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4 Steps For Finding Your Passion & Purpose In Life


Do you know all the successful people are clear about their life goals? In fact, it’s the main reason that most of the people are dissatisfied & never succeeded in their lives. It means finding your life objective can not only make you successful in life but also gives you an ultimate comfort.

Is that really so much difficult to find a goal & purpose in life? Because why majority of the people never met their lives objectives?


It’s not that much difficult to find your passion & purpose in life but the thing is, people never try it. Otherwise, whoever tries to find life purpose, they always meet their objectives.

At least I lay too much stress on finding your passion & purpose in life just because I have observed its significance in my own life. I know what does a purposeful life really means.

I can’t forget the moments which I spent on anxieties and incompleteness.

Since those moments I found and struggled for my own life goals, I started feeling complete.

After discovering your purpose, you get rid of the chaos. Because it’s a great blessing to be fulfilled with peace and satisfaction.

I myself experienced the difference between both states.

I don’t think I’m saying something extraordinary. All the successful people and motivational speakers always insist to do what you wish to do. Because your mental satisfaction is the only thing that won’t let you regret on the deathbed.

If you spend some time reading or listening to motivational writer & speakers, you will sooner realize that all of them want you find your life purposes.

Why is this so? Do you know the reason?

Actually, most of the people in this world spend their whole lives to make others happy. They have a strong feeling of what others will say! And when they come to the deathbed, it becomes their biggest regret.

Not to be what they always wished to be is one of the regrets people suffer the most.

So, those who know the value of being what they want to be, to do things that were their own desires and wishes, they not only do their best but also convince others not to waste their lives and regret at the end.

That’s why it’s our topic today, that how we can do which will help us spend a great life.

How can we trace out the goals by attaining which, we will feel complete and fulfilled?

Most of us even don’t know what they want to do, and it’s really harder for them to figure out what they want to do. Because we have too many distractions in our lives. The biggest reason for the distraction is the lack of focus. We even not know how to focus better to get rid of distractions. We consider everything our life goals and passion. We want to make everything happen.

That’s why we can’t be specific to our real passion and purpose in life.

We don’t want to lose any of them and hence we don’t be best in any of them.

People who want to do all the things simultaneously, become a jack of all but master of none.

Finding your passion & purpose in life

What a life purpose really means?

According to TakingCharge, life purpose meaning is,

Your life purpose consists of the central motivating aims of your life—the reasons you get up in the morning.

It means discovering your purpose in life will cause self-motivation that won’t let you stop at any cost.

Come with me, let’s find out the life goal that will let you feel complete and happy in all of your life and will never let you regret at the dying. Because, according to the definition of success, success is only being the best of what you already are – which you may not know.

Otherwise, I had felt an emptiness in my life, maybe, you too feel that emptiness.

Let’s complete that emptiness and the only way to complete that emptiness is to follow your heart.

Is it ever late to finding your passion & purpose in life?

Late to discovering your passion

It’s often said that it’s too late to be what you want to be. I really don’t believe so. It’s not late at any age.

Whenever you find your life passion; its the exact time to achieve it.

Suppose, you were 30 and you were still pondering what is my life’s purpose but couldn’t get the answer. Now something changed your approach and you really want to know God’s plan for your life.

Some questions may appear in your mind.

  1. Have you wasted your time?
  2. Should you really strive for finding your passion & purpose in life?
  3. Will it be effective?
  4. Will you really be able to achieve your life goal and purpose?

The answer to all these questions is a big Yes. You should definitely start your journey.

No doubt, you have learned a lot of things in your previous 30 years that may prove useful to achieve your life goal.

I want to give you an example to elaborate and make it much more clear for you.

If in your previous life you may have helped your friends and fellows by counseling and giving them a better approach without any reward. Then it’s possible that you want to become a counselor and it will be your life goal.

You may become a matchless expert in your field. As you will study books on counseling and you have real examples of people and their solutions, you’re in a better position to help and assist people.

It means that it’s never too late.

You should chase your goal without thinking about the time that has gone. It was not wastage. It renders you the necessary experience to win the destiny.

Now let’s start discovering your purpose in life, that will make you feel happy, peaceful and successful in your life.

Steps to finding your passion and purpose in life

There are many possible steps to finding your passion & purpose in life. But I will only tell the steps that I have experienced in my life and that actually work in common.

So if you really want to figure out your life purpose then you should go with me step by step. Because these steps will only work when you have free time to think about your goals and yourself.

Step 1: Make a list of your goals and wishes.

List of your life purposes

It’s the first step that helps you to understand yourself. It will assist you to acquaint with your goals and make you assess your life goals and temporary wishes.

You may have a lot of wishes. Write down all of them. All of these are not your life goals or purposes.

Most of them temporary wishes.

I can give some wishes that a person may have. It will help you find out yours.

Here is a list of life purposes.

  • You want to buy a luxurious car.
  • You want to buy a big house.
  • You want to collect a huge amount of money.
  • You want to become a doctor.
  • You want to get a handsome job.
  • You want to build a successful business.
  • You want to be a tourist.
  • You want to be famous.
  • You want to improve yourself – your approach and status.

These are purposes or goals that most people have in common. But it’s possible that your list is a bit different and a huge one.

Step 2: Find out the reason behind your dreams.

