the blog; we get inspired and find his way.

Tony Robbins has said, everything you do, you do for a reason. But still, all of these inspirations are actually not your dreams. These are temporary ebulliences which change over time.

Maybe, by following these successful people you dream to live a peaceful life, nothing else.

If this is so, then you cant live an extraordinary life. Extraordinary people always be the best versions of themselves.

I believe, everyone has a dream; to which he may not be familiar.

All other dreams we have, are the results of the ups and downs of our life or some kind of inspiration. Such dreams die with time.

In fact, this kind of dreams are distractions, which keep us far away from the dream that can satisfy our inner self. That’s why we never find peace and satisfaction. We always believe that there is a good time which will make us happy and that time never comes because we didn’t choose the right way.

So, it’s necessary to know what actually you want from yourself; what actually you dream for, you can say, what actually life wants from you.

The people who come to know the real meaning and wants of their lives and follow the steps which we are gonna discuss here are always successful in their lives; whether how hard it is for the time.

Muniba Mazari, who met a severe accident – was paralyzed for life – went to bed-rest for years, started looking for the reason for which she was just alive. When she realized the truth of her life, she – sitting on the wheelchair – changed the lives of millions and was declared as the most effective personalities by Forbes; and she is continuously working hard on her dream.

In the fastest running life, a common person, who doesn’t have much time to access inner self, finds it too much harder to acquaint what actually the dream is.

It demands an impartial attitude that can criticize ourselves to access the actual dream; which after analyzing and examining can truly tell us what actually we dream for. And how many goals – we are hauling – are just a wastage of time and energies.

Come with me, in the first step to success, let’s access your inner self to find out the dreams and the goals you are looking for. It’s my kind suggestion to keep a paper and a pencil with you to proceed with.

Now write down all of the dreams you ever dreamed, there might be a big list on the paper. There would be a few dreams on which you never worked, never wished to achieve. There might be some dreams that are least fascinating when they come true.

For example, you might ever dream to be a pilot but never struggled to be a pilot. You never found the appropriate way to be a pilot. You never tried to find that way in which your dream will come true.

All of the dreams of this kind are not the dreams you dreamed of your own. But all of the dreams are a result of the people who inspired you at that time.

Draw a big cross on the dreams you now find a temporary inspiration.

Now, your list would be so much organized that you can make a better decision about your dreams. Analyze and examine your remaining list of dreams. Question the dreams!

This means if the dream is to have a big house or a luxury car or becoming rich then it may or may not be your dreams. It may be to inspire others.

As I already told you to adopt a critical and just attitude that can help you face any terrible situation. In fact, all of us acquaint our inner selves in the unconscious or subconscious but the thing is to accept that reality with our conscious.

We usually keep our eyes closed by self-created helplessness. We satisfy ourselves with an illusion of self-created helplessness. Come and face your reality which leads to permanent self-satisfaction.

Remove all the dreams from your list that were just to inspire others.

Now there may be very few or a single dream that can satisfy your inner self and become your dream that you can achieve to be successful in your life.

If still, the list has more than one dream and you believe to achieve all of the dreams then you may have two possible ways to work on. You should learn all of the relevant skills; skills always develop your personalities, you should have many more.

You can easily check out which skill will actually satisfy you; its one of them which keeps you amused all the time. There must be only one dream.

If you still have confusion then it’s not difficult to choose one field – one dream. You should choose the one which you have done a lot. Because repetition develops excellence.

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit. – Aristotle

It’s no more difficult to decide what actually you dream for.

Step #2. Focus on success.

If you have not found the dream which you can chase and pursuit for life then I am sorry to say that you won’t achieve anything from the remaining key steps.

You may dream to become at last the richest person on the earth but stick to a single one and it”s the second key step to your success.

One of my dear friends told me that he has a number of dreams – he wants to accomplish; I want to become a good writer and musician and successful entrepreneur. I said all of these are not dreams but distractions. That won’t allow you to accomplish your dream. You should focus on any of these and achieve that one, after that you can decide to go for another one or not.

