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8 Practical Steps To Become Famous On Instagram

8 Practical Steps To Become Famous On Instagram

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How to become famous on Instagram

You must have already tried to become famous on Instagram but couldn’t succeed that’s why you want to learn how to become famous on Instagram? Right?

I’m still glad for you that you’re trying to learn it because if you had not thought to learn how to become famous on Instagram you were never gonna do it but you will have a lot of excuses for it.

Luckily, you’re not gonna be one of those who usually have lame excuses of not achieving something but have the courage to accept the failure and turn it into a success.

First of all, let me make it clear for you that nothing is impossible however, no valuable thing is easy to achieve.

If you believe that something miraculous will change your fate then you’re gonna waste your time. No rule will get changed for you. But fortunately, success always has it’s blueprints if you follow them you can also be successful.

Making a long story short, the open secret to success is following the steps to success. So here are the steps that make people famous on Instagram.

Step #1. Set goals for your Instagram page

Set goals for your Instagram page

Don’t just scroll down without giving it your full attention. Either you want to become famous on Youtube or Instagram or any other platform it’s one of the most important factors that will decide either you will become famous on Instagram or not. It’s like a roadmap that you will decide on your journey. A roadmap makes your journey easier and lessens your efforts.

So, before starting an Instagram page. You should be crystal clear about your goals. What you will do on the page and why you want people to love your work?

How beneficial or helpful you will be for your audience? Because people will only love you or follow you if you add some value to their lives.

If you’re an entertainer or a coach then surely nothing will stop you become famous on Instagram. Because most of the people on the internet are either looking for entertainment or some information.

So it’s important to set goals for your page if you want to get fame. If you’re not clear about setting goals then this guide will assist you to set and achieve SMART goals.

Affiliate marketing: Requirements for optimal results on Facebook

Since its emergence in the United States, affiliate marketing goes up to full speed to his hour of glory. For the simple reason that this win-win sales technique is becoming more practical and profitable for companies. Always evolving, this process is very successful on various e-marketing media. Websites, e-mail, social networks such as Facebook, all these channels are ideal to increase visibility. Especially for Facebook, simply follow the tips on this item and on https://www.lemonads.com/blog/facebook-page-affiliate-marketing/ to assimilate its workings. Also, the users of these networks currently include billions, one more reason to make the most of it to boost your business. 

The right steps to take to ensure the effectiveness of a Facebook affiliate

As an affiliate, if you hit a lot of users through your publications, you make your audience profitable.  More you engage them, more likely you are to increase your revenue. But to take advantage of this bargain, here are some steps to follow: 

  • Create a Facebook page: before you make some additional revenues on Facebook, you should create your own page.It is recommended to refine it based on your objectives, the theme or the activity of an advertiser.
  • Collect feedback from your followers: be creative and involved to mobilize your sufficient community. To get likes, be creative by using hashtags, photos or videos that evoke emotion. 
  • Choose and publish your posts at the right time to get your followers to interact. However, it is important to know the characteristics of your audience. By posting at a time when the majority of your subscribers are online, it is possible to get immediate engagement. 

What you should avoid for not to endorse his strategy

To make your affiliate marketing work, avoid the following mistakes:
Advice for affiliates:

  • Planifier et soigner vos publications ainsi que vos liens ; 
  • Carefully choose the advertiser you want to network with or convert as many prospects as possible; 
  • Instead of promoting a single ad, gather new offers and potential advertisers. 
    Advice for advertisers: 
  • Create your ad by following Facebook’s policy carefully: image, title, eye-catching incentive ; 
  • Once your campaign is launched, take advantage of other sales channels besides Facebook such as a Blog, another social network or a YouTube channel; 
  • Since this is paid advertising, be sure to estimate your budget before launching your Facebook affiliate program. 

Step #2. Keywords (hashtags) research

Hashtags research When you’re clear about your goals, the next important thing is keyword research. Surely, you are crystal clear about your goals and niche. So now it’s another important thing that you need to work on to become famous on Instagram.

Because while optimising your account, it’s recommended to insert your main keywords in a username (if not a brand name), bio and everywhere else wherever it can be used.

