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7 Miraculous Ways To Impress Your Wife


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There are many ways to impress a wife and improve your husband-wife relationship. Sometimes simple things like making her feel special can make her day. Whether you can give yourself a mini-makeover to make yourself irresistible, or show her how much you care with small loving gestures are always to inspire and impress her.

But it is advisable to keep your wife’s individuality in mind as every woman is different and one has to use different traits to influence her.

So if you were curious to know the ways to impress a wife then these miraculous ways of impressing a wife will – no doubt- assist you a lot.

Show Care For What She Values

As men, our attention and passions can somewhat differ from that of our wives. Sometimes showing a little additional attention to things she cares about can go a long way to seriously impressing her.

My wife loves our dogs and admittedly gives them a tremendous amount of attention. When our Chihuahua was expecting a litter of puppies just going out of my way to ask about how our Chihuahua was doing really won some points in her book.

Remember this doesn’t have to be some grand gesture—just showing you care by asking questions and having a conversation is enough. Your wife will likely notice, even if the gesture seems small to us, to her it could mean everything.

The best tip is to just stay aware of what she cares most about and let her know it’s on your radar and that you also care (because you care for her!).

Impress your wife by keeping yourself well-groomed

Keeping yourself well-groomed is an important determinant to impress your wife and don’t let your wife be angry. So if you’re curious to know how can I impress my wife then it’s not a difficult job – just take care of yourself.

Personal hygiene is very essential whether it is getting your hair cut regularly or keeping your nails properly trimmed and shaped.

Your wardrobe should be always kept updated. You don’t need to be a fashion icon to impress your spouse but ensure that you are not wearing outdated or ill-fitting clothes.

A subtle way of showing your wife that you care for her choice and taste is by buying clothes of a certain color of her liking or style.

Avoid wearing something your wife hates instead admire her choice if she picks out some clothes for you. A good way could be to ask for her advice when you go shopping for your clothes.

A new perfume or fragrance can again be a great turn-on for your spouse along with complementing your personal looks and appearance.

Here again, you can ask for your wife’s preferences regarding the choice of perfumes and deo’s.

Be considerate and kind towards your wife

Your compatible attitude and kindness can earn the admiration and respect you deserve. With simple gestures, you can keep reminding her how important your marriage is for you and the special part she plays in your life.

However busy you might be, take out a little time every day to convey to her in multiple ways how happy she makes you and how lucky you are to have her in your life.

Always, be there for her whenever she needs you, in fact, be a patient listener when at times she needs to give vent to her feelings. As John Gray has said in his book “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus” that women want you to listen to her and aren’t looking for direct advice.

Show your spouse that you’re really interested and care about what is going on in her life and advice her on matters she is disturbed about whether they relate to the home or her professional life.

Impress your spouse with chivalry

A man usually shows chivalry with his crush before he gets married, but carrying on this act of chivalry with his wife after marriage will definitely have a positive impact on his wife.

Opening a door or pulling out a chair for her is a way to show how much you care.

Plan dates

Another way to impress a wife is to plan dates keeping her interests and likes in mind.

Going on dates are necessary to keep the romance alive in a marriage, but make sure that you consider her interests while planning those dates like taking your wife to her favorite restaurant, or go for a cuisine she relishes.

In case your spouse has some hobbies try to incorporate them in your dates together like going for an art class together or going sailing or kayaking.

Remember special occasions

Remembering important dates like your wife’s birthday, your anniversary or valentine’s day will make an excellent impression on your better half.

Plan something special on these days like giving her something she has been longing to buy, taking her for a small vacation to a favorite destination or just writing a small sweet poem might do the trick.

All these gestures will help to show your affection besides impressing her.

Helping your wife with household chores

Helping your wife with daily household chores once in a while will impress your wife after the marriage and will also show her that you value all that she does for you and the house.

Small things like making the beds or doing the dishes will help to take a little load off her shoulders. Cooking a gourmet meal sometimes will definitely make her happy.

In case she is coming late from work, surprise her with a hot tasty meal when she returns but be sure to leave the kitchen sparkling clean. This technique helps many to impress a wife.

Be ambitious, but help your spouse pursue her dreams

Being ambitious and achieving your goals is quite inspiring from a wife’s perspective. Starting a new business, upgrading your job or applying for promotion will influence her attitude towards you. In fact, she will look up to you whenever she needs any professional help.

But despite all that you do to impress a wife, your marriage should be the main priority. Never neglect your spouse when you are pursuing your dreams as it is equally important to support your wife in the pursuit of her dreams along with yours.

If you use any other ways to impress your wife and that can also help some other good husbands to impress their wives then please let us in the comment box.