It’s fact that a successful person doesn’t want to be a jack of all trades and master of none! The person only looks for a single dream, master only one skill – that will amuse him/her.

So it’s essential to decide only one life goal of the dream, and restoring yourself for that dream. You won’t be successful if you make it optional.

You would have to focus on the one life goal.

There can be too many wishes that you have to strangle in order to focus and achieve your goal.

Step #3. Visualize and plan.

Willpower by itself is not enough. If we want to achieve lasting change, we must have an effective strategy. – Tony Robbins

After completing this abstruse journey, now you need to know whatever you want to do, how you will do?

Did you visualize it and made a plan for it? Because Brain Tracy in the book “Eat That Frog” has said,

Every minute you spend in planning saves 10 minutes in execution; this gives you a 1,000 percent Return on Energy!”

― Brian Tracy

If you didn’t then now it’s a good time to visualize and prepare a plan that will assist you in achieving your mini-goals or life goals, it’s one of the most important steps to success.

For example, if a lady wants to lose her weight to live a healthy life; she needs to plan it appropriately.

She may need to plan like this one;

  • How much over is she?
  • How many calories is she taking?
  • How many calories is she consuming?
  • How much she wanna lose in the decided days?
  • How many calories will she intake?
  • How many workouts will she require?
  • Which diet plan will she follow?

Is the plan applicable in her circumstances? She must visualize it.

This kind of plan will elaborate on the ground realities of your dreams. You will come to know either your dream is really achievable for you with the mindset you have or not?

Step #4. Unlearn what you have already learned.

While following the steps to success you must remember that it’s the biggest hurdle that may stop you from becoming successful.

If you see something isn’t working, either in your relationships or business or whatever goal you want to achieve – it means you shouldn’t follow the pattern that you’re already following.

You should start improving yourself with unlearning the already learned.

If you will keep following what you were already doing you will get the results that you’re already getting.

Step #5. Find a mentor to guide you

We make mistakes and we learn from it. That’s life. You will find no one who doesn’t make mistakes so you can’t imagine not making on your own.

What if it’s about the success of your business and you have invested thousands of dollars or hundreds that you could afford? If all vanished for just a single mistake? Won’t it cost too much? Surely, it will.

So what you should do in such a situation? Definitely, you should have a mentor who tells you what you should do and what you shouldn’t so that you could lower the risk of making mistakes.

That’s why I find it one of the most important steps to success. A guide helps you avoid obstacles that don’t let you succeed.

Step #6. Learn and master the skill.

For successful people, learning is a blessing. They feel empty and want to get filled. They are always passionate to learn more and more things.

Successful people are habitually curious and explore the world more than anyone else. Successful people, whatever they wish to do, they learn first and strive for self-improvements in the fields because they do believe that there is always space for improvements

On the other hand, for unsuccessful people, learning is a tough job. They don’t want to survive or struggle for their dreams and they are habitually looking for shortcuts and lotteries.

They always wait for a Christlike who will settle down their problems and will make them successful. They don’t want to learn and explore on their own but they wait for a magical hug that will master and train their souls and minds, and it never happens.

Once it was asked by Bill Gates; if you get a chance to learn an ability which ability would you chose? He replied I would like to have an ability to learn faster.

I have observed in my life, the main reason for unsuccessful people to be unsuccessful in their lives is not to learn and master their field.

I usually find too many people who actually want to make money online from skills and business. I, straight up, make them believe that until you will not learn an online skill, you won’t make a penny. Until then, you will be used by grifters in online surveys and data entry jobs; you will get tired and a disappointment will make you leave.

Suppose you want to launch a company and you have never ever worked in a company like that, you don’t know the ups and downs of that kind of company, you are not a good manager, do you think you can run that company?

No, you can’t.

You can’t even run a simple blog successfully until you don’t know how to run it; what will be a category, what shall be your marketing techniques, what your competitors are doing, and what not; what new things you shall introduce to make your audience permanent subscribers?

All of these should be written and planned before launching a business. Otherwise, it will be a waste of time and energy.