Why is keyword (hashtag) research important?

It may arise in your mind that why is this important to do hashtag research when you want to become famous on Instagram? It’s important because there are over a billion monthly active users of Instagram. They are always looking for some great content available on the platform. They usually search with keywords, they follow hashtags they love the most, and if you didn’t optimise your account for the keywords, you will miss a great chance to get free traffic from Instagram search.

You will only get a portion of your own followers, somehow you managed to attain. And that portion is is like drop in the ocean.

There is another important question that may strike on the walls of your mind why you should do hashtag research for Instagram when you know many relevant words?

Actually, that’s true that you know many of the hashtags that you may use in your posts and account. But it’s still important because you might only use the keywords that are difficult as hell to rank for. You just need a single life for those keywords.

Making a long story short, you will not get a bit of organic traffic if you haven’t spent time on keywords research.

How to do keyword research for your Instagram account?

Hope that now you’re well acquainted with the significance of keyword research. Now you will be ready to go for it. There are important steps for your keyword research.

  1. Finding hashtags
  2. Chose the most suitable ones

Finding hashtags:

You must keep the value of keyword research in your mind so that I’m emphasising a lot about it. So don’t get in a hurry to see what else you should do.

In the first step, you will need to find all the hashtags that are relevant to you. If you’re in trouble to Imagine what’s the relevant ones for your niche. Then just search for a famous account that is offering your services or is working under your niche. That account must be using keywords, roundabout 11 per post.

You will get a better idea about which hashtags you would use for your account.

After that, you can simply find hashtags for your account on the Instagram search box. Put the main keyword in the search box and you will get hashtags that people usually search for.

Otherwise, simply use any of the apps that manage the same job for you. You just put a keyword and you will get dozens of the relevant hashtags. For your convenience, they usually offer the button to copy the hashtags.

Chose the most suitable ones:

This is another most important step on which your success will depend. Now you have to figure out which ones are the most suitable ones for your post. Because you can only use 30 hashtags in a single post. Most of the experts use to believe that you should only use 12 hashtags because they have an experience that posts with 11-15 hashtags rank higher than the other ones.

Before deciding your most suitable 12 hashtags you should try to notice the search volume and number of posts available.

Search for every hashtag in the Instagram search box. Notice how many posts are there. And how frequently people are posting under that hashtag?

If there are too many posts with a high amount of likes and comments and there are tons of posts in the last few hours. Don’t waste time there. Only chose the hashtags with fewer posts up to some thousands or million but not updated frequently.

If you chose such keywords then you will see the results in the first few hours if you follow the remaining steps of the optimising your account and post.

Actually,  some of my posts ranked within a few minutes because the hashtags were easy to rank for.

Step#3. Create and optimise your page

Create and optimise Instagram account

Although I just suppose that now you have some content and you want to create an Instagram page where you will post your content to reach the right audience.

Here is the procedure to create and optimise your Instagram page.

  1. ~ Sign up for Instagram using your email or phone number or Facebook profile
  2. ~ Pick username relevant to your niche or your brand name (you can change it later)
  3. ~ Switch to a professional account from settings
  4. ~ Add your details like website and contact details.
  5. ~ Add a bio and use your keywords and relevant text in the bio section.

After creating your page, when you make a post. You need to add a relevant caption. Here you should use relevant text to your photo or video

Try to use your words in the text for which you want to rank. I have noticed that using your keywords helps you attain good positions.

Insert your hashtags in the comment box. You can either add your hashtags in the caption but many experts suggest that using hashtags in the first comment is better because hashtags are for the algorithm not for your audience.

Step #4. Focus on the quality of the content

Focus on quality content

This step that I think deserves to be the first one, will decide either you will become famous on Instagram or not. Because even after doing a great job at optimizing your content, if you don’t provide valuable content to your audience then everything is gonna be in vain.

Now let me explain why I didn’t rank this step as the first one.

I don’t want you to overthink about it. You see that people are making amazing videos in your niche. They have nailed it. You make a video or a photo that doesn’t meet that standard, then don’t worry. Give your best this time and try to improve the next one.

At least there should be a huge difference between your 10th video and the first one.

