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How To Make Money On Instagram (Real Story)


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How frequently do you use Instagram? Do you use Instagram regularly? Most people use Instagram on a daily basis, but how many of them make money on Instagram?

Probably very few, and you can be one of them.

Because it’s not difficult to earn a handsome amount with just spending an hour daily on Instagram, you just need to follow a pattern that is required, and you will quickly be making a livelihood on Instagram.

I have a question here.

Do you know why people can’t achieve their goals, especially while it’s about earning money? While they are struggling hard in a specific field?

You see, there are a few people in all the fields who are called successful in their particular areas.

The struggles of most people just end up in ruins although they are no less committed to their fields.

Do you think it makes a difference?

Why do some people are making money on Facebook and Instagram without too much effort, and some are spending too much time and struggling harder, but still they are unable to earn money from the fields?

If you keenly observe, you’ll come to know that the people who are not making money (and they are in the majority) are not following the pattern that is needed to achieve that specific goal.

And a very few people who are following the exact pattern earn handsome amounts in return.

Hope you can understand how important it is to understand what exactly makes people successful in their life. What are the key steps to be successful in any field of life?

So if you really want to run an Instagram page successfully, you must follow what’s working, and you should avoid what’s not working.

You should learn from other’s stories who are already famous on Instagram.

For example, I am sharing the real story of my cousin, who is already working on Instagram and making money. She started with nothing in mind but with the guidance of her expert co-fellow and she became successful so if you want to succeed, you surely need to follow an expert like she is.

The other reason to share this story is that there are too many articles on making money from Instagram, and maybe you have read most of the materials. Maybe, anyone of those articles couldn’t satisfy you. That’s why I thought to share a real story that will give you a more precise image of what you should do and what you shouldn’t do to make money with Instagram with very few followers.

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What is she doing on Instagram?

First of all, I would like to tell you what she is doing in her field because I want to make it clear that how actually you can make it possible for you as well.

Because, you know, it’s now clear that if you want to be a successful Instagrammer, you must have to follow a pattern – a pattern that other successful Instagrammers are following.

You must have to notice what others are doing that’s working, and what mistakes they are making that are ruining some of their pages.

She started a page on fashion, beauty, makeup, and lifestyle, as she has said on her page. She started sharing her opinions and ideas on fashion beauty makeup and life lifestyle on her Instagram page.

She started reviewing products. You must be clear that all the brands are now available on Instagram.

Courtesy: Mishwasays Instagram Account

You can review them and mention any of them in your reviews in your posts – what she has done, for free, in the early days.

It was a time when she was following people who like fashion and lifestyle. She grabbed their attention with her genuine reviews. I am telling all the story because it’s like a pattern that you will follow in your field – the pattern, which works a lot to become a successful Instagrammer.

Here is the answer to the most often asked question, how many Instagram followers do you need to make money?

1000 followers are enough to start making on Instagram. Because when she got approximately 1200 followers, she started getting offers on Instagram.

She started a campaign for PRs for different products and companies. The brands began contacting her for product reviews.

You can see in the picture what she is receiving these days.

Courtesy: MishwaSays Instagram account

Now brands in relevant categories send their products to her home, and she reviews the products.

Look, it’s not necessary to run a fashion and beauty page on Instagram; you can run from any field you love the most. And you must follow your own interest.

Because people would love to hear from you about the products that you love to use for yourself, for example, if you are a woman then you must like fashion and all that. You can start a page on fashion.

Are you doing something else?

Then you can start a page for your own field, and you shouldn’t start in fashion because every field has a lot of companies that will ask you to promote their products and services and review them.

There are few people who might be crazy about starting the page on fashion and lifestyle, because they have seen that this works.

But I don’t recommend this.

Because if you don’t have any interest in something, then you won’t run it for long.

If you want to do something for a long time and you want to make it your livelihood, then it should be your passion. And if you don’t know your life purpose, then you should find your life purpose first.

Here is the other example that helps you understand why it’s essential to work in your own field.

