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What Is Success? An Answer That Will Blow Your Mind


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The real answer to what is a success!

Study more and more if you want success in life.


World honours only successful.

These quotes and many more; we have heard since childhood.

We even create in our mind’s eye of a successful personality through the pre-set examples given by our elders and society. Without having a true perception of the word “Success” in its real sense.

Let’s try to discuss this notion which overrules our whole lives.

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Understand what is a real success with my story:

Before discussing what is success to you, let me elaborate on the real meaning of triumph in our lives.

For a few days, whenever longed to write something, a lot of ideas and images tried to make space on the surface of my imagination. Some of them struck very hard.

Trying my level best to make them not mingle with each other, I always felt tired, without putting any of them on the canvas of my mind.

This situation was one of the failures that pinched me. Sometimes, I had no option other than regret.

What extent does my failure become important to you?

I think millions of you have nothing to do with my failures!

It means the failure at which I am repenting, or the desire for which I’m going to change my schedules is rather worthless to you!

Probably, you are getting my point; first, I’m trying to make it clear that our achievements and failures totally depend on the aims and goals of our lives.

For me, at least, my success is self-improvement.

Find what is your own unique success!

The way ahead is more striving, and I want you to experience it.

Just try to access your inner self, and find the aim, the passion, the dream, you want to be true!

So, do you really know what do you want to do?

Whatever you want, whatever your life goals are in this mortality, whatever the goals you have pinned, their achievement is your real victory; the attainment that satisfies your inner self.

Who sets these aims, goals, or dreams.

I opine that if people do not set their aims then their circumstances do that! (You may have a different opinion!)

For example, it is observed that poor people have no blessing more than the bliss of wealth.

They think of adopting a luxurious lifestyle as their goals, and this aim is set by their society for them.

It’s very inhumane that we even hate to mention our deprivations.

Possibly many of your own deprivations have come to your mind after reading this.

These deprivations make most of the poor and middle-class people to spend a great part of their lives in making money or at least finding possible means to earn more and more wealth.

Keeping in view all these generalizations, the triumph of humans may be defined asthe achievement of pelf, power, and status.”

The majority of the people who agree to this definition indulge in worldly pleasures and aspirations.

That is an average person feels, himself, fortunate if he becomes a doctor, an engineer, a bureaucrat, or even a wealthy man through whatever ways or means.

But my opinion is rather the opposite.

In my point of view, for a business, the real triumph of a business could not be judged by its profit.

It could be judged by the quality and satisfaction rendered to its stakeholders.

This victory is durable and real in its spirit.

A simpler definition of success in life

The simpler answers to the questions, what is a successful life or what is the definition of success, are:

According to Oxford Dictionaries’ definition, it’s the accomplishment of an aim or purpose.

But according to me, an accomplishment never means a highly intimidating designation or having a lot of wealth, but whatever you are, you must be a master in your field.

People should be satisfied with your work, and should look for you in your field; they should prefer you in your field, and that is your achievement.

After understanding all the above, we can summarize success as;

Success is the achievement of the goals and the dreams that satisfy your inner self.

–  Junaid Raza

If you’re satisfied and fine with your job, and people honor you for your performance then you’re a successful person.

So are you successful in your life?

Now it’s all up to you whether you’re successful or not?

You can easily make a decision by analyzing your satisfaction and dissatisfaction with your life.

If you’re satisfied with, whatever you’re, you are successful, otherwise, you are not!

Sometimes, after realizing your personal success, you need some footprints to be successful, we call them essential success factors in life.

Whoever follows those success factors can achieve any goal in life, because there is no myth behind triumph – it’s just a pattern of life. And we call that pattern as steps to success.

That’s why if you want to succeed in your life, you need to understand what is your personal success as we discussed earlier, and then follow the footprints to legends of your field. Otherwise, you will face many obstacles that won’t let you succeed.

That’s all someone requires to understand success and succeeding in life.

Let us know to what extent you are satisfied with your job or business, and fortunate in your life?