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Why I Was Not Getting Rich – Top 7 Lessons I Learnt


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Not getting rich?

Getting rich is a wild desire of humans from the beginning of history. Could there be anyone who doesn’t want to get rich?

Undoubtedly each of us is trying to make ourselves wealthy. However, Some are trying slowly and some want to get rich quickly.

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Why our efforts to be a rich end in ruins?

It’s out of the question that all of us want to become wealthy but still, more than 80% of us don’t get wealthy. Most of us spend all of our lives paying bills, saving money and at the retirement age, we are left with nothing Because we buy a house or a luxury car and spend all of our savings. Right?

This is a habit of the majority of us that don’t let us get rich not even slowly. We never think that even a single habit can make us rich.

It was a practice of mine as well before I had read Tony Robbins who literally changed my approach. I had first read his book “Awaken the Giant Within” that helped me find my passion & purpose in life and setting and achieving life goals.

Truly speaking, I became a big fan of his and I believed him as my mentor. A mentor can really guide through dark times. But you only get benefits of having a mentor when you listen to all the words of your mentor and you follow them.

So I did.

Tony Robbins has a clear opinion, the only solution to all the problems is accurate knowledge. Whatever you want to improve in your life, improve your knowledge about the area.

I followed his words.

I set some goals and one of them was getting rich. According to Tony Robbins, I had to read about the area of life that I had to improve. So I found countless books about finances.

I read too many books of best selling authors on improving financial education. I got the ultimate reason that was not letting people get rich.

And it was the focus!

I read most of the books of my financial education mentor Robert Kiyosaki, who made me realize that people aren’t getting rich because their focus isn’t on the right column.

In his books, he claimed that people focus more on liabilities rather than increasing assets. He says that anything that works for you to make money for you is your assets. All other things on which you have to invest money for maintenance or for services is a liability.

It was a quite simple formula that changed my approach.

I sooner realized that I was spending more on liabilities and I didn’t focus to increase the asset column.

After that, I had an excuse (as everyone does have) that we don’t have money to make assets that may work for us. And that excuse vanished always as I improved my financial knowledge.

George S. Clason has said in the book, The Richest Man In Babylon, that saving and investing only 10% of the income can make you wealthy, and if you don’t save and invest your 10% it means you will have to live a life of a slave.

Robert Kiyosaki says that he pays money to himself first, then he pays others. It means he saves money from the income before he thinks to pay for the bills.

Because if he won’t pay himself first, he won’t get a strong reason to make more money. The bills will speak louder to convince him to manage or make more money somehow.

So I  followed and found some lessons that help me get rich!

Lessons for getting rich!

~ Making financial mistakes isn’t bad!

Making mistakes isn’t bad until you learn something new from them!

– Junaid Raza

Actually, I don’t regret my mistakes. Because every time I make a mistake, I learn a far bigger lesson than the mistake. After making mistakes that didn’t let me get rich when I improved my financial health I became more clear for the reasons which were an obstacle to success.

~ Success isn’t a lottery!

I found that success isn’t a lottery that one may get by chance, but success is a step by step journey. So if someone is trying to get rich slowly or quickly, he will have to follow the right steps to success.

And the right path that I found for getting rich was improving financial literacy. Even you can get rich with a job if you follow the right formula for getting rich.

~ Save money – no matter how much!

It’s one of the greatest lessons that I learned from financial experts like Jim Rohn, Robert Kiyosaki, Napolean Hill, and George S. Clason!

Even you can start saving with 1% of your income. The recommended one by rich financial experts is 20-30% of your income. As you start with 1% today, you will be saving 20% sooner.

~ Improve your financial education – anyhow!

MNYMSTRS financial literacy for beginners is a great way to improve your financial education. And as you start improving yourself with education. You find a list of ways to solve the problems.

~ Change your focus to increasing assets!

It’s common to all those who are not getting rich even after wishing for it. They don’t focus on the right column. Until you won’t increase your assets, surely, you can’t get wealthy.

Because liabilities will take money even after you own your properties. I don’t mean you should not buy luxury items that are actually the liabilities. I’m just saying to buy it when you can actually afford such things.

Getting a loan for a car or a house isn’t that much more important than to have some business first.

~ Invest wisely!

Believe me, money is a precious thing. If you don’t care about it – it will sooner go away! Investing is always risky, so you must be careful about it.

To lower the risk of losing it, you must be careful about where you’re investing your money. Do you have much knowledge of it? Can you control your money? If you have good control over your money it means it’s not that much risky for you as for others.

In such a case, you should take some calculated risks. Because no risk means no gift.

~ Avail more opportunities!

Many of the experts believe that you should never rely on a single source of income or a business. You should always try to explore new ways to make money.

Let’s say you can try making money with a blog, you can ask someone to run your Instagram page to make money or a facebook profile for getting rich. These are just a few examples, you should have quite different opportunities around you.

Exploring new ways will make you more intelligent and you will have more control over your money.


Although, I have never been poor so I  don’t know how such people feel but I’ve felt it many times that not having money in your pocket causes depression and it creates troubles.

Such depression brought me to change my approach and hence my financial position. So I read numerous books to broaden my approach and get rich.

Hence I shared with you the lessons I got. You can also use them to improve your financial position.