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17 Self-Improvement Hacks To Improve Yourself Magically


Self-improvement is the milestone on the way to your success. You have to improve yourself if you want something extraordinary in your life.

In fact, extraordinarily successful life is fancy for almost every person on this planet. But only 20% of people could ever achieve their dream life. Rest of 80% humans never become able to turn their dreams to reality?

Did you ever think about why it is so?

What makes some people realize their fancy? And what makes all others fail in doing so?

True to say, I have been one of the 80% failures until I got the secret to success. That’s why I am able to recognize the main features necessary to attain your dream world.

I experienced that success is not a secret that has to be disclosed by a supernatural force. Instead it’s a process, a continuous and keen struggle that requires a lot of commitment and consistency.

If you want to achieve your dream life, you have to work on your personal development. Until you don’t improve yourself, you would never be able to get the best of your energies and time. You will never stick to your way without developing your inner.

D. Wattles Wallace in his book “The science of being great has said that everyone can become great if he works on growth.

Luckily, today, I can help you change your life for the better. I can help you to do anything that you ever think of.

I’m disclosing the secret to make you far better in your approach just after a couple of minutes as you go through all the possible ways of self-improvements. Follow each and everything, and you will see the magic.

What is self-improvement?

Self-improvement is a positive change in someone’s life by someone’s own efforts.

According to the Oxford dictionary,

Self-improvement is the improvement of one’s knowledge, status, or character by one’s own efforts.

When someone is looking for self-improvement, it means to believe that nothing under the sun is perfect. There is always room for improvement. Improvement is the basis of evolution. All of us, at least once in life, strongly wish to change our lives for betterment.

Yet all of us don’t find the chance to improve and change it.

And the ones who get the chance; sometimes really don’t know how to change the life for better- which improvements one should make in life for personality growth.

Reasons why people don’t grow

You don't improve because

Reason #1:

The reason behind this ignorance is that we don’t usually consider our routine life or the principles we follow – to be changed.

John C. Maxwell in the book “Today Matters” has said that we think personal development is automatic but that isn’t. That’s why we don’t work on our self improvements.

We think ourselves always at our best. Whenever we consider ourselves as perfect, we shut down the door of improvement for us.

We feel our thinkings to be the best, and our decisions always to be the right. We rarely admit our faults, and that’s why we never realize our shortcomings. We never challenge our own belief systems, and hence we never find our imperfections.

Did you ever challenge your own life or the principles you follow?

Perhaps never.

But if it is so, it must yield self-improvement.

Reason #2:

Blaming others

The other main reason I believe people blame their circumstances.

Whatever people see unpleasant in their lives, they think circumstances are responsible for it. Due to this thinking, people don’t try to change their approach. And hence they could never change their lives. And in the end, they say that their circumstances didn’t allow them to change their lives.

No doubt there are too many things which certainly can’t be changed by themselves. Yet they forget that there are too many things which can be changed – can be made better. There are several things that are in the range of their will. They can amend them or mold them according to their own benefit.

But the fault lies here in our thinking. We never consider the things that are in the range of our will and always cry over the things which we can’t change.

That’s why we can never change our lives.

So change your approach and stop blaming the outward conditions. Step ahead to your inward improvement. That’s the only solution to all of your problems. Try to find out the space for improvements and growth.

So, in our routine life, our belief should be that nothing is perfect. So we can work on self-improvements at any time in life.

Self-improvement ideas to work on

Ways to change life

There are some steps to be followed by you, which can help you bring positive changes in your life. These self-improvement ideas, if followed, will literally change your life.

First of all, you have to decide to change your life. You have to think about improvements that can bring a new spirit to your life. You must prepare yourself for the necessary changes.

Maybe you have to change your routine. Perhaps you have to change your company and affiliations. It may require you to change your habits. And very possible to change your dogma.

In either case, you have to make a strong decision to change it. If you couldn’t decide, you can never get it done.

He who tries finds the way!

– Arabic Proverb

It’s a fact that those who actually decide from the heart to change their lives for better; they have all the abilities to bring any kind of change in their lives.

When you have prepared yourself for improvements, the next step starts.

You may have a question in mind that how can I change my life? It’s possible that you might be looking for the ways by which you can fascinate your soul. You might want to improve yourself so that you could satisfy your self. You might get tired of circumstances, and you don’t want to allow your circumstances to rule your life. You might have decided to live your life that way you ever dreamed for. If you are fond of self-improvement, you could achieve anything in life.

It’s possible that you don’t want to wait so long as people do in their life to wish for a good time. You have found the fact that nothing will change with time if you don’t make the struggle for it, and now you want to strive for that change – a positive change in personality and circumstances.

If you are ready for this struggle, you can really change everything in your life.

So after realizing the need to change your life, we just need to work on it. As Jim Kwik has said that every human being in this world has the same abilities, no one is special, and no one has anything different from others. That is what I believe for you.

