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12 Easy Steps to Become Famous (It’s A Secret Formula)


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Guaranteed and easy to follow steps to become famous

One of the most asked questions is how to become famous?

In this modern age, it’s no big issue to get fame. But still many of us couldn’t succeed in becoming famous throughout life.

Why is this so?

Because most of them always try to find shortcuts, but they don’t follow the steps that make people famous, so let’s try to sort out the necessary steps that can make you well-known.

12 Practical (& guaranteed) Steps To Be Famous

Steps to become famous
The missing step is always the next!

First of all, you should decide where do you want to become famous?

It may be the fame within your family, your office, your college, your town, your country, or worldwide recognition.

This decision will help you to choose the field in which you want to prove yourself. It will help you to set your goals. It will make you comprehend how you could be famous in your target area.

For example, you’re looking for fame in a school or office. The strategy will be much different than to be popular all over the world.

As it’s a global world era, you can also be famous all over the world. But you will follow quite different steps in that case.

So, we will divide the answer into two significant sections, either to be famous in a limited audience, school, college, office, etc, or audience all around the world, on Youtube, Instagram, Bitlife, Twitter, Facebook, or TikTok, etc.

By the way, I have summarized all the discussion into two practical ways to get fame in the video. You must check it!

Get famous when your audience is limited:

How to become famous with limited audience

If you have a limited audience around you where you want to be well-reputed, for example, you want to become well-known in your school as a teenager, and your audience is your school or college fellows.

Maybe you want to become famous in a class, or your office so that you get a promotion or you want to be a famous doctor or a photographer. It’s also possible that you want to become a renowned journalist in your country and all like that. All of these have a limited audience.

Then you will require to adopt all of the characteristics that renowned people have.

Here are the steps that can make you famous in your college, office, or a specific area.

Find your natural talent

Natural talent makes you famous

If you don’t have any talent yet, you’re not a skilled person. Then you must be skillful first. Because in research it was found that people achieve more with natural talent.

You should find your passion and purpose in life that will help you find your unique talent.

Because if you aren’t a talented or not skillful person, then you can’t be unique, you won’t uniquely solve other’s problems, and so you won’t become well-known.

How to become famous without talent?

There is a way which makes you famous even without talent. That’s sharing your journey of doing something, whatever you do.

You might be a child and student of a school, or living in a foreign country to make a livelihood, or whatever you’re leading or doing, there is a story behind it. You can simply share your story as columns or videos, and it will make you famous.

Although the rest of the steps to be famous will be essential to follow.

Be an expert

Be expert to be famous

It’s too much essential to get applauded that you have too much expertise in your field.

If you are not an expert, then maybe you won’t get that much fame as others do because experts get more attention than an ordinary person.

If you want to become a famous doctor, then you should be an expert in a specific field that can help you to become famous.

If you are not an expert, it means you lack an ability that can assist you to be renowned.

One thing you should remember that you should never think that you’re done in your field.

If you believe so, you should change your mind.

Because if you don’t feel empty, you won’t be filled.

Be unique

Uniqueness gives you fame

It’s too important to have unique solutions to the problems of your field.

To understand it, just google one query that comes first into your mind, and you will get at least hundreds of the unique answers to the question. All of the bloggers and Vloggers have their own stories and life exposures, they are adding value to people’s lives in a unique way, they are unique to share their experiences and what makes them famous.

If you’re not unique, it means you have too many competitors around you. And if you are unique, it means you’re matchless, and no one other is your real competitor in your field.

You should not follow the formula that others are following. You should be a trendsetter in your field.

Be generous

Generosity makes you popular

It’s necessary to be generous if you’re looking for fame.

I’m not talking about artificial generosity but the true one.

If you start helping others without any greed or enticement, nature will start rewarding you. You will inevitably begin to getting fame in a couple of days.

People around you will start trusting you and hence will start to give you value that will make you famous.

Be famous on internet & social media overnight:

how to be famous on internet and social media infographics

While talking about becoming famous online, it’s not difficult these days. There are some guaranteed steps to become famous on the internet.

When it comes to becoming famous on the internet, you won’t require much time. Surely, you can become well-known in seconds, and you can call it overnight fame.

You can simply signup for any social media platform like Facebook, Twitter, Bitlife, Youtube, or Tiktok, follow the steps that make people famous, and you’re done.

Here the steps to become famous for YouTube and Instagram.

  1. 6 Simple Steps To Become Famous On YouTube
  2. 8 Practical Steps To Become Famous On Instagram

Even a single video can make you star on the internet.

If you’re creative enough to take a photo or video that can go viral, then its the shortest formula to be a star overnight.

Millions of people will be ready to follow you for the next.

