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How You Can Make Money With A Blog

How You Can Make Money With A Blog

It’s not hard to make money online with a blog, you just need to follow the right steps. Before I discuss the right steps to make money with a blog. Let me tell you why most of the people can’t make money with blogging. So that it would be clear to you either you’re gonna make money with your blog or not? Because it’s always essential to know why most of the people fail.

There are over billions of blogs but not everyone is making money with blogging. Majority of the people can’t earn money with blogging because they don’t follow the right way to earn with blogging.

Reasons why people can’t earn money with a blog:

There are some vivid reasons that won’t let you make money with a blog. You might already know but now it’s important to learn these reasons carefully.

People don’t make money when,

  1. They haven’t learned to blog
  2. They aren’t experts
  3. They were in a hurry

They haven’t learned to blog:

It’s one of the most common reasons that don’t let people make money with a blog. It’s like other businesses if you don’t learn you can’t be successful. And as you learn it, you find the most useful ways to make money with a blog.

They aren’t experts:

Your expertise decides your success. If you don’t have the expertise it will require far more struggle to succeed. It makes people fed up.
So, if you don’t want to fed up, you need to have experts or hire experts. For example, you might need a freelance writer and an SEO expert at least.

Let’s say when you properly learn to make money with Instagram from an expert, you can easily earn with Instagram with a few followers.

They were in a hurry:

It’s also one of the most common reasons that don’t let people succeed. Patience is the key factor to success. People in a hurry never get their life goals – if they really have any. Because people who have life goals – they know their value and don’t want to lose at any cost.

Hope you already have a blog, but if you don’t have any, let me tell you briefly how you can also have a blog whether free or paid.

Start a free blog:

If you’re an expert at something and you want to share your ideas with people. And you don’t have money. Then you can definitely a free blog at Blogger. There are too many articles and videos available that will help you set up a free blog at Blogger. You can also set up a custom domain on your blogger blog. For example, you had a free blog with URL example.blogspot.com you can also add your custom domain example.com or whatever you wish to- for free on your blog.

Start a paid blog:

When you are serious about making money from a blog, you must be ready for investment. Although your time, too, is an investment now you will also require to pay for the domain and hosting. I use Godaddy for domains and Hostinger for the hosting. You can also check their offers available right here.

After that – I recommend you to use WordPress because it has a lot of free plugins for everything you want to do with your blog. In a couple of minutes, your blog will be live.

Ways to make money with a blog:

Now let’s discuss what are the guaranteed ways to make money with a blog.

Use Google Adsense:

It’s one of the most effective and easy ways to make some handsome money from a blog. You just need to run your blog so that you have some traffic. After that apply for Google Adsense and generate money through your blog.

You must remember that Google doesn’t love tricky guys and it won’t work if you’re in a hurry. You need to be humble and must follow Google Adsense Policies to make some handsome money.

There can be a question in your mind how much money can you make from your blog. It depends on your niche. If your website’s niche is of high CPC. It means you will make money for each click.

So, you should try to work for the keywords with high CPC. You can use Google’s KeywordPlanner to check CPC’s.

Use Affiliate Marketing:

It’s also one of the most popular ways to make money through a blog. When you have a blog and you’re getting some traffic (and you know how to convert people to buy your products) then it can generate you thousands of thousands of dollars. Because you can sell expensive products to get high commissions.

If you’re interested to try Affiliate marketing then you must learn it first. After learning, you should try Amazon affiliate program to earn money with your blog.


If you’re working on some specific niche then you can make some handsome amount from your blog with advertising others blogs and products. No matter they get sales or not. You will get a fixed amount. But it will require huge traffic to be eligible for the criteria.

Sponsored posts:

You can also use sponsored posts to make money from a blog. When you have high DA and appealing Alexa rank – high traffic. Then you can make sponsored posts to generate revenue from your blog as you can do on Facebook to make money.

Instead of using any platform you should contact the companies on your own – not to get a penalty for any spammy website. Because when you use a platform to make sponsored posts, there are some chances that you will face some penalty because it’s possible that the other website is involved is spamming. So it’s always better to pick the right companies that are according to the niche.

If you have tried any of the above-mentioned ways to make money with a blog, then share your exposure with us. And if you want someone to make a livelihood from a blog, share this information with your fellow.