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14 Crystal Clear Signs Your Spouse Is Cheating


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You might feel annoying or disturbed to know that cheating is natural. Whoever gets a chance, all of them cheat, no matter to what extent.

So if you suspect that your spouse is cheating on you, then most probably that’s true.

But if you’re in between the situation & you want to explore your relationships with clear signs of cheating. The following in-depth article on signs your partner is cheating will help you understand everything about your relationship.

We will also look at the reasons & solutions that can help you avoid infidelity and make your relationship great.

Here are the vivid signs your spouse is cheating.

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Password protected gadgets (phones & computers)

We spend most of our time on gadgets. In a research RescueTime, it was found that commonly we spend 3 hours and 15 minutes on our phone. And the top 20% spend 4 hours and a half on their phones.

Even 4 hours & a half is higher time for married couples, but cheaters also spend more than that on their phones.

That’s not over yet.

Cheaters keep their phones & computers password protected to avoid any mishap. So if your significant other is spending a lot of time on the phone & the phone is always password protected.

And when you try to access the phone or your partner’s social media accounts, your partner takes a little time to remove some call logs or delete messages before offering you.

Then there are over 90% chances that your significant other is cheating on you.

Sexual or emotional dissatisfaction

In research, it was found that most often, men cheat due to sexual dissatisfaction & women cheat due to emotional dissatisfaction.

So if your husband isn’t satisfied sexually, then he is more likely to cheat, although some husbands are habitual of cheating. I call them cheater husbands of category A.

Your wife can cheat when she isn’t emotionally satisfied. When she isn’t getting the attention that she is looking for.

In such a case, your spouse can cheat. It’s not hard to keep your sexual or emotional life great, at least not as hard as making money that you usually do.

The only thing you need to take care of little things that can impress your partner & grab your spouse’s attention.

The secret to living a happy life is to give value to your partner as much as you give to yourself. And you will see magical changes in your life.

Long-distance relationships cause cheating

Distances may affect your relationships. You can keep your eyes closed, but you can’t deny this fact.

It’s human nature that we love those things with whom we spend most of our time. Even you start loving the chair of your office!

Then how can you expect not to get attached to someone you’re spending most of your time?

That’s why long-distance relationships are a significant cause of infidelity.

3.75 million people in the United States are in long-distance relationships. They call each other every 2.7 days and visit each other 1.5 times each month, on average.

It means if you’re in a long-distance relationship, then your partner is spending more times a day with colleagues or roommates than with you.

It may cause infidelity.

In such a case, if you want to avoid your partner cheating, then you should give time to your partner whenever your partner is comfortable.

Make your spouse feel good, loved, and attached to you.

Recall good times and plan for more good times together. Also, try to give your partner surprise visits to feel your partner special.

Suddenly improved appearance

We want to improve when we realize our imperfections. We work on our self-improvements, in that case.

But we never find imperfections our own, at least we don’t hate them so much to change them. We usually love our imperfections.

But if you see a suddenly improved appearance, then there may be a strong motive behind that.

Maybe, your partner is trying to impress you or someone else.

Actually, I have personally experienced it, I started working on my appearance when I was trying to get the attention of someone I loved. I got her instructions.

We feel so much confident that we start wearing anything that we didn’t wear before, but we look great in that dress.

So if your partner has started investing time in exercising to make body great and on appearance to make it more appealing. Then you should keep your eyes open.

Extra work hours

When you’re living a great life within your budget, you don’t need to increase your finances, but still your significant other is convincing you to work for extra hours, this is a suspicious activity.

In a husband-wife relationship, you both rule your marriage; you both make decisions. If your spouse is making unnecessary changes in working hours alone, then it’s one of the most apparent signs your spouse is cheating.

In this situation, a partner wants to spend more time outside, maybe, with colleagues or perhaps outside with someone else.

That’s why when you notice such extra working hours, the best solution is to give your partner surprise visits in the office.

Lack of attention is a sign of infidelity

When your partner is cheating, the full attention of the partner is grabbed in cheating. Your partner can’t pay full attention to you, not even in your intimate times.

When you notice a lack of attention then rather than revealing your sensations, you should focus on finding the truth first.

It’s possible that there can be a trouble that your spouse doesn’t want to discuss with you, but there can also be cheating.

