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Automated Insurance Capture is the Next Step Forward

Automated Insurance Capture is the Next Step Forward

In the pre-pandemic world, all administrative things relating to medical insurance were already charged with constant problems and errors. The headache of dealing with insurance was no secret. That’s why technological innovation through insurance card scan is so impactful.

In the post-pandemic world, these issues have only been exacerbated. COVID only heightened the need for speed and accuracy, but it also added new cause for confusion. For instance, the increased instances of telehealth means that administrative staff are not always present to deal with insurance

Medical professionals are finding themselves in the position of capturing insurance information. They aren’t accustomed to the tasks, and more errors are occurring. 

This is where AI and automated insurance capture comes into play. Automated insurance capture is an invaluable resource for any medical facility, large or small. It ensures that information is captured correctly the first time. It also can offer real time clarification on coverage. 

Not only does automated insurance capture significantly reduce the risk of administrative errors, but it gives patients easier access to information about their options. They are better able to make informed decisions about procedures based on real understanding of costs to them. 

In a time when 25% of healthcare costs are on administrative overhead, automated insurces capture is an obvious step in the right direction.

Insurance Capture & Verification Automation Matters More Than Ever
Source: OrbitHC