Here are the steps that will make you famous on the internet & social media.

Be creative

Creativity=ultimate fame

I firmly believe that creativity is the most recognizable thing on the internet.

If you’re creative, it means you can rock the world.

As I have mentioned earlier, if you’re creative enough to make even a single video that can go viral, then you can be a star overnight on YouTube and social media.

For example, Jenna Marbles share her creative videos on YouTube, and she is one of the famous YouTubers. She gets millions of views on her videos.

She has over 19 million subscribers.

Too many people share their creative videos on YouTube and have millions of followers.

You can be one of creative influencers.

If you are creative enough to build an app that can create ease for others and solve their problems in minutes, you’re going to be well-known in the world in that field of life for which your app is useful.

For example, if you can build an app that keeps the people healthy and you’re unique in your field. People will start following you, and you will be famous.

Create viral videos

Try to get viral

If you want to be a superstar on social media or YouTube, then you will need to create viral videos.

You can use this guide by Neil Patel to create videos that can go viral.

People will share them on their own.

Some tactics can help you to create that kind of video. You can follow them to understand how you can create viral videos easily.

Be humorous

Be humorous

To create a funny video and make people laugh is great art in this frustrating era.

I think it’s a talent that famous people have.

You need creativity enough to entertain people and let them laugh.

It will help you to become famous on the internet.

Be learned

Be learned

To create videos about everyday matters and attitudes is also very evident nowadays.

People may seek guidance for routine matters and may follow you for your robust solutions and discussions.

All you need for this is the exact and thorough knowledge about such matters, for example, married life, athletic training of children, social behaviors, etc.

So you should work on your self-improvements as much you can.

Be skilled

Be skilled

You can also create videos about different skills.

For example, beauty makes up tutorials, stitching, cooking, household crafts, decoration with low-cost material, etc.

People mostly use such videos to learn skills without spending time and money on the courses.

It certainly helps a lot to get fame.

Be consistent

Be consistent

Another essential leading factor in becoming famous in any field of is life is being consistent. If you’re not consistent, then you can never be renowned.

Let’s say you’re trying to become famous on Youtube or interested to become famous on Instagram or other social media platforms; then, consistency is the key to success.

People don’t even like those celebrities who aren’t consistent on their social media platforms.

So how will you get fame if you’re not consistent? Even social media platforms also have some algorithms that love regular people. It’s one of the essential factors if you want to become famous in the field of life.

Always be active

Be active

No one likes lazy people. If you’re one of them, you’re not going to be famous.

If you notice, even famous people are trying to respond to audience messages and comments.

Dean Graziosi is responding each and every comment.

Famous personality Dean Graziosi Instagram Comments

Why is this so?

Because they have come to know that being active will make them well-reputed, and people will love to follow them.

If you have a plan to become famous on social media, then you should always become active. Try to respond to all the comments and messages, and if you can’t, then at least let the audience know why you’re not able to respond to them. It will help you get more fame.

Never give up

Never give up

Whenever it comes to achieving something, it’s one of the essentials not to give up.

I firmly believe that there is nothing impossible, and there is no shortcut to success. You may make a video, promote it on social media, and you become famous overnight. But who guarantees you that your video will go viral?

What if it didn’t work?

Will you quit? No, you shouldn’t. If it didn’t work this time, then it may work the next time. So you should never up trying.

Final thoughts

It’s a fact that most people search for how they can be famous in their fields, but not all of them be famous.

The reason is that honesty is the core quality to be successful.

So if you’re honest with your goal then definitely you can be famous in your field.

But, you will need to be creative, unique, and generous to your people. It’s a short cut to be famous.

Let me know what tactics are you using to be famous or if you are famous, how did you become popular?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

I have tried to tell the untold truth by answering these FAQs.

How can I become rich and famous?

You can get rich & become famous if you follow the right steps. The quickest way to get rich & become famous is to choose a specific niche, improve your expertise in that field & follow the footprints of the leading personalities in that field.

For example, you’re good at creating videos; then, you need to put all your efforts into creating likable videos.

To create likable videos, you should acquaint yourself with latest trends. Find mentors who are good at creating amazing videos and follow them.

How can I get famous in 5 minutes?

If you can create a fantastic video that will grab the attention of most of the users on the internet, then you can get famous in 5 minutes.

Just create a video, upload it to Youtube, Facebook, Twitter & other social media platforms, and promote it.

That’s the shortest formula to get fame.

What are the chances of being famous?

No one is born famous. Everyone earns fame. So you can. It means you have a 100% chance of being famous as all others have. You just need to work on it.

Barack Obama earned fame with his own efforts. He was the first African-American US president who worked hard to achieve unachievable.