And if you start achieving your life goals without learning and mastering relevant skills, you will definitely make mistakes, you might learn from your own mistakes and set new rules for improvements. But isn’t it good to learn from other’s mistakes?

It will save your time and energy.

Step #7. Implement your own ideas.

You might get surprised to know that 90 percent of people fail in their businesses they want to do. And 50 percent of them never ever try their own ideas, they never find the courage to implement their ideas.

Getting so much courage to start a business is not as hard as most people think.

If you can estimate the maximum loss of your business and you can find it affordable for the sake of your dreams, you should chase your goals and you can actually achieve your dreams.

Because successful people always have the end in the mind and they always have a plan B rather giving up.

If you want to achieve your goals and dreams, you should trust yourself; you should gather courage enough to implement your ideas and make it happen.

Step #8. Turn your success into short steps.

Apparently, all of the key steps to success that can make you successful are completed. But it’s not over yet.

In the achievement of any kind of goal, appreciation and encouragement play a vigil role. We always love to be appreciated and encouraged by the fruitfulness of our efforts.

In your journey to success, it’s necessary to set short and SMART goals towards your life goals or dreams.

These short goals will benefit you in two ways:

  • First, you will come to know either you are taking the right steps towards your life goals.
  • Secondly, Every time when you achieve your short goal, it will be an appreciation, it will be encouraging.

For example, If you want to become a good short story writer. Definitely, you can’t be a good one at once.

You should be a master in creating characters. Find characters around you and write down them on paper. As it’s an easy job to do and an essential one, this key step will enhance your self-confidence.

Step #9. Be consistent.

As I told you in the beginning, success is the result of your quality to stick in a specific way with determination.

If you assume yourself to be successful within six months or a year; it’s just a caprice. To be successful in life, you will need to be patient.

Nothing changes at once. It may take months to years to set the things according to your will.

It’s possible that the track you choose is abstruse; you can make mistakes, may become a loser at a time. But if you trust yourself you will definitely find a way to be successful in life.

Step #10. Never give up.

If you have ever read biographies of successful people, “Never Give Up” by Donald Trump, you will get motivation for success, you will realize that famous successful people always learn from mistakes, and are inspired by their choiceness.

All of them face failures, but they never get disappointed, they never quit.

  • If Mr Honda gave up on his second or third failure then he could never know what he can achieve.
  • If Thomas Addison got disappointed in his hundreds of tries, he could never make a bulb.

If you, today or later on, will quit, you will never realize that you can achieve what you dream for.

Step # 11. Invest In Yourself: (Make yourself Precious)

It’s a fact that Tony Robbins changed my life. He is one of the best life coaches in history! And luckily we are in his era. We can learn from him directly.

I was living an ordinary life and he turned my life by 180. I was also of the opinion that what a book, a cassette, or a program can do? But after reading his first book, “Awaken The Giant Within” I read many. After getting his pieces of training I met a new world.

I got a new way that helped me improve my vision, my lifestyle and I became passionate enough to make my dreams happen in my life.

This is what Robert T. Kiyosaki has told in “Rich Dad Poor Dad” and George S. Clason taught me in Richest Man in Babylon that a mentor can change your life.

So it’s far better to improve your knowledge by any means, read books, listen to cassettes, go for training, it will take time but you will find your way.

If you chose to go for a world’s best mentors Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi, Russell Brunson & a few others they can really bring vivid changes in your life.

Luckily, they are offering a life-change program, KBB Program that is changing the lives of millions, which is assisting people to make things happen, live a life of dreams.

If you want to save time and be successful quickly, then no doubt enrolling in this life-changing program will guide you, coach you, train you for a far better life than you can ever imagine for.

Final thoughts:

But it’s lucid fact that there is no hidden secret to success. Success is a step by step journey, doesn’t matter you are striving for a short goal, like to master a skill or to attain good professional progress or it may be the Aim of your life.

And as you strive for it, never quit, until you make it happen.

Give your best and expect the best return of your efforts.

Let me know if you have dreams for which you are passionate and What is your story?