Your partner blames you

I don’t recommend discussing with your partner for lack of attention because, in most of cases, when your partner is cheating, when you reveal the truth that he/she isn’t paying attention, then they start blaming you.

It’s a habit of cheaters.

If you find your partner blaming you & producing ugly excuses, then it’s time to be suspicious.

Pay full attention to understand what’s the reason behind that. Try to be your own spy, and you will find the truth.

When your partner has been a cheater in past

Sometimes spouses are habitual of cheating. They are fully satisfied with their lives, but still, they can’t change that habit.

If your significant other has been a cheater in the past, then don’t ever trust your partner entirely. I don’t mean not to believe in his/her words, but it’s far better to keep an eye on your partner.

The reason is that we can’t change habits easily, even after trying hard.

For example, you can tell an alcoholic person all the disastrous effects of alcohol, but that wouldn’t work in most of the cases.

We only change our habits when we genuinely want to change ourselves.

Give your significant other so much love that your spouse starts feeling guilty about that habit. This formula will definitely work.

When you start receiving a lot of gifts

In routine life, we don’t give so many gifts to one other.

We wait for special days like anniversaries and birthdays to gift one another.

But when your spouse showers a lot of gifts. It means your partner wants to keep you blind.

Your partner don’t want you to think of cheating. That’s why your significant other is offering so many gifts.

Your partner started sending text messages

Cheaters find it easy to use text messages rather than calls because they can send text messages in front of you.

If your spouse was not habitual of sending text messages, but nowadays you notice your partner sending a lot of texts, it’s a clear sign your spouse is cheating.

Cheaters don’t save names with original names. They keep their girlfriend/boyfriend numbers with their best fellows names.

And they change the names often. So that can’t judge if your partner is sending too many texts to a single contact.

Cheaters spend a lot of money

Yes, that’s true. Cheaters spend a lot to keep their affairs alive because they are emotionally attached to one other.

That’s why they spend a lot of money on one another.

If you notice a lot of unusual expenses, then it’s time to be curious.

In that case, you should check out your significant other credit card bills frequently so that you could notice where your partner is spending money. And the best thing is to keep asking about such expenses.

Unexpected fights

It’s a habit of cheaters that they want to spend a lot of time on their affairs. They are possessive to pay full attention to one another.

That’s why they don’t want their spouse or children to disturb them. That’s why they fight when you or your children disturb them.

It’s a clear sign your spouse is cheating.

If you notice that your spouse has started fighting on small things and he/she wants to spend a lot of time alone, then don’t let your significant other do that.

When your partner started sleeping late

While in affairs, people feel more comfortable at night. Because at night, people are more passionate about communicating and discusses everything that happens every day.

If your partner started waiting for you to sleep and doesn’t talk to you at nights, it’s crystal clear sign your partner is cheating.

Cheaters are big liars

Cheaters are always big liars. They are habitual of building long stories on everything suspicious.

If you ask where have you been, instead of telling you the truth, a cheater will make a story to convince you so that you don’t ask again.

If your partner has started telling you stories, then it’s better to test your partner’s stories.

For example, if your husband tells you that he spends time with Robert these days, then make Robert a call before he comes.

Don’t directly ask Robert about your husband because cheaters’ friends often know about the truth. So if you will ask him directly, he will make a call to your husband and tell him about your call.

Actually, one of my friends used to tell his wife that he spends time with me and calls me whenever he is free. So he said to me that if his wife calls me, I should say to her that he was with me. And just after the call tell him about the call.

That’s why it’s better not to call Robert directly or make Robert’s wife your friend and stay in touch with her to know the truth. She will surely tell you the real story.

Test your spouse for cheating

If you suspect that your spouse is cheating, you found most of the signs in your partner and you want to make it more clear for you, then you should give your doubts a test.

It’s a fact that we can’t speak on our deprivations and secrets openly, not even in general.

Whenever you find your partner relaxed then just start discussing cheating, and focus on your partner’s face.

If the colors of the face faded, it means your doubts should be analyzed to the next level. Like you should try these tactics to catch your cheating spouse.

And if your partner is feeling confident, no abrupt change in facial expressions, no fear or hesitation on the topic, then try to close that topic to make it a general discussion.

If you have noticed that your spouse is cheating on you then you can learn here all possible ways to catch a cheating spouse.