There is nothing different in you from the person you feel special one; the only thing that makes people different from others is that they work on their plans.

They take action.

God or nature, whatever you believe in – gives equal opportunities to live a beautiful life, to live a dream life. The only requirement is to avail the opportunities to change lives positively.

Choose the areas for improvements

Areas of life to improve

As you change any aspect of life for the better, it has an impact on all other aspects of life. All our aspects of life are like a fist. If one aspect is weaker, than it has an impact on the others too.
That’s why we need to work on all of the aspects of life for self-improvement.

So you should know what aspects of life are there which you can change for the better and what you should do with the aspects you can’t change.

Before we go for the aspects which you can change for the better, we should discuss the aspects of life which you can’t change.

Improve your attitude towards ups & downs

Ups and downs

We all have ups and downs in life. There is no one who has not faced difficult times or who have not met pleasureful moments. Incidents and accidents are the times which you can’t change. And it’s possible that you met an accident. It was not your fault.

It’s not what happens to you, but how you react to it that matters. – Jim Rohn

We can’t change this kind of incidents and accidents, but we can improve our attitude towards these moments.

For example, someone lost a person he loved the most. It really can’t be changed, but the negative attitude one can have is if he thinks that why this happens to him all the time. And one has a positive attitude if he believes that incidents and accidents are part of everyone’s life. Anyone can suffer this time, so I did, I should think about the next.

The other example is that you’re striving hard to achieve life goals. But you failed  too many times.

The negative attitude will be if you start thinking that it’s your hard luck that you can’t achieve anything, as you tried hard this time, you should meet the goals but you couldn’t. So it’s just because of your hard luck or foolishness.

The other bright side of the failure is that if you think that you have learned from your mistakes. Thomas Edison tried dozens of times to make bulbs, but couldn’t succeed. But he never lost hope, and he said that he had learned the ways by which bulbs can’t be made.

It means it’s your attitude which you can change towards the matters which you can’t change.

Unlearn what you have already learned

You must unlearn what you have learned

While starting working on self-improvements, the first most essential hack is to unlearn what you have already learned because it is the previous knowledge that is not letting you succeed.

I can elaborate on it with an example. Suppose you want to achieve your goals. But your goals are so high that it seems impossible to achieve them. But someone else told you that he has achieved such goals in his life and you can too.

What will be your response? You’re lucky; you got a suitable environment and circumstances. Your situations were different. Actually, all of these are obstacles that your previous knowledge is creating for you because your previous knowledge isn’t allowing you to accept that you can achieve a goal that has been impossible for you.

So, if you want to improve your self, you must unlearn what you have learned.

Improve your belief system – the principles

Change belief system

Tony Robbins, the best-selling author, has said that whatever we do, we do under our own belief system.

And Ray Dalio, in his book “Principles” has said that the principles which we follow in our life mostly arise from our own failures and success and our elder’s experiences.

If you have often experienced good exposures in your life, you will consider yourself lucky. You will believe that life has a comparatively soft attitude with you in all the fields of life.

On the other hand, if you were suffering a lot in your life, you will consider yourself unlucky. And you will always believe that life is unfair with you in all the fields of life.

Actually, there is no real concept of luck and bad luck. It’s our attitude towards matters.

Let’s explain with an example.

If you consider yourself lucky, you have strong faith that if you will work on something, you will succeed. This belief will help you keep struggling even in the worst times. Because you believe that everything will suddenly get changed because you’re lucky. And it’s not a miracle that if you keep trying, you will definitely succeed.

On the other hand, if someone thinks that he is unlucky, his belief makes it so. If he works on something, he, in the beginning, has a belief that something will go wrong. He is afraid of failure. And he is actually visualizing and waiting for the failure.

How can you suppose that someone who is a failure, in the beginning, will get succeeded in the end?

So you must have strong faith in yourself.

From the above example, I mentioned, it’s clear how does the impact of faith will yield success in your life. You should change your attitude on your own. It’s clear that it will increase your confidence if you trust your own self.

If you believe that anything you want to succeed in, as you are interested in changing your life if you start thinking that you will change your life for the better, no one can really stop you from self-improvement.

You will notice that there is no role of circumstances in your life, there is no impact of hard times on your growth, actually, all the things you do, all the hard times you face are in your own. You decide which time is hard and when you were lucky.

So, just have good faith in your own and just work on your plans.

Here I want to mention that it’s possible that you might fail in improving something, it won’t happen to you; it happens to everyone.

There are too many examples from where you can notice that things go wrong in everyone’s lives, as I mentioned the example of Thomas Edison.

You can also read the life of Mr Honda, his struggles for the dream he had, I can guarantee you that you had not suffered that much. But he had faith in his own – in the dream he had. That’s why even when his factory was bombed twice, he collected the extra gasoline cans that U.S. fighters had discarded. And said that these are “gifts from President Truman” because they provided him with the raw material that was required but was not available in Japan at that time.