Although it’s not recommended to put your scratch on Instagram, you only go for whatever is your best this time.

Things will change and improve, you will learn many things from people. Your audience reaction will make you understand how you can improve, but if you won’t start today then you just can’t imagine how much worthy you’re and what you can be.

Step #5. Get your first 10000 followers

Followers on your page

The new account doesn’t get followers by chance. And your first 10K followers are the most important ones.

There are some guaranteed ways to get your first 10,000 followers on your Instagram page.

  1. Steal your competitor’s followers (free method)
  2. Ask influencers (paid but cheap)
  3. Promote (fast but expensive)

1. Steal your competitor’s followers

It’s one of the methods that you can use to get your first thousands of followers.

Find any famous account under your niche. Find their competitors and follow them. Don’t do this too much. Because you may get banned.

Follow up to 50 people per day but not all in seconds. Follow them as a genuine user.

2. Ask influencers

There are many influencers who will be to promote your account and ask their followers to follow you and share it others. They will charge a small amount per share, sometimes you can convince them for a gift.

You can see this girl’s story how got followers and started making money with Instagram with just 1200 followers.

3. Promote

It’s another effect and fast way to get followers. If you want to become famous on Instagram overnight then this one is for you.

You can simply promote your account via Instagram and reach the right audience within a few minutes and be famous on Instagram overnight. You will get followers within no time and become famous fast if you have money in your pocket.

Step #6. Monitor everything on your page

Monitor your progress

If you want to see what’s working and what’s not then you should surely monitor your Instagram page. Monitoring is one of the most important steps to success.

You should start your personal journal. Where you will write everything you noticed on your account. Look, we are human and we forget. So this journal will be your asset.

What you should monitor on your page?

Glad you found this question useful because really it is.

You should monitor your:

1. Hashtags

In your journal you should clearly mention which kind of hashtags worked for you and how did you find them? Did you find those hashtags from your competitor’s analysis or your audience used it and it helped you rank?

2. Content

It’s also important to note that what kind of content is working and what’s not? Do people like your videos mixed with some humour? Which information you shared worked well and got high responses.

Because this will help you make more such videos.

3. Responses

Responses can be either positive or negative. But both are very essential and beneficial for you. Don’t forget criticism makes you better if you use that information appropriately.

So analysing your audience response will help you get valuable information to become famous on Instagram.

4. Audience

Getting an appreciation isn’t enough to become famous on Instagram. Famous people have much more data about their audience. So you’re required to do.

You should start collecting data about your audience, about their interests, their region and languages. Because you will be better able to provide them with more relevant and valuable content. You could better about to relate your content with them. And hence it will make your audience loyal fans.

Step #7. Be active and consistent:

Be active and consistent

Maybe, you’re a celebrity and you want to become famous on Instagram. You might already have your audience on any other social media platform that you will convert to this one but still, people will only love when you’re active enough to respond to them.

People love real accounts if your page is a dead one, you’re not responding to them, people will find your arrogant.

It doesn’t mean that you’re not gonna be famous. You will surely get likes from your loyal fans but not the other ones like your account.

So be active and real. Respond to their comment genuinely and win their hearts.

Step #8. Never give up

Please never give up and I mean it.

As your account is new. You might not get so much positive response from the people. Although, if you share something that got viral then it will make your day. But it doesn’t happen frequently. Not everyone becomes famous with viral videos, some earn it with hard work.

So if you’re not getting viral in the early days then don’t get disappointed. Things will change and you will get your turn.

Bonus tip: How to become Instagram famous without talent

What do you think can you become famous on Instagram without talent?

Yes, you can surely become famous on Instagram without having talent. Because you simply make fun of other talent or share your journey to learn the talent.

Let’s say, you strived to find your passion & purpose in life and started learning it. You can share how’s your journey and what mistakes people shouldn’t make to learn that specific field.

The only important thing to become famous on Instagram or any other social media is that you add value to people’s lives. If you can help people or entertain them to forget their worries for a while then surely you’re gonna become one of the most famous people on the internet.

If you will honestly follow the steps I mentioned above you will surely become famous on Instagram. After applying all this, please come back and share with us what you have experienced with your Instagram page.