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Making the Right Bedding Choices 

Making the Right Bedding Choices 

Recent times have encouraged many to prioritize their quality of sleep, which can be improved with the kind of bedding you use. These days Americans are using three pillows and choosing to use a comforter or blanket when it comes to what they use in their sleep. However, data has shown that not a lot of Americans take care of their sheets properly, which can affect their quality of sleep. 

Experts say that it’s best to wash bedding that makes regular contact with your body (like sheets and pillowcases) weekly, but only a few Americans (mostly women and several couples) heed expert recommendations. Many Americans admit that they do not have enough time to wash their sheets weekly while others say they usually forget to wash the sheets. Several people have stated that they didn’t even know sheets should be washed regularly and almost 20% believe that showering at night is sufficient enough to keep the sheets clean. 
Making the right bedding choices can involve taking several bedding aspects into consideration, such as the materials used to make the sheets, length of the fibers, kind of weave used, number of threads used in a single square inch of bedding material, number of fibers used in a single thread, and how well the sheets fit your mattress. There are also many colors to choose from, but it’s best to choose the ones that fit your needs, whether it’s to get a deeper sleep at night, wake up alert, or create a look that’s more aesthetically pleasing. Do you know what kind of bedding appeals to you?

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