And now you can see the fruits of that attitude of Mr Honda.

It means that it’s only you who can really change your life, and when you believe in yourself, you will find all the possible ways that can help you in self-improvement.

Find a mentor & follow him

Importance of having a mentor

While working on self-improvement, when you’re clear about the fields in which you need improvements, then – first of all – you should find a mentor who can guide you to be the best version of yourself.

In most of the cases, I have noticed that people usually have the finest information about the fields. In the modern era, the data is on the fingertips. Whatever you want to learn – you can simply Google that term or Youtube it. You have the answer.

Most probably, you found this self-improvement guide the same way. But still, why aren’t people successful yet? Do you think the information is inaccurate? The methods and patterns aren’t appropriate?

That’s not true.

The available information is highly appreciable on the internet, but the problem is, people don’t have a mentor. Without a mentor, the information is like a raw material – that’s useless until someone teaches you the appropriate use of it.

It’s said that knowledge without proper guidance is like a snake hidden in the log, which may harm you anytime by misguiding you.

Who so ever the successful person across the world is just because of a mentor. For example, my mentor Tony Robbins was worthless unless he accepted Jim Rohn as his mentor. If you want to be purified inwardly, you are bound to get mentored by the experts of the age.

Luckily, Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi are trying to change the lives of millions with their life-changing program KBB Training. Although it’s a bit expensive, not everyone can afford it. But just imagine how you can’t achieve something when Tony Robbins is your mentor?

If you want to save your time and achieve anything in your life, then go ahead and avail this fantastic opportunity and live a life of dreams.

And after this, you have to listen, perceive, and follow your mentor carefully and enthusiastically. Soon the horizons of success would be opened for you.

Find your life aim and abilities

Find passion and purpose

If you ask me how you can improve your life? I will ask you to find your own life passion and purpose and achieve them. Because if you are looking for self-improvement, then you have to find the specific aim for which you are going to improve yourself.

Without having any goal to be achieved, how can you decide the aspects you need to improve. Your objectives and aims provide the framework for you. They determine what aspects of your personality are helpful to achieve your goal. They also pinpoint the weak areas you need to amend according to the demand of your work.

Hence you’re dependent on your goals for deciding the aspects should be retained or dismissed.

Improve your focus

focus better

As we already discussed that in real life, there are always ups and downs. No one has the exception of the routine. So you will definitely suffer from the issues you won’t want to.

Hard times will demotivate you; you will feel depressed. Can you bring positive changes in your life in such a situation? Can you go for the self-improvements techniques while you are depressed?

No, you won’t! It will yield the philosophy of lucky and unlucky! And as I said, nothing is being lucky and unlucky.

Now the questions arise that what you should do in such situations? How successful people achieve their goals without being depressed? Because they always focus on the pleasures of the results.

If your focus is on the pleasures of the fruits you’re going to achieve in the end; you won’t give much value to the pains you’re suffering at the moment.

You will believe that this shall too pass. So, it’s essential to learn how to focus better.

Improve your mental approach

Change approach

When you’re working for self-improvement and personal development, it’s compulsory to work on your way of thinking.

The way you’re thinking might not be the best. How can you go for the best? You will definitely find the best if you surround yourself with the people who can challenge your ways of thinking and can tell you some other ways to think.

If you have decided to go for the change, then you must keep in mind that people can misguide you, or even you yourself can misguide you. So, to achieve better results, you should follow the following rules.

  1. Be a good listener: Stephen Covey said that it’s one of the 7 habits of highly effective people. It’s tough to be a good listener. We don’t want to listen to other’s opinions, then how can we get their point of view? How can we improve ourselves?
    To find better ways to think, you just have to listen to other’s opinions. So be a good listener, listen to others to get their points, not to defend your own.
  2. Be a good analyzer: If you keep listening to someone, your mind will find the reasons to have faith in the person. But on some other day, someone else can ruin your ideas. So, before believing in something, you must listen to the opinions of the other as well, and then be an excellent analyzer to find the better one.
  3. Be a good learner: Even you surround yourself with great minds, you won’t improve your self if you’re not a good learner. You should keep in mind that you’re a learner in your whole life. And you can learn anything from anyone, even from the foolish ones.

Develop curious

Be curious

The important thing is to not stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing.

– Albert Einstein

Do you know what makes creative people different from the others? It’s curiosity.

So when you’re struggling for self-growth, you can’t forget this aspect of life. I firmly believe that creative people have a comparatively easy life. So, be curious about all the things around you.

Look for the reasons for the things. Question the motives and find the answers to your questions you raised.