You started a page, and it didn’t work. Maybe, you didn’t follow the exact pattern that I’m going to share here.

If you do love something, then even if you are disappointed by the effort, you are doing, but you won’t stop because you will be enjoying it and you love your work.

And if you are doing something to earn money, then, at last, you will quit. It doesn’t matter if it worked for you or not. You will feel that money is not as important as your self-satisfaction.

I have personally experienced it.

What mistakes most people make while starting an Instagram page?

The biggest mistakes that most people make to start an online business are,

  • Learning less: People don’t want to learn it.
  • Less passionate: They don’t work for passion.
  • Shortcuts: They look for shortcuts and try black hat techniques.

We are humans; we all make mistakes. So is the case with Instagrammers. The biggest mistake that I notice every – unsuccessful person – makes is not to learn it properly.

And most of you will also make the same mistake. That’s why I’m insisting too much to learn it and then start it.

I have a question: why do you want to make money? To earn a livelihood? To pay for the necessities? Or to show off?

In most cases, people just want to make money because they want to live a peaceful life. And in very few cases, people want to get rich to feel more influential and wealthy to show off.

Now, for example, you’re able to earn enough to meet your basic necessities, but you’re not satisfied with your work. What will you do? You will be in depression and will always be trying to change your field.

So why don’t you think to start in your own field?

If you are interested in running a page for a long time and you want to make your passion a profession, then it’s too essential to start a page in the field that you love the most.

What should you do to run a successful Instagram page?

I have found some of the must-follow rules to run a page successfully. Here is the list,

  1. Be original and Fair
  2. Be clear and specific
  3. Use hashtags and captions appropriately
  4. Be local
  5. Be regular and consistent
  6. Be social
  7. Make a post on the peak times

#1 Be original and Fair:

Maybe you are not using your original identity on Facebook, but, and in this case, it won’t work for you.

You have to use your original identity, at least, other than the name. Because most of the brands work locally, and if you’re not sharing your location and original data, then you will be flagged as a spammer.

#2 Be clear and specific:

Decide clearly about the category in which you will work. It’s too essential to be clear and specific for your page.

If you are not specific and you’re not posting your relevant content, then you won’t get into the community that you actually need.

You might get people from different communities and different kinds of natures, and you won’t get more comments and likes for the products that are going to eat you for it.

#3 Use hashtags and captions appropriately:

It’s the most essential part of your job – you’re going to do it. There is an option to add captions to the images. Write in detail but necessary captions for your post.

But don’t try to stuff anything. Because you must keep in mind that humans are noticing your practices.

Also, you appropriate hashtags into your posts. The hashtags help you get organic traffic to your posts. It’s recommended to use 11+ hashtags with an in-detail caption.

#4 Be local:

It’s not essential every time. You don’t need to be local for all of your pages. But, first of all, you should be clear about the category in which you’re working. If you’re working for some products and services, then you should be local.

So that you can interact with the right people and the right brands, and if you’re not working for local products. Then you may not necessarily be local.

#5 Be regular and consistent:

It’s also one of the mistakes that people make on Instagram that they are not regular and consistent. It won’t maximize productivity. If you are not regular and consistent, then you will look like an amateur, and mature people won’t interact with your posts.

Hence you will lose a chance to be more productive.

#6 Be social:

Never forget that Instagram is a social media platform, and people here are just like family.

You can be on Instagram for fun and entertainment or to interact with people. So is the case with others. You just imagine which photos and videos do you want to interact with? On which post you like to comment, and which pages do you love the most?

Why is this so?

On Instagram and Facebook, those must be the pages that are interacting with you and being social with you. They treat you as a human being, and they know what you want to see and what you want to hear from them.

That’s why you stick to them.

You must keep in mind what your community would like to hear from you? They want you to like their posts, their comments, and be social with them somehow. So you should respond to them for the feedback and be a part of chats somewhere with them. If you don’t do so, your page will look like a robotic page.

