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How To Make Money With Facebook? (It’s Easier Than You Think)


Facebook is a platform where you can start earning more than $500 by spending about an hour each day without any investment. It is no longer a secret to be unfolded, but with a sensible approach and some hard work it can become a very reliable source of income.

Facebook has over a billion users thus making it one of the most popular social networks to be used to promote any business or service.

How to Earn money from Facebook?

The following steps will come in handy if you want to learn to earn money using Facebook.

Boost your brand name and create sales with the help of Facebook marketing to achieve unprecedented growth for your business.

1. Create an Eye-catching Facebook Profile

Ensure that your profile picture, cover image and your detailed information section is properly made. With a professional profile picture and a complete ‘about’ section gives people credibility to round up your personality.

When someone knows and trusts you they are willing to hear about your business and give ‘Likes’ very generously. Create a fan page about your interests too like travelling or reading etc.

2. Post Publicity on Facebook

Your aim is to inform your friends about your business or service that you provide.

Let them know how you can help them through your business. Your punch line should be attractive enough to appeal to people. Let your account build up an audience over time by providing new and relevant content almost every day.

3. Make Proper Use of Facebook Messenger

This is even better than an email. If you have already conversed with a prospect and want to talk again on the issue, you can do so by reviewing your previous conversation. Whenever you speak to a friend make sure that you re-establish your friendship first as you would not like them to feel that you are reaching out to them only for business purposes.

Chat about your products or services only if asked. You could even find an affiliate program or some other link type program for advertising as they pay you a commission based on the business you generate. Examples are Amazon affiliate program or Apple’s iTunes program.

4. Send Messages Based on Previous Conversations

In case of a realtor, you can keep sending them details of different homes keeping their requirements in mind. This will help to keep you in their memory. Keep the conversation going by responding to their queries if any. If they respond, you can thank them for their response and send additional information like videos, pictures and other details

5. Increase the number of friends if you want to make money on Facebook

Facebook’s Graph Search enables you to open their entire database so it is up to you to spend some time to build relationships. With over a billion users Facebook offers an unlimited amount of people to connect with you.

Be aggressive and simply keep adding people as friends as often as possible. Some will accept while others will not.

6. Keep in Touch

You stay in touch on Facebook by interacting with your friend’s post and posting quality content on yours. It is just a matter of time before friends start asking for your products.

Make sure that you balance between posting quality content that is personal and business as failure to balance will result in failure to impress your friends.

The right option is to have 80% personal posts with 20% business posts. When you interact with your friend’s post, your business feeds automatically appear in their newsfeed giving the impression that you are not just marketing your product but interacting like a true friend. This will definitely help to make money on Facebook.

7. Create Groups for Inspiration and Support

Start a group on Facebook and post one everyday or make it at least five times a week. It could be anything from a question, picture, video or simply some words of motivation. Like or give comments on your friend’s posts too. You can just do about anything in groups as they are like live events happening all day. You can make good money on Facebook if you manage and motivate a group the right way.

8. Commit Yourself to Earn on Facebook

Persistent hard work is the only way to make money on Facebook. Organize yourself and plan a schedule and stick to it. It is more of a number game since marketing on Facebook costs nothing but your time. You could market to your heart’s content and see the statistics and percentages work beginning with just a penny at a time.

If you already are making money with Facebook then let us which techniques do you prefer and how you maximize your sales. Speak your mind in the opinion box.