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Build A Blog & Make Money Instantly (In COVID-19 Lockdown)


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Don’t you think we are suffering from the most challenging times in our lives? COVID-19 lockdown has imprisoned us in our homes. We can’t go outside, we can’t travel, we can’t hotel, we can’t shop, and the most important one is we can’t make money out.

But I got a guaranteed & quick money making method in which we build a blog and sell guest/sponsored posts to companies + use other advertising methods. That will help you generate some livelihoods in these difficult days.

That’s not over. It will be your long-lasting business that will grow with time.

Everyone today is afraid of losing his savings. How much can we survive if the situation went on for long? How will people survive when the savings will end, and there will be no resources to make money from home in this COVID-19 lockdown? That’s terrible.

But there is one good news.

Cloudflare has claimed a massive increase in online business. More people are online now, and it’s increasing daily. It means those who are online, COVID-19 isn’t harming them but giving them more business.


But you’re not a business. Right?

Even if you’re not a business, and you aren’t a skilled person, you don’t have services to offer, you don’t have products to sell, you can still make money online. It’s quite easy if followed appropriately.

You wouldn’t need to invest a lot of money on it, but still, you can make handsome money from home.

If you want to make money from your home online instantly, then it’s the easiest way to start a high authority blog & earn money from home in this lockdown.

I will turn it into a few steps so that once you’re ready to start it. It should be quite easy for anyone to follow & build a blog.

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What is a blog?

If you dig deep into what is a blog, then you can read here (that I think you don’t need to), but making a long story short, a blog is a website that’s updated regularly.

A blog is like your diary that you write regularly. Nowadays, blogs aren’t journals, but they can be created on any topic that you want to discuss online and earn a handsome livelihood.

Let’s say you want to discuss business, relationships, and success; you can create your blogs even free if you don’t want to monetize them. Blogger.com, WordPress, or Tumblr.com are free platforms to start your blogs. You can start your blog on those platforms and monetize your blog later.

But here our motto is to build a blog that will start generating money instantly for you.

Although this blog will also work fine if you want to monetize your website later, so here, the strategy will be quite different because we have to build a highly professional blog where we could offer guest/sponsored posts to online businesses.

Building a highly professional blog to offer sponsored posts

If you look at the freelancing platform, surf search engines or social media sites, you will soon find that there are at least hundreds of companies and even thousands of freelancers who offer backlinks.

If you don’t know what’s backlink, then to make it quite digestible, just pretend for a while that you own a site. Your site URL is example.com

If someone else who owns a site mentions your site link (example.com) on his site, that’s your backlink, and backlinks are the essential thing to get rankings in search engines.

Even Dean Brain found in his recent research that the majority of the sites which rank at position 1 have 3.8 times higher backlinks than the second one.

It means, all the online businesses need backlinks to their sites to rank higher in Google, Bing & other search engines.

To make your understanding better about the worth of backlinks, let me tell you that Billions of people use search engines to get information. There are 30-40 billion searches each month in the US on Google.

So no business would like to lose those billions of visitors for free if they could rank on top positions.

Although Google notices many other factors to rank a site you can’t rank on search engines without powerful backlinks (at least nowadays).

There is a difference between a backlink & a powerful backlink. One robust quality backlink is far better than hundreds and thousands of low-quality backlinks. (Low-quality spammy backlinks can harm your rankings).

You might be curious to know what powerful backlinks are because people will only pay you if you can provide them with quality links.

There are a lot of factors that help people understand the power and quality of backlinks but most important ones are, domain authority & domain ratings.

Domain Authority is a Moz metric while Ahref provides domain Rating; both help people understand how much better that site can perform in Google and how much authoritative that site is.

For example, your president and his co-workers have different authorities. If your president mentions someone in his debate in good manners, then that person will get more value than mentioned by many others.

The same is the case with domain rating or domain authority. You have a score over 100 as the higher as, the better.

So your website has a higher domain rating or domain authority; it means you will get the attention of businesses who are working on building backlinks.

Now let’s come to the main story. What do you need to build a high authority website that could grab the attention of businesses?