#7 Make a post on the peak times:

You must be clear about who your audience is? To whom you want to speak? What do they do, and when are they available on Instagram?

For example, if these are women – as in the case of a fashion page – just imagine when the women are free? Most likely, they are free in the mornings and evenings when they are free to use mobile.

Especially in the morning, no one is at home, the husband has gone to the job and the children went to school or universities. They are now free to use social media.

It’s just a case, and your case may be different. You must think about who your audience is? What do they do? When are they free?

You can also get the idea by making posts at different times on a day. You will notice that there are sometimes when people are interacting the most with your pictures and videos, that would be the best time to make a post.

How to get followers on Instagram?

You make money on Instagram when you have followers. At least a couple of thousand. So when you start a page, your primary focus will be to increase the followers. As the higher in number as the better prices, you will receive. But if you will try to spam and your followers won’t be active on your posts, or they don’t have the same interests. Then no one is going to pay you.

You know, Dean Graziosi has said in a video, if you don’t want to make mistakes in your life, then you must learn from experts. I love his opinion because I have experienced in my life that when you learn from experts, you don’t make mistakes.

Neil Patel (digital marketing expert) has mentioned that if you want to get more followers on your page, you must know who else is working in the industry.

You can contact them to promote your page. They will ask you to pay for it. The other trick is to follow your competitor’s followers.

If they are following your competitors, then most likely, they will also follow you. It’s a long term process, and it will take time, but if you want to invest then

It’s easy now to get more followers on Instagram overnight. You just need to follow any of the methods.

  1. Ask someone to promote you
  2. Use promotion on Instagram
  3. Run PR campaigns

Ask some to promote you:

Let’s say, share quotes as I do. You can search for the people who else are sharing quotes. You can contact the person to promote your page for a reward.

Promote via Instagram:

Instagram will also help you promote your page when you’re willing to pay them. They will get you the right people in a few hours or days.

Run PR Campaigns:

You can also run PR campaigns, you can add a hashtag to promote your page, and you will send a gift to a few of them.

Then the following three methods will easily be getting the right audience, the right followers on your page, and hence you will easily be making money with Instagram.

Fastest & affordable way to get Instagram followers

Not everyone can follow all the steps, and not everyone can wait for slowly increasing followers.

On the other hand, running campaigns on Instagram and many other platforms has quite few conversions. That simply means expensive followers.

In that case, I recommend using a service like Mr. Insta. Who helps you increase your Instagram followers daily.

The great thing about this service is that you can use their service as well.

They also help you buy Instagram followers at quite affordable prices.

What to do when you have followers on Instagram?

When you have followers, it’s the right time to make money from your page.

  • Contact the brands and companies of your industry
  • Use the hashtags to let them contact you.

Both of the methods will work, and you will be making money with your Instagram account in the early days you.

They will send you products for free, and you will review the products. After a couple of days, you will be able to share paid content. Brands will hire you for their bands and products.

If you have your story that you want us to share with people, then you can leave a comment or send us the story.


It’s quite easy to make money online, that’s true for those who learn it. So if you’re serious about earning livelihood online, you must go for such an easy business. Because in these businesses, you don’t need heavy investments, you simply need a business computer or an under budget laptop that you can find from the best laptops under $500 and an internet connection.

With your gadget and internet, you can start such an easy business as running your Instagram page and making money from it. Most people don’t make anything because they don’t learn it so if you are serious about how to make money on Instagram then follow the brief instructions discussed above.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do Instagram users get paid?

Instagram doesn’t pay any Instagrammer anything. But all those who use this platform appropriately are paid by companies for making sponsored posts.

How can you make money from Instagram?

If you want to make money on Instagram then there are a few easy to follow steps. 1. Find a specific niche 2. Build an Audience around that 3. Get Sponsored Post opportunities under your niche

Is it illegal to make money on Instagram?

Yes, it’s legal. Because to make money on Instagram you build your audience on your own. You share others’ content on your profile and get paid from them. Instagram has no concern with all that.