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5 Glaring Obstacles That Don’t Let You Succeed In Life


I was not born rich but learned to be the one- I was not born successful and competent. I had an ordinary life with a lot of excuses as most people have. That’s why I can better understand why most people do not succeed in life but a few get succeeded.

Trust me or not, there is no role of luck and there is no rocket science behind the success.
I use to believe that it’s a step by step journey.

Those who possess the success factors and follow the right steps required in success are always successful in their lives. And the rest of the people – I mean majority – never feel the pleasure of success. They never acquaint with success.

There are a few reasons that are hindering people from achieving any life goals. Let’s discuss the reasons that are the main constraints of a successful journey and that cause failure.

Top reasons for not succeeding in life:

I’m a part of this society, I’m a person like you and I have deeply observed these reasons that don’t let people achieve their life purposes. The main reasons that I have observed behind failures are as follows.

  1. The wrong track
  2. Environment
  3. Attachments
  4. Programming
  5. Expertise

#1. The wrong track

First of all, let me know what do you want to do in your life? Did you find the life goal that will make you satisfied with your life? Because it’s also an issue with most of the unsuccessful people that they don’t know what they want to do with their life. Now let’s say, you have found your life goals using the practical method to find life goals.

Now, just imagine are you doing the right things? Just keep the goal in mind and imagine the way by which it can be achieved. Are you on the right track? Do you find yourself struggling to achieve that lifestyle?

Probably not.

In most cases, as I observed, people don’t priorities the right things. People have a list of excuses that I have a family, I have a job, I don’t have the right set of skills, I don’t have money. But the truth is, there is no such truth like that. If you’re committed to achieving something you will find all the possible ways to achieve that goal.

How to avoid it?

When you’re committed to change your life and you’re clear about living the life that you dream for.

The only solution to this problem is to travel on the right track. You may have a family, you have problems in your life. It’s not important. Jim Rohn has said, everyone has problems the important thing is how you deal with the problems.

So, whatever your issues are, you must learn to prioritize things and save time for your dreams.

#2. Environment

Effect of surroundings

Man is the creation of an environment.
The environment has a great impact on our lives. People from different regions have different attitudes. It’s because of their environments.

In most of the cases, the environment doesn’t allow people to succeed in their lives. Look, no environment is bad but the thing is, either your environment allows you to achieve your dream or not?

If it’s suitable, that’s great – but if it’s not – you must change it.

#3. Attachments

Effect of 5 people on you by Jim Rohn

Your attachments have a great impact on your life. If you’re not surrounded by the right people – the motivated people – you’re not gonna succeed.

In research, it was found that we have a great influence on the 5 people we spend most of the time with.

It means the 5 people with whom you discuss your financial matters has a great impact on your financial life. So if they aren’t committed and well educated, you won’t be anymore.

How to avoid it?

The simple answer is to change your attachments. It doesn’t matter how close people are with you. If they are not the right persons that can assist in your financial, personal, or relationship goals, then at least don’t discuss the matter with them.

For example, never discuss your relationship issues with a guy who has already been broken in a relationship.

#4. Programming

Dr Bruce Lipton has said that our 95% of life comes from our unconscious programming. As we are programmed in our learning time up to the early 7 years of our life. It means whatever we are told in the first 7 years of our life, we are gonna live that life till the end.

But the problem is, according to Simon Sinek, our parents don’t have parenting skills.

We are not taught what we must be taught at an early age. Because an early age can better decide our future.

After that, as Robert Kiyosaki has said the schooling system “a scam”, we come to the school, where we are well trained to get a job and pay for the bills. We are not told how we can find the life goals that won’t let us regret at the deathbed. That’s all our programming.

How can you expect that in such a situation, one can ever think of self-satisfaction and self-education?

How to avoid it?

Luckily, you thought about it – and fortunately, you can reprogram your mind to live a life that you want to. Dr Bruce Lipton has a special video on reprogramming your unconscious.

It’s a truth that whatever we tell ourselves our mind tries to make it happen. That’s your negative words that have a great impact on your life. So, when you want to reprogram your mind then you will need to visualise yourself at a position wherever you want to see yourself. Do it on a daily basis and believe in it. It will help you change the negative mindset that’s not allowing you to succeed in life.

#5. Expertise

Effect of expertise on success by Junaid Raza

I strongly believe that it’s one of the most common reasons for all of the unsuccessful people. People fail because they lack expertise in their fields. They even don’t want to learn it.

For example, which field do you want to improve in life? Let’s say – its relationships. You want to beautify your relationship with your spouse or someone else. Right?

What if I ask you to learn it on your own? No Christlike will come to improve your relationships. How are you feeling now? Are you passionate to learn it?

Then you’re lucky.

Because the majority of the people who have suffered failures a lot are those who don’t even want to learn from the mistakes. They are waiting for someone who will change their lives. And it will never happen.

How to avoid it?

First of all, decide what do you want to do. Where do you want to succeed? Then you must believe that only you can change your situation and it’s you behind your deprivations. If you won’t accept it – you won’t take the responsibility, it means you’re not gonna succeed.

After that, imagine the track you’re gonna chose to achieve that specific goal. What skills do you need to learn? From whom you should learn? How will you implement your learnings? What mistakes you were making and how you won’t again?

Be very clear about everything. And after that stick to your goals. Learn to improve your focus so that nothing could stop you from succeeding.
And after that, no one could stop you from succeeding.

By the way, what has been the reason behind your failures? You once faced. Don’t hesitate to share because every success story has a failure story as well. Even someone who is succeeding today must have a failure story as well. What about you?