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Importance Of Having A Mentor And Its 5 Thrilling Benefits


You must be trying to achieve something in your life but you’re not succeeding. Now you realized the importance of having a mentor that there is something important missing in your life that is not letting you succeed. And that’s having a mentor. Right?

If you don’t already have a mentor it means you don’t know the benefits and importance of having a mentor. Otherwise, you wouldn’t spend even a single day without a mentor.

Who is our first mentor?

A mentor or guide or trainer or a coach can be anyone. It doesn’t require any certification. For example, your first trainers are your parents. Your parents teach you to speak, walk, respect, disrespect, hate, love and more.

So if you’re trying to improve something in your life and you think something is missing and that is having a mentor, then you must remember that only having one doesn’t guarantee success. It’s not an easy job to succeed and achieve goals.

Actually, there is no shortcut to success, whoever is at the top today surely has suffered a lot.

You must remember that they have gone through the process which makes people successful in their lives.

Robert Kiyosaki once said, people want to get rich but they don’t like the process which makes them rich.

So if you are interested to improve yourself then you must go through the process from which everyone else – who is successful and famous today – has passed.

Importance of having a mentor:

So now the question is, why a mentor is so important factor to chase our goals? What’s the importance of having a mentor at work or in business?

You must remember that whatever the process you’re gonna adopting to succeed in life and achieve your life goals, you have to suffer a lot. Maybe, you’ve to face a lot of hardships but your struggles may not guarantee your success without proper guidance by the one who has already been successful. Does it make sense?

A few days ago, a friend of mine was depressed because he was unable to get something he was passionate about.

He said, I have watched tons of videos, I also tried meditation but nothing was helpful. Why it’s not working for me?

I asked, how could you think that the way you followed will make you successful? Darren Hardy in the book “The Compound Effect” said that even making small mistakes has a huge impact on our lives. You must be making some mistakes that are not letting to go ahead. That’s why you need a mentor who can guide you at each and every step.

Benefits of having a mentor:

It might come in your mind that if having a mentor was so much essential then maybe we would not have a number of new inventions.

Let’s say, Thomas Edison had no coach who had told him to make a bulb, right?

Actually, that’s true. Having a coach isn’t important when you have a lot of time and patience.

If you don’t have a mentor it means you should have the stamina to make 1000 mistakes but still, you don’t quit.

The 5 benefits of having a mentor are,

  1. Proper guidance: Your mentor will guide in each step of your journey.
  2. Make fewer mistakes: In such a case you make fewer mistakes.
  3. Confidence: You will feel more confident because your guide is an expert.
  4. Motivation: The process is always tough. You can be down someday. Your coach will motivate you not to quit.
  5. Professional attitude: Your trainer’s feedback on your attitude will help you professionally about the matter.

Finding the right advisor:

If you want to lose some weight. Where would you like to go? Would you like to ask a businessman to assist you? Surely, you won’t. And if you will do so, it will never work for you.

In such a case, you need a dietitian who has the ability to help you lose weight.

So when you want to improve any area of your life, whom you should ask? Definitely, you should ask someone who has well acquaintance with the area.

Let’s say when your goal is to make money. Robert Kiyosaki can be a great choice for you. There can be many other options like Warren Buffet and Dean Graziosi. Actually, it doesn’t matter who you chose. The only important thing is to listen to your coach and follow his words.

How to choose a coach?

I think it’s not difficult to understand now, all the experts in the fields can be your coach. If you want to improve your relationships, you should see who is an expert in this field? Then find out how successful relationships does your coach have?

If you chose Mr. Jon as an advisor for your relationships but Mr. Jon even can’t handle his own relationships then his knowledge won’t be fruitful for you.

It’s one of the biggest mistakes we make in our lives that we follow people who even couldn’t succeed in their own lives.

A good mentor is always a good achiever.

Who can be a good coach for you?

It depends on which field you need guidance. Then the expert in the field can be a great coach. Making money is one of the biggest purposes of our lives. If this is your purpose this time, then Robert Kiyosaki can be a great option for you.

If you need some guidance to make money with Instagram, then surely this story can guide you to make money with Instagram.

If you’re not sure about your life goal and you’re looking for some guidance to finding your passion & purpose in life then my mentor Tony Robbins is the best one. He will not only help you find your purpose in life but he will also motivate you to achieve your goals.

What to do after finding a coach?

After having a coach, you must listen to all of your mentor’s words and follow them. There is a collection of his videos and books or at least he will recommend some books to read. Some can be free and for some, you will need to invest.

I recommend starting with the free books available. Because if you could not read freely available books or audiobooks it means you’re not gonna read the others.


To sum up, if you’re struggling for something and it’s taking too much time and effort to achieve it, you surely need an expert who can help you succeed. Because without a mentor you will make huge mistakes and that mistakes may disappoint you and you might quit.