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Make Money Online: A Step by Step Guide For Beginners


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Make money online with skill or business to earn dollars

I have a question, do you really want to make money online?

The reason for the question is that it’s not that simple as you might believe it to be.

Whatever you want to do, you need to follow its strategies to be successful, so if you follow any of the following ways to earn money online, it will definitely help you make money.

Do you know only very few can make money online with any skills or online business and most of them are failed.

Yes, it is so.

Maybe, you too have already tried to earn some handsome money online but failed. It’s not surprising. Most of the successful people also have been losers in their first attempts – few to too many tries. So I did and found the ways by which you can’t and the ways by which you will.

If you are suffering a bad time then don’t get disappointed because all of the entrepreneurs have faced this time but they never gave up.

Successful people are those who never changed their way, who learn from their failures. And the bigger difference between successful and unsuccessful people is that successful people have the curiosity to learn new things and master them.

On the other hand, unsuccessful people are looking for shortcuts, looking for a Christlike who will make them successful but it never happens.

No one’s gonna change your life until you yourself are striving and struggling hard for it. Otherwise, you are definitely gonna face a big failure that won’t allow you to make a single penny online.

If you have tried to make an online business or tried to make money with your own efforts and you met failure, and if you have not tried it, and luckily you are here on this post, then you should ask those who met failures and got disappointed and gave up that from where did you learn making money online? I’m sure they haven’t learned from anywhere and thought its an easy job.

Nothing in this world is free, nor is the online market.

That’s why in the beginning I raised a question to decide whether you are really ready to make a livelihood from your online business or not?

If you think without learning and questioning yourself you can make money online then it will be just a waste of time.

There are two major ways to make money online from your home.

  1. With your online skills
  2. With your online business

But for both of the ways, you would have to learn any of the skills that will guarantee you to earn your first livelihood online; that will change your mindset.

The list of online skills is huge but I have mentioned more fruitful skills; you can learn any of the skills to make a livelihood from home or to start your own online business.

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Skill #1. Copywriting

You have often seen before buying any product online, most of the people read reviews about that product. Research shows that about 91 per cent of people read reviews before buying any product.

On the other hand, there are over a billion blogs that need to be updated on a daily or monthly basis.

It means articles and reviews have great importance in the online market. That’s why billions of dollars are spent yearly in copywriting.

Writing articles is a skill, by which you can make up to $250 per hour. Although it will require a long journey.

Undoubtedly it’s possible.

If you are naturally a copywriter and you enjoy reading and writing then it will be a great job to do online.

But as I told you the difference between successfully making money and making no money is learning.

If you are committed to learning this skill then I suggest not to learn it online on your own – at least in the beginning. Because in the beginning, you will need so much guidance that you can’t get online.

Online courses are useful for those who have some grip on writing and want to master the skill.

There must be some institutions in your own city that will teach you and make you skilful.

If you have no idea then you can google.

Writing courses in (your state or city name)

If you think you can be a good writer without learning then you are gonna waste your time and energy because you don’t have an idea of how many grifters are waiting for you.

If you have learnt the skill, now you can follow the following ways to make your business or source of livelihood.

Become a freelancer

On freelancer.comwritingjobz.com, and Fiverr.com there are many projects available by which you can make money.

As you will get a good repute over there your rates to complete projects will become higher. You might find good companies over there that will permanently hire you for their own projects.

Make your own blog

This is my blog inspiredN.com on which you are reading this article.

You can also make your own blog if you are a copywriter.

You should choose a topic in which you can speak and guide others, there are billions of people who need guidance on different topics.

If you like sports, then you can start writing on sports. If you have your interest in politics then you can write on it.

You might think of making your blog; it’s an easy job. You can either make your free blogger or paid one.

Making a blog on free platforms

You can either choose to make a blog on Blogger.com or Tumblr.com depending upon the niche you choose.

If your niche is suitable for mini-blogging then Tumblr.com is better than Blogger and if you want to write detailed articles then Blogger is suitable for you.

Make a blog on Blogger

  1. Visit Blogger.com
  2. Signup with your Gmail account
  3. Make your first blog with a suitable template.
  4. Launch it and start writing.

Make a Blog on Tumblr

If you want to start with Tumblr

  1. Visit Tumblr.com
  2. Sign up
  3. Make your first blog
  4. Launch it and start writing

If you choose Blogger.com then you will need to optimise it for better search results.

Make a blog with paid services.

If you have some investment to launch your blog then its better to go for WordPress blogs.

  • Buy a domain name and hosting for your WordPress blog.
  • Just install it from your cPanel and start working on it.

If you go for WordPress it’s far better because it’s too much easy to use and it has a lot of plugins that will assist you.

If you start a blog then you will need an SEO expert to market your blog and get you free traffic. As the traffic is high you have better chances to generate a handsome revenue.

That’s why I suggest you find an SEO expert to be your partner for your blog. Otherwise, you shall need to learn SEO for your blog. And I don’t recommend to be a jack of all trades but a master in nothing.

Skill #2. Search engine optimization (SEO)

As we have discussed, if you are a writer then you can make your own blog to earn your livelihood. And the revenue is depending upon the traffic you have on your blog; as higher the traffic as higher the revenue.

To increase these free visitors to your website or blog the best sources are search engines like Google Yahoo and Baidu etc.

To get these free visitors you will need to bring your blog page on the front page of Google or any other search engine. And the process to do so is called search engine optimization.

You can judge its value to run each and any blog or websites you need at least one SEO expert.

To learn the skill you can google to find the institution in your city.

And if you can’t go outside your home and want to learn online then there are free courses by which you can learn search engine optimisation and after that, you can easily increase your traffic.

For the SEO I’m a big fan of Neil Patel, on his personal blog he uses to share a lot about his exposures and guide millions of people online.

You can also follow him to learn SEO and get huge traffic on your blog.

Make money as a freelancer

If you have learnt SEO and you want to make money online from your home then you can work as a freelancer.

There are too many projects available on freelancer.com and upwork.com Fiverr.com etc

After completing short projects you will get paid.

And someone there can hire you on hourly rates for a specific project.

Skill #3. Online marketing.

Getting traffic from sources other than search engines is called online marketing.

Every blog or website has its social media presence and many of the blogs or websites get paid traffic. Because all of these strategies may assist you in SEO or getting sales.

You can learn this skill to make it your permanent source of income.

You can get a job in any of the online companies or work as a freelancer to get projects done.

Skill #4. Video Editing.

Video editing is also a good skill to make some handsome money online.

Video engagement of users is increasing day by day.

You can see that Google is giving value to videos and photos in search results these days and it might increase in the upcoming days because

Google understands what people are looking for.

So all of the companies in the world have increased their interest in videos these days. They understand the values of videos. You should be a good video editor for completing tasks with excellence.

Work as freelancer

You can find too many projects available on freelancing websites.

There are too many projects available on freelancing websites that can help you make huge money online.

Make your own channel

If you are good at video editing then you can make your own YouTube channel to make money from it.

Work on a specific niche to make videos, for example, if you have an interest in health-related topics or you are a physiotherapist then you can share useful tips on your youtube channel.

Final thoughts

It’s the truth that the list of online skills is huge. You can have any of the online skills to make money online.

But one thing you should remember is that if you learn your skill and master it, then try to work online then you can definitely make money. If you are looking for a shortcut then definitely you will get engaged in frauds of surveys and data entry jobs, that will never pay you.

Which skill are you gonna choose to make some handsome money or which business you are gonna launch in future? Tell us your story to inspire others.