You need,

It won’t cost too much. I will give you an option to buy a domain & hosting at cheap rates.

Buy a high authority domain

That’s not hard to find & buy a high authority domain. Because, nowadays, you find domains easily on auctions.

Flippa, Sedo, Godaddy Auctions, and there are many other platforms where you can buy your high authority domain.

If you have an experience to research things, then the cheapest way to find high authority domains is expireddomains.net. If you spend time on ExpiredDomains.net, then you will find expired domains at the cheap prices.

But the important thing is to check the quality of a domain.

Although there are a few freelancers who would find you a high-quality domain if you don’t want to rely on them entirely or you want to do it your own, then you should have the following things in mind while buying an expired domain.

  • Check domain authority: The domain authority should be greater than 40. As the higher as, the better.
  • Check Domain Ratings: The domain ratio should also lie near domain authority; there can be the difference but not that much. Like, if the domain authority is 40, but domain rating is 1, it means there is something wrong with that domain. Both should correlate with one another.
  • Check spam score: The spam score shouldn’t be more than 2%. You should prefer it to be 0. Because it gives a sign of that domain’s quality. How spammy backlinks that site has.
  • Check referring domains: Most of the spammy sites have thousands and even millions of backlinks, but the referring domains are quite a few. That’s terrible. The referring domain should have a good ratio with the number of backlinks.
  • Links Ratio: Let’s say, the number of backlinks to the number of referring domains ideal condition ratio is 1:1, but you will never find that. You just keep in mind that the ratio shouldn’t be so high.
  • Check Anchors: While checking backlinks, you should also check that if the backlinks are available with clean & general. Most of them should be on the homepage.
  • Check banned: It’s one of the most critical factors that the domain shouldn’t be google banned. Perform a google banned test here. You can find other tools, but I found this one reliable. Test your domain here as well.
  • Check on Wayback machine: Check that domain on the wayback machine that it’s not used in Pornography or Gambling. It should be clean and preferably in English.
  • Check Niche (site topic): While checking at Wayback, you will also find the niche of the site. It shouldn’t be a micro niche. That means it shouldn’t be too focused on a topic. It should be general.

If you’re done with everything. It’s time to buy your high authority expired domain.

Buy domain & hosting is cheap prices

When you find a high authority domain, then don’t wait to buy it. Because people are always ready to purchase such domains so they can buy before you.

Pro tip: If you’re trying to buy on auction, then wait for the ending time; in the last 10 minutes, you can get a domain at a reasonable price.

Well, just after that, put your domain on NameCheap.com, which is offering domains and hosting at low prices.

Install WordPress

After buying your domain & hosting. Use your dashboard to install WordPress on it.

You can find many useful videos on how to install WordPress on your domain.

It’s quite easy; you can install WordPress in just a few clicks on any web hosting provider.

Don’t forget to install essential plugins,


  • SEO plugin
  • Caching plugin
  • Spam filter plugin

Such plugins will help your site look professional.

Remove all in essential plugins, themes & posts. Make it clean.

Create a few posts

It’s your first step to launch your site.

You have to make a few posts on different topics that you want to focus on!

Like, home improvement, business, finances & insurance are the hot topics that pay you higher rates.

Create social media profiles

It’s highly recommended to create social media profiles for your site.

Use your domain name on the social media accounts so that you could introduce your site as a brand.

Share your posts on a regular basis on social media accounts. Try to use all the social media sites that you can find.

It’s even better if you market business on high authority sites to grab the attention of companies.

Connect with business

Once your site is ready, your job is to reach the business.

You can even use Fiverr, where thousands of freelancers are already offering such backlinks.

But it’s better to reach businesses personally. Email them & offer them backlinks at reasonable rates.


People are making money online; even thousands of people make money on Instagram. Making money with a blog is one of those ways that freelancers & businesses are using these days.

You should also create a high authority blog and start making money instantly in this critical situation.

If you’re new to all this but interested in creating one, then you can hire us to build such a fantastic blog for you at a reasonable price.