Accompany yourself with good friends

Good friends company

Here, by good friends, I mean all the things which are favorable for your growth. It can be:

  • People: Accompany yourself with the people who are motivating you for the self-improvement, who can understand that learning never ends, and this valuable life should not be wasted in discussing people! It’s better to discuss the versatility and varieties of life. Otherwise, it’s better not to accompany the people who are demotivating you or wasting your time.
  • Books: For books, I recommend you to read anything you find in your field or other than your fields. At least you learn the best of all times in philosophy and psychology and the areas, you’re working in. The books will help you grow up and will keep you motivated. You will become more curious than ever.
  • Environment: No environment is good or bad, but favorable for some people and unfavorable for some others. So, if you feel that you can’t survive in your environment, you should change it. You should find a better environment for you, which can help you in self-improvement.

Improve your appearance

Look better

Fake it until you make it.

Sometimes it’s very important to change your outward personality. You can change your life if you are capable of changing your outlook according to the demand of your company and your profession.

You should possess a lively charm in your outlook. Your outlook increases your acceptance. Effective personality has its own impact. You should dress up according to the situation. Your selection of colors should highlight your personality.

Apparently, it doesn’t seem much important. But it’s certainly a thing worth mentioning.

Learn to love yourself

Self care

According to Dean Graziosi, in his book “Millionaire success habits” it’s habits which make people successful or unsuccessful. If you change your habits, you can change anything. In change, it can be your physical change or mental approach.

So it’s found that successful people are habitual of loving themselves.

They love their existence, their appearance, their way of working, and thinking. So you should love yourself and adopt the habits which successful people do in their lives for themselves.

For example, all the successful people are conscious about their:

  • Food
  • Exercise
  • Meditation

So, while struggling for the self-improvement, you can’t forget these three areas of life.

Exercise releases depression and strengthens your muscles. And the right food won’t get you into trouble.

Meditation, on the other hand, empowers your connection with the soul and helps you improve your focus.

Learn prior management

Learn prior management

It’s essential to learn prior management. Because when you know what you should do first and what you even shouldn’t do, then it not only increases your productivity but also releases stress.

Make a plan every day, or every night for the next day, what things you will do first – a must-to-do list.

On that plan, you won’t compromise at any cost. In the prior management, I not only mean to set priorities but to minify as well. You should also know what’s unnecessary and should not take your valuable time.

I think “Eat That Frog” by Brian Tracy can be the best book to learn prior-management.

Just like social media, all of this kind of things that kills your precious time should be avoided. Because it takes time, and it distracts you from achieving your life goals.

Learn to say no

Learn to say no

I have found that when we don’t learn to say no to unnecessary matters, unimportant people, we waste our time and lose focus.

These are distractions that won’t let you improve yourself. So, you must decide what’s essential for the time. Only go for that.

Improve your relationships

Make your relationship beautiful and long-lasting

It’s self-evident that we think of changing a life when we are not satisfied with our present situations.

Along with many other factors, this boredom maybe because of our emotional loneliness.

The man is a social animal.

Being human, we need to be loved and care about. And necessarily there are some people to whom we love and care about. We want to share our joys and sorrows with them. And when we lack this sharing, we feel chaos within ourselves. This emptiness minimizes our happiness and intensifies our tensions.

So it’s but natural to seek the company of our family, relatives or friends. And if you want to turn the emptiness of your life to fulfillment; you have to empower and beautify your relations.

Give the due place and space to every relation.
It will make you feel more excited and encouraged. You will feel a significant change in your life.

Find the reason behind self-improvement

Find a reason for self-improvement

We always need a reason to do something; it can be internal or external motivation – love or hate.

Why do you want to change your lifestyle? There must be a reason; find that reason.

Find a more significant reason and remember it for every moment. You should never forget that you’re struggling for a reason, and the reason will never let you down.

When we have stronger reasons and clear results, we habitually work for the matters in our lives.

List of Books On Self-Improvement: (Top 5 for women & men)

There is a list of books on self-improvement for women and men to start with. I have personally read all these and found useful for all those who want to improve their lives.

If you can’t pay for a life-changing program KBB by Tony Robbins, then surely, these books will be a better start. It will take time, but surely you will find your way!

  1. Awaken The Giant Within
  2. The Richest Man In Babylon: Original Edition
  3. The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People
  4. Eat That Frog
  5. Think & Grow Rich
  6. How To Win Friends & Influence People
  7. Men Are From Mars Women Are From Venus
  8. The Compound Effect

Final thoughts

To sum up the discussion, it could be said that change is essential for improvement.

In this universe, survival is only for the fittest. So you should make yourself more appropriate and acceptable.

The people who don’t like to change themselves for better are nothing more than the torn out pieces of something that could play no vital role neither for themselves nor for the rest of the world.

So by following the ways mentioned above, be improved, be useful, and be the best version of yourself.

I would certainly like it if you share your ideas about how you think about self-improvements.