Reasons behind your life purposes

Anthony Robbins in his book has said,

Everything we do, we do for a reason.

That’s why you must have some reasons for your wishes and purposes.

It’s essential to find out the reasons behind your wishes. Because it will help you to understand and find a purpose in that will make you happy and successful.

Let me help you find out the reasons.

Some common reasons behind a few dreams may be as follows:

If you want to buy a big house or a luxurious car, the reasons may be the following.

  • Reason #1: It’s believed that people who possess a lot of money, are successful.  So, you want to be one of such successful persons.
  • Reason #2: It’s possible that you live among wealthy people, and you feel deprived of money. So you want to get rid of this inferiority complex.
  • Reason #3: It’s possible that you want to do all for your children.

If You want to be famous, the reasons behind may be the following.

  • Reason #1: We all want fame and the major reason is a sensual pleasure.
  • Reason #2: You want fame to collect money.

If you want to become a doctor, the possible reasons are:

  • Reason #1: Doctors are considered as successful and are valued.
  • Reason #2: Your parents want you to become a doctor.

In the same way, you can find all the reasons behind your purposes in life you have.

It’s possible that some reasons will be mean but you should write all of them, no matter how bad they are. When you realize the reasons behind whatever you want to do, It will be much easier to motivate your self.

You will be now able to get rid of the goals and dreams that are just because of reactions and temporary inspirations.

You should be able now to sort out how many dreams and desires are there, which you want to do for yourself and not for others.

Cut the rest of the goals.

For example, you see that wealthy people are successful you should also be wealthy. It means this isn’t your own life purpose. But the real motive behind this aim is the people who are considered as successful. It’s possible that wealth could not satisfy your inner.

So you cut down such unnecessary dreams.

Let’s go for another example, maybe that will help you find your real-life goal.

Someone had a list of dreams as:

  1. Billions of dollars.
  2. A luxurious lifestyle.
  3. Peaceful life.

It’s clear that someone wants to collect a lot of money just because to live a peaceful life.

It’s obvious that the actual dream was a peaceful life but that one was struggling hard to make money.

It means that the person is not on the right track. It’s the reason that most people never find peace in their lives. Because they don’t go on the track which can make them happy, peaceful and successful.

Now you’re in a better position to decide what exactly you want from your life and what are just distractions that will not let you feel complete in your life.

Step #3: Make a list of your expertise and talents.

Find out your talents and expertise

You should figure out all the talents you have.

For example, if your life goal is to become a good writer. You will now mention that are you already writing articles or stories.

Because if you’re not already writing, it means this goal can be an inspiration and you can’t decide whether exactly you want to do it in your life or not.

It’s possible that you have met some best-selling authors or successful writers and you were inspired.

If this is so then it’s not necessary that you can fulfill your emptiness being a writer.

With this list, you will definitely be able to decide what exactly you should do to feel fulfilled and get rid of that emptiness.

This list will show what things you have done a lot, what you have done the least and which of them proved very pleasing for you.

For example, you’re confused to make a choice between a job and a business.

The list of your talents will make the choice easy. If you’re good at managing and planning, business suits you.

Otherwise, the job is better for you to display your related talents.

This list will also help you to try the dreams for which you have not applied yet.

It will make you able to decide whether it can become your life goal or not.

Step #4: Let’s test your goals and purposes.

Test your passion & purpose in life

I’m sure the list of your dreams and goals is not big now. It’s possible that you have come to know your life purpose.

Still, you should testify either you have got the right goal or not. It’s the right choice if your goals and purposes can pass a simple test.

Test your dream:

Is your goal according to the definition of life goal?

That is your struggle towards your goal is as satisfying as an achievement.

Is achieving your goal diverting?

Just for a second, be calm and stop rushing into any other matter. Because we have to look into your past and exposures to decide whether your life purpose is diverting you or not.

So now, just think and tell me how much pleasing it is finding and achieving your passion & purpose in life? How the process of achieving your life purpose is for you? Is the process of achieving purpose making you or becoming an obstacle that won’t let you succeed?

Is every moment of your journey pleasing you or you’re looking for some good time to be happy as most of the people do?

If you’re satisfied and happy all the time on the journey you have started, then definitely it’s your right life goal.

And it will change your life completely.

If you’re as passionate during the journey as at your destination, you’re going the right way.

For example, the dream of my life is to become a great story writer. And truly speaking, every new completed story pleases me more than the last one.

It certainly means I’m on the right track.

If your strive makes you tired, you’re not on the right track.

If you expect the pleasure on the other end of your struggles, it certainly has no existence.

It’s a common mistake that most people struggle hard to settle down their lives and they believe that in the end, everything will be fine.

That end never comes.

If the hurdles on the way make you overburdened, the way is not your way. Because it is not your life goal if its hurdles don’t energize you.

Final thoughts:

In a nutshell, I will insist you finding your passion & purpose in life. So that you can spend a meaningful life. Each and every moment of your life should add a step towards your destiny.

Death is the ultimate truth so why we should waste our life in pursuance of distractions? Why we should not pursue the dreams which please us all the time?

I would like you to share with me how fruitful my discussion proved for you to find the goal of your life.

If you have found your life goal and purpose then you can follow these simple steps that will lead you to success.