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Top 4 Lessons I Learned From Bad Experiences In My Life


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Some moments of our life become a lesson for us. We all face many life-changing moments or accidents in life. But the victorious is one who learns some lessons from these incidents.

It is reality that bad experiences are more precious in our life. Because we learn a lot from adversities. Birds learn to fly more effectively in opposing winds.

I myself, love the people who learned a lot from their failures before they have got an ultimate success.

That’s why I always try to discover the hidden lessons from common incidents of my life. I have suffered and experienced a lot of things in my life; some bad exposures and some positive vibes.

And hence there are some lessons that I learned from bad experiences of my life. Some of these lessons changed up my life upto 180 degrees.

As the people who have already read any of my articles on my blog has a great acquaintance that I have an aim to change the lives of the people who even don’t know what they want to do in their lives or what exactly they should do in their lives.

So here I am going to share these life-changing lessons so that you may take good decisions in your life.

Lesson #1: Nothing is permanent so don’t engage too much.

Lesson from life - Inspirational quotes on permanency by Junaid Raza

It’s one of the most important lessons that I learned from bad experiences of my life.

Nothing is permanent.

Joyful moments or the pathetic moments finally come to an end. Your hatred, your loves, your affiliations, your expectations, your emotions; every thing diminishes with the passage of time.

The dreams may become your passions at a moment and the very few moments later may become a futile image in your view.

Similarly whatever you’re doing isn’t permanent, your life won’t be the same for the next 5 or 10 years.

So I have learned that we should not give more than necessary value to anything; not even in relationships.

We usually see that most of the young people get involved in relationships and on breakup they think it’s an end of their lives.

And it never remains the same.

We notice that some people due to temporary attachments or losses get too much emotional.

For example, on a failure or temporary benefits, especially the youth destroy their relationships with their most precious friends; and for that, they regret later.

So always keep in mind that nothing could be permanent and decide your matters with a mind free from momentary emotions.

Lesson #2: Nothing is impossible so never quit trying.

Life lesson on impossible by Junaid Raza

This is the other lesson that I learned from bad experiences of my life that nothing is impossible. The only thing that is impossible for you is just an illusion of your mind.

For example, what do you believe is impossible for you? I mean to say what you think you can’t do?

Find out either that is already done or not? If someone else has already done it, it means there is at least one possible way by which you can achieve that goal.

So, it’s not actually impossible.

Tony Robbins says that it’s the story you tell to yourself that can stop you from achieving anything. For example, if you keep telling yourself that you can’t achieve your goal, you won’t because you’re telling yourself a story that you can’t do.

So always work on your plans hopefully and never ignore the possibilities.

Lesson #3: Everything has a replacement so don’t overestimate yourself.

Lesson I learned from life replacement by Junaid Raza

All of us, overestimate ourselves in at least some matters.

For example, you can think you’re the best general manager of your company and you’re running the company. You can think you’re the best in skill and no one can compete you. You can think as you’re running your family so without you they can’t survive.

All of these are common examples when we overestimate ourselves.

My Boss convinced me that his institution will not be destroyed without me. So I never think like this.

The lesson changed my life and so it can yours.

While taking decisions about any matter you should never overestimate yourself and it will help you make good decisions.

Even any relationship, any ideal or any philosophy ___ nothing is the last.

An alternative is always there.

So while planning for your success, never think that the available conditions are final. Alternatives should be kept in mind. They help to prepare a plan B instantly.

Lesson #4: The less we perform; the more we are worried.

Life lesson - Performance quotes by Junaid Raza

I have learned that most of the time, people are worried just because they don’t want to take actions.

The research can assist my lesson that 90 per cent of the people who have goals can’t achieve their goals because they don’t take actions.

It’s a common issue in routine life as well.

If you analyse yourself then you can realise that you’re only worried when you yourself don’t want to work on the matter.

Just think for a while, about any matter you have been worried about; did you think to make a plan to solve the issue?

For most of the times, I don’t think so. So whenever you are prepared to think about any matter and take actions it means you won’t worry because you will be hopeful that somehow you will solve the issue. But you remain passive if you are continuously worrying about side effects.

Keep in mind that being worried never gives the solution. Action gets the problems solved.

Final thoughts:

We all are humans so we all have exposures of our lives.

No matter good or bad, every experiences try to teach us a lesson. I have shared the top 4 lessons which I have learnt from my life.

Gladly want to know what are the lessons that you